Level by Nerkan


Walkthrough by José


[Note]: There are some new movements which are explained in the readme file. You can practice them at the very beginning of the level at the S side of the harbour. [End note]



The Harbour and the First Secret


Go to the NE side of the terrace and look for a two-tiled ledge some meters down in the E building facade. Jump from the corner over the fence to land on it. From here do a running jump E into the sea. Dive straight E and find SECRET #1: a golden rose near the lighthouse. Swim back W, pull out onto a small pier, jump W to the street and go S to a small hut with two boats; here you can practice the new movements for Lara.


Jack's Shop


Jump over to the street and go N; find the red bike and use it if you want to move yourself along the streets of this nice city. It's not necessary to use the motorbike to do the tasks but it's a good help to get faster to the places where you must go. So drive N, W, N to the very end passing the park and a little W; to the right is Jack's shop. Enter and watch the cutscene. You need to find the keys to his house, so go out of the shop, left (E) and right (S) to the park.


The Park


Jump into the water with the fountain and get the CROWBAR in the SW corner. Go out of the water (only in a small edge in E side) and shoot the trash can at the S side of the park, near the Pegasus statues, to get the first FUSE. Now go NE to the Central Station (underground).


The Underground


Use your crowbar to open the metal door and go down the stairs. Once down go left (W) and move the crate in the N wall to the S wall under the jumpswitch (a bit to the W). Pull the jumpswitch. Behind where the crate was there is an electric box; shoot the box and pull the switch; a block rises behind in the S wall near the moveable crate. Use the crate to jump to the top of the raised block, go into the high opening and enter the sewers.


The Sewers


There are some fans which prevent you the access to the W corridor over them. Jump into the water and through the opening in the middle of the S wall. Follow the path till you find an opening in the ceiling. Go there and continue diving till you find an underwater switch; pull it to stop the fans in the previous room and dry the corridors. Go back, crawling through the corridors, to the main room with the fans; jump into the water and swim W; pull up into the corridor and pick up the WHEEL in the SW corner of the final room. Now you must go back all the way to the place where the moveable crate is, so go back to the water but don't dive in; go to the NE corner and take a running jump to the N ledge (it can be difficult because of the nearby pipes but finally you'll get it). Run E and return to the main underground station with the moveable crate.


The Second Fuse


Place the wheel in the E wall to see a metal door opening in the previous corridors. Go all the way back to the sewers and through the dry corridors (remember to go up through the ceiling hole) to the underwater switch you pulled before and pull it again to fill the rooms with water. Now the fans are working again, but you have a shortcut 'cause the metal underwater door is open, so after you pull the underwater switch, go back to the main underwater corridor and dive left (N) and through the now opened metal door and to the left to reach the room behind the fans. Climb and in the NW corner you can pick up the second FUSE. Explore the shelves to get flares and the CORKS-DO STUFF.


Using the Cork and Finding the Second Secret


Return to the subway entrance (where the woman was) and place the fuses in their boxes behind the pillars to open a glass door where you got the second fuse. Go back there, enter and safety drop to the floor. Look for the opening in the W wall and follow the crawlspace to another small room with pipes; use the cork in the broken pipe to fill the previous room. Go back there, pull up onto the E ledge and locate the crawl space NE behind the glass door.  Pull up inside and follow to a small room with a Lara Croft statue and SECRET #2.  Pick up the golden rose and return.  Jump into the water and swim S to find an opening in the ceiling. Continue through the corridor and climb at the end, using the new movement, to find yourself in a room with electrified water. Go W to find a small room with many moveable crates.


The Crates Puzzle


This puzzle is very entertaining, one of the best I've ever played in a TR custom level, but very laborious too. There is a moveable piece in a hole in the S wall corridor; your goal is to place that piece over a marked tile in the top of the NE pillar. First, go behind that pillar, shoot the grey box in the wall and pull the switch to raise a block in the corridor and elevate the piece. Pull the floor lever in the E wall to lower a block near the entrance of the corridor where the piece is. There are four moveable crates we can use in the floor of this room (one of them is in the S wall); I'll call these crates "low crates"; and another three in a higher level; I'll call these crates "high crates".


First push the high crate in the W wall once to the N. Then we must make a kind of W-E "bridge" between this crate and the NE pillar where the piece must go, using the four low crates on the ground floor. Once it's finished, move the first high crate from W to E all the way till it is next to the NE pillar. Now there are only three useful moveable crates on the floor, so move the central one once to the S and once to the W so we can move the high NW crate once to the S over the "bridge". Once there we must move again the same low crate to the place were it was between the other two to complete the "bridge" again, and move the NW crate all the way to the E.


Now there are only two useful low crates in the floor; move one of them to the N side of the lonely metal block in the middle of the room and the other one in the S side, creating so another N-S "bridge" between the corridor in the S wall and the crates in the N wall. Jump over that "bridge" and move the N high crate two times S; jump over it and on the other side pull once to the S the high crate in the N wall; finally move the S high crate once to the N: the new high S-N-E "bridge" is finished. Now it's very easy to move the piece all the way N, use the floor lever to raise the piece and move the piece N and E to the marked tile: a glass door opens somewhere. Great puzzle!!!


