Level by Clarence Hill

Walkthrough by Eric Claire

This level is almost completely non linear. So you can raid it the way you want.

Here is one route , possibly the most methodical one:


After the initial flyby where you can notice a motorbike, Lara is inside the manor. At the top of the green staircases are two red pyramids. You will soon conclude that 8 beetles must be found ! For the moment, go open the sarcophagus on either side of the entrance. You will get the CROWBAR, the REVOLVER, and 2 Copper Globes. You can find 4 COPPER GLOBES in the level, all located in sarcophagus at this lower level of the manor. They open the wooden doors near by. Only one is necessary though as all the wooden doors lead to the same room. Use one Copper globe by curiosity and enter this room, a warning audio track let you know you can not progress any farther. In fact, you need to find first the mechanical scarab ; toy that you havenít yet. So get out of here and run up the big green staircases where the 2 red pyramids are. You will be welcome by an Harpy. There will be 3 more Harpies later around this area, they will appear depending on where you go to and fro.


At this level, in the corners, are 4 shatterable chests in which you will get a Golden Globe. These 4 GOLDEN GLOBES open the 4 doors at this same level.

N-E Room : You may begin by this one first. Go East and use one Golden Globe to open the door. Enter the room and notice a pillar at the centre of the room with horizontal textured bars. Climb it and back flip unto a sloped pillar behind, slide a bit and jump over the fire burner to land on a flat pillar. Collect the LASERSIGHT and Revolver ammo. Exit the room and go right (West).

N-W Room : You enter a room with a pool. Combine Laser sight with the Revolver and shoot the chest in the pool to retrieve the ORNATE HANDLE. You may change Laraís position a bit if the shoot does not work. The best position is to go to the left and aim at the chest in diagonal. Also if for some reason you run out of revolver ammo, youíll find some at the bottom of the pool. Exit the room and go South.

S-W Room : Use another Golden Globe to enter in a library. The entrance door will close behind you. Going straight ahead of the entrance , youíll find a movable block. Pull it out of the way and enter the passageway. On the right you Ďll see a burning vase and may notice another movable block behind the vase. There is no way to move this block yet. Go left then, up on a block and push a big button : that opens a door somewhere. Return in the main part of the room and go West , youíll find two other movable blocks. Pull them out of the way to discover the newly opened door. Go push another big button and a door behind Lara opens. Go there and youíll see a beetle on fire on the wall. Before getting it , return to the entrance of the room. Facing the room go right you will find a book switch that will turn off the fire by the beetle. (On the left of the entrance you can also find shotgun ammo on a block). Go prying the 1st BEETLE off the wall. Notice the movable block just besides. Pull it once on the black tile : the burning vase is now off. Go around, pass the extinguished vase, and activate another book switch that was hidden by the movable block : the entrance door is now opened again. Exit the room and go right (East).

S-E room : Use the last Golden Globe. As you enter the room , a warning music let you know there is danger ahead. Look at the ceiling to know the safe path : the safe tiles of the ground are indicated by textures with many bars at the ceiling. By a running jump to one window of the room , you can get the SHOTGUN and Flares . return to the safe path by another running jump. Continue your way until the 2nd BEETLE. As you pry it off the wall, a music let you know that something has occurred in the room. If you look again at the ceiling you will see that the safe path has been slightly changed. Follow the safe path, and when itís interrupted make a running jump to the entrance. Exit the room.

Preparation for a secret : Go left, and when you reach the centre of the middle level, look left. You will notice that the railings in the South-West are interrupted. Go towards the SW corner, and hang Lara facing the wall and drop backwards to grab a Jump Switch. A camera shows the opening of a trapdoor somewhere outside the manor. Run up the green staircases. Your may now want to go outside. At the lower level, there is two jump switches , North and West sides, opening doors leading outside. You can of course open both doors.


Exit by the North door, and go right. On the left side, along the hedge, you will find the opened trapdoor. Go down by a ladder and discover an underground room with SECRET 1 : EXPLOSIVE ARROWS. Return back, up the ladder, then go left around the manor.

You will find the motorcycle. A little farther is a long ladder on the manor wall. Pick up the big medipack at the foot of it, and climb the long ladder until the rooftop. Up there , go to the centre of the roof and kill a Guardian. Pick up the RUBY GLOBE that he gives you. Go West to the end of the roof for another secret. You can jump down to a ledge with SECRET 2 : EXPLOSIVE ARROWS. To return to the roof from the ledge, you need to make an accurate curved jump. Once back on the roof, aim to the South-East part of the roof, you will notice a different texture for one of the blocks : that is where the long ladder is. Go down and re-enter the manor the way you want.


Now itís time to raid the manor rooms at lower floor.
West side : in the sarcophagus, you find Copper globes.
North side : in the sarcophagus, you find 2 SILVER GLOBES. Use one to open one of the doors near by. In the next room which is around the bottom of the pool raided earlier, you will find some ammo and the CEBUANO EFFIGY in a shatterable chest. Exit the room, and go straight ahead to open the door with the Ruby Globe.

As soon as you enter, you will notice that 2 Harpies are harassing 2 Laraís doubles. So hurry up, kill them before they cost much health. In the shatterrable chests, you can find 2 big Medipacks, another SHOTGUN, and a 3rd SILVER GLOBE. Combine the ornate Handle and the Cebuano Effigy and place the Cebuano Guardian on the block with electricity. A camera shows the rising of blocks near the red pyramids.

