Amanda Lepore 2

Levels by Amanda Lepore (May, 2008)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Level 1: Adventure of Amanda Lepore


[Note] I found the music very annoying. I set the PC sound volume to mute. [End note]


The level starts with you in front of a Lara statue. Pick up a grenade gun and flares from the floor. There is a receptacle post at the east wall. There is a hole in the middle of the room. If you fall into the hole, you die after a very long drop. Pull down the five jump switches on the north wall. The door opens in the south-west corner. Enter the tunnel and go forward until the tunnel splits.


Go west into a room. Pick up two grenade normal ammo on the floor. Go west and pick up a large medipack. Four women drop from the ceiling to get in your way. Run around the room while the door opens in the west wall. Pick up grenade super ammo and wait until the second door opens. Pick up grenade flash ammo and wait until the third door opens. Pick up the Pussy Piece and exit the room. Return to the split in the tunnel.


Go south and emerge on a ledge over a deep room. Drop forward to a lower ledge. Stand jump onto the column. Run and jump to the structure to the east. Hop onto the top section and pick up a Pussy Piece. Jump back to the column and the ledge. Return to the starting room with the receptacle.


Combine the two pieces to make a Pussy Toy. Face the receptacle post and place the toy to open the door in the right corner. Enter the tunnel and look to the east wall to see a different textured wall. Climb that wall to the top and pull up into a large room. The boxes are empty. Go behind the large east block and pull down a jump switch. Go south and hop onto the raised block. Pull down a jump switch on the east wall. You get a cut scene showing an opening door. Climb down the wall again and into the tunnel. Run north and the doors open as you approach them. Continue and an earthquake starts.


Drop in the dark hole and slide down a slope. Run north and you will see four Lara statues. Run into the middle area and look for a hole in the floor. Drop into the hole and the level ends.


Level 2: Amanda Lepore


You land in a dark room with epileptic fit inducing flashing pictures. Shoot three dogs and pick up the grenade gun off the floor. Go behind the column and use the floor lever. You hear a gate open. You see a large medipack in the north-east corner. If you pick it up, the women are back to get in your way. If you shoot a grenade at them, the women laugh. Go to the south-west corner. Jump onto the slope and back flip to a higher slope. Jump forward to a slope. Back flip onto a slope. Jump forward to grab a ledge and pull up. You are in front of a closed gate. Pick up grenade flash ammo. Run and jump to the ledge to the east and pick up grenade flash ammo. Run and jump to grab the crevice in the east wall. Shimmy to the left and drop into an alcove. Pick up grenade flash ammo and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a gate opening in a flashing wall.


Run off the west ledge and land on a slope. Slide down and safety drop to the floor. In the north wall to your right is a dark tunnel. It is hidden by a picture. You need a flare to actually see the tunnel. Enter and get a dizzying flyby. Run down the north tunnel and just run through any obstacles. Shoot a dog and save the game before you enter the doorway at the end. Walk into the ledge and four spike balls drop in front of you. Jump onto the column to the east and get a cut scene of a gate opening at the top of the slope jumps. Jump back to the ledge and run down the long tunnel again.


Enter the room and jump the slopes again to reach the open gate. Enter the room and pick up Amanda Lepore's Toy from the middle of the floor. The flashing pictures increase. Exit the room and run off onto the slopes to get to the floor. Run down the long tunnel in the north wall again. Jump to the east column again and then to the north column. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the next column. Place the toy in the receptacle and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Run and jump with grab to land on the entrance ledge. Run down the long tunnel again. Enter the open gate in the north-west corner. Run down the tunnel and save the game. Jump into the hole and the level changes. On one occasion, Lara stuck at the edge of the hole and the game crashed.