The Japan Secret

Level by Gabriel

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a Japanese room. Head to the balcony and take a jump to the north-west balcony. One more jump over the tree and stand to the west, drop back and grab the green ledge and fall down onto a sloped stone. Kill the bat and drop to the floor. As you can see, parts of the floor have white tiles, and the one in the east is different. First get the flares, then go to the different tile, which is a trapdoor and pull it from the north side. Drop into the dark room, get a large medipack and a half piece of the yin-yang puzzle. Back out and climb the south opening to a high level with a few columns. Stand between the two columns, face east, jump grab the sloped column and backflip, land onto the next one. Now take a simple jump to the south column and one more to the east and take one last jump to the east column.

Pull up through the hole, follow west, pass near the pool with a crocodile and climb the bridge. Head south and enter the Japanese room, climb the north-east block for the Fan, then climb the south-west block for the shotgun. Follow the bridge north to the other side and bring the missing Fan to its place. Enter the open room and go north, near the lamp get the second half piece of the yin-yang puzzle. Return to the bridge and head west, cross the courtyard over to the receptacles and place the yin-yang to open the nearby gate. Go inside and light a flare, by running up the sloped floor you trigger a boulder, so quickly move to the right. At the top of the room turn north and follow outside to an open area. By running over toward the horizon you finish this level.