Exit this room, run up the green staircases again and go South. In the sarcophagus, you can find a big Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Use one of the two remaining Silver globes on the West door. Enter in a room with ledges. You can reach the top of one ledge from two of the windows , with a running jump. Pull up : spikes are triggered on a pillar. Time a running jump to get across this, and activate the pulley. A trapdoor opens in the floor. Go down from the ledge, then into a dark hole with a ladder. Down there , two sarcophagus can be opened having a big Medipack and Flares. A bit farther, a shatterable furniture hides a couple of torches. Take one, and go quickly light it at the burner at the centre of the room , as beetles have appeared. It seems that the insects are not very harmful when Lara holds a lit torch. Use the lit torch to light 3 burners at each far end of the room. The red door near one of the burners opens. Go in and pry the 3rd BEETLE off the wall. Come back to the ladder and back to the other door which opens by using your remaining Silver Globe.

In this room are 4 black blocks at the centre ; one is movable. Pull it and push it so to place it on two black tiles in the corners of the floor : a trapdoor opens leading to a kind of crypt. Ahead is a sloped corridor which access is blocked by an iron door. Go left in a hall that goes down. Near the end of it, pull the Jump Switch on the right hand wall. The iron door is now opened. Run up the hall and save your game ! Position Lara rather on the right side (you will understand why) and slide down, a camera shows a imminent danger : a moving fire that will reach a pool and will turn it deadly. At the end of the slide, make a jump to the right and swim to the right side to reach the edge of the pool in time and pull up out of it, before the pool turns deadly. Pry the 4th BEETLE out of the wall in the alcove (there is a crowbar near by in case you did not take the one in the sarcophagus at the beginning of the level which is quite unlikely). Do that quickly as some scarabs attack. Escape by jumping up into a small corridor. At the end, make a running jump towards a slanted block in the deadly water. Slide and jump to grab a crevice. Shimmy right and pull up : you are back in the hall , run it up and exit the crypt.

Now it is time to raid the Upper floor of the manor.


Run up the green staircases once more, to the red pyramids , and climb the green blocks raised when the Cebuano Guardian has been placed. As soon as you pull up on the top of the structure, a flyby shows 4 little Ďair challengesí that you have to master, so to get the 4 remaining beetles.
Beware though that at this point, it is quite possible that a new Harpy will begin to attack the ďLara doublesĒ. If you see the health bar diminishing , quickly go down to the lower level, and find the room with the Lara doubles and kill the harpy before it kills you ; then return to the top of the structure.

You can choose which mini challenge you want to master first. Maybe it is good to start by the pole swinging challenge as you will also find the Crossbow as secret and then use it with explosive arrows on skeletons later on.

East : Place Lara at the edge of the structure facing the middle of the swinging pole , step back and make a running jump to the first pole, grab it and release it when you want to the 2nd pole, then to the platform. A camera shows spikes are triggered so quickly run to the end of the platform. Pry the 5th BEETLE off the wall. Turn back and see on the left a ledge with the Crossbow. If you want to get this secret, approach Lara near the last range of spikes. When those spikes are up, run without dashing towards the ledge with the crossbow without minding the other spikes that pop up. When you see you are near enough, make a running jump to grab the ledge (you can also land on it without grabbing if you are even nearer). Pick up SECRET 3 : the CROSSBOW.

To continue, make a running jump down from the ledge to the middle floor nearby, then climb on the raised blocks again.

South : Ledges with skeletons. With the crossbow and explosive arrows , this challenge is not really a challenge. Just make some running jumps from one ledge to the following one, blowing out the skeletons on the way. It is more fun to use the shotgun though , especially when shooting at them while jumping. At the end, pry the 6th BEETLE off the wall. Return the way you want, by the ledges, or by going down to the middle floor and up the raised blocks.

West : Timed trap doors. Place Lara two squares from the edge of the structure facing the trapdoors. Run one square and jump, Lara will land on the first part of the 1st trapdoor, run and make a curved jump slightly to the right ; on the 2nd trapdoor, run with a curve to aim the 3rd trapdoor, then run and jump to the platform. Pry the 7th BEETLE off the wall. Return the way you want, by the trapdoors (they arenít timed when coming back), or by going down to the middle floor and up the raised blocks.

North : Rope swinging : A classic double swing action. At the end, pry the 8th BEETLE off the wall. Go down to the middle floor and place the 8 beetles on the two pyramids. You get the WINDING KEY and the MECHANICAL SCARAB. Combine them.


Now you can return at lower floor and use the mechanical scarab to pass those spikes in the central room under the pyramids. (Use a Copper globe to enter there if you havenít already).

Place the toy on the metallic tile and watch spikes being deactivated. When the path is safe , climb to the central structure and go down to a crypt with the Ankh. Picking it up triggers a fly by showing the opening of some doors, some enemies appearing, and doors of a garage opening outside the manor. Go outside the way you want (beware through that there may be remaining spikes that have not been deactivated by the mechanical scarab so you may want to make a running jump over the suspect tiles to exit safely this room). The opened garage is in the West direction. Go there and you will see another motorbike. Activate the pulley in the corner, a camera shows the opening of another set of doors located East of the manor. Go there with the motorbike , riding around the manor (or inside of it if you want) killing the demigods on your way, and by the opened doors East, the level ends.