Electrified Pool


Go back to the room with the electrified shallow pool. Jump into an opening in the NW corner, where you first entered this room, and face E. Stand jump to grab the crack and shimmy right and around the corner, jump to grab the upper crack (Alt) and shimmy right till you are over the slope. Drop and do a backflip with twist in midair to grab the crack in the S wall. Shimmy to the left and at the end jump to grab the upper crack; shimmy left and around the corner, drop and do another backflip with twist to grab the crack behind, jump and grab the upper edge, climb and stand up on a flat tile.


Jump onto the E slope, slide and jump at the last moment to grab the edge of the N opening. Shimmy right to the end and jump back (down arrow) to grab the crack behind; shimmy left and around the corner, jump to grab the upper crack and jump back to land in the final room through the doors you had opened before in the crates room. Walk E a bit in the shallow waters and look to your left to find the BLUE KEY-FOR JACK'S HOUSE. When you pick up the key, the metal gates open and you can exit to the harbour.


Jack's House


Swim right and go out of the water in the small hut where the boats are. Climb to the street and go N a little. In front of the bus stop with the woman is Jack's house. Use your key and enter. Use the delta wing (works just like a ZIP line) and release to land on the yacht near the lighthouse. Enter the yacht from its S side and watch the cutscene. It seems that you have to get some money if you want the disco keys, so let's go for it.


[Note]: There is a bug posted in the forums which prevents you from proceeding if you use the book you find in the cinema before you get 50,000 €. If you do so, the amount of money in your inventory will diminish and you'll never be able to get the disco keys to continue playing. [End note]


The First 40,000 €


Go out of the yacht and swim SW to the hut with the boats; on the wooden pier has magically appeared the first 10,000 €. Climb to the street and go right again to Jack's house to find the second 10,000 € on the carpet. Go out, right and right (W); straight ahead is the laboratory; there is a man drinking at the entrance. Enter and pick up the third 10,000 € in the NW corner near the computer. Go out and straight to the cinema; in front of the popcorn machine you'll find the fourth 10,000 €. To the left of the bubble gum machine you can pick up the BOOK-FOR READING.


Third Secret


Go between the machines and face N. Jump to grab the edge of the popcorn machine and use the down arrow to jump back and grab the edge of the bubble gum machine. Climb to the top, draw your pistols and shoot the grate in the SW corner. Turn and drop, grabbing the S edge of the machine; use again the down arrow to jump back and grab the edge of the crawlspace. Go in and drop into the projection room in the other side. Shoot the grey box near the crawlspace and pull the switch if you want to turn on the lights. Look between the seats in the back row to find SECRET #3: another golden rose. Go back to the streets.


The Last 20,000 €


Go N, passing the laboratory, and reach the park. Enter again in the central station NE and find the fifth 10,000 € near the drinks machine. Go back to the streets and go right to return to Jack's shop N again; place the book-for reading in the bookcase at the NE corner; a door opens to your left. Go there and get the last 10,000 € on one of the shelves and a small medipack in the other (you'll have to press the Ctrl key two times).


The Disco Key


Now it's time to return to the yacht to buy the disco keys, so go to the harbour and swim to the yacht, enter (using the platform on the S side) and after the cutscene you'll have the YELLOW KEY-FOR DISCO in your inventory. Go out, jump into the sea and return to the streets. Go to the central station, to the left of the entrance is the disco (guarded by a wino). Use your key to open the door and go in.


Three Jumpswitches


In the SW and SE corners there are moveable pieces like the piece you moved in the crates puzzle room. Move them onto the marked tiles near the center of the walls (with the blue rays over them). Near the SE corner is the first jumpswitch; jump onto the pink block and pull it to raise some blocks in the NW corner of the room. Go there and use the blocks to climb to the middle level of the disco.


Jump to the metal structure and use the S ledges and the metal structure to get the stone ledges in the NE corner. From the E metal beam you can jump NW over a small metal platform to pick up the BLOCK and read it to get a clue to know what you must do in the disco. Jump to ground floor and return all the way around the disco till you get the stone ledges in the NE corner in the middle level. From the high ledge you can standjump SW to grab a crack in the metal pillar to the left and use Alt to climb to the top level of the disco.


Go S and do a running jump over the SW roof, slide, grab and shimmy all the way to the very right till you can't go more. Go up and do a backflip with twist and a left curve to land on the metal beam W. Go to the N wall and pull the second jumpswitch there to open a trapdoor at the NE corner in the floor level of the disco. Go S and spot the chain (E) hanging near the moveable structure in the center of the disco. A running jump to grab it, turn to the right and swing to pull the third jumpswitch over the roof in the S wall. Slide, grab the edge and go all the way to the left till you can climb and stand up on a part of the roof. Make your way to descend to the floor level of the disco and go into the trapdoor you've opened in the NE corner.


The Torch


Go down the stairs and cross through the black curtain to your left. Explore the shelves to get the PASS CARD and see the math expression in it: [(128 x 4 + 3) x 11 + 2]:3. Doing this simple operation gives us an output of 1889. This is the code to open the door at the end of the corridor, so go there and use it. In this new room there are three buttons and a fireplace. The block said not to use the middle button, so push only the left and right buttons. Go back to the place where you got the pass card and pick up a torch; go to the fireplace and light it. Return to the disco, use the blocks in the NW corner to climb to the first level, jump around the S ledges as before (a friendly platform has appeared) to get to the E stone ledges (some blocks have been raised there) and jump to the upper level. Judge the timed platforms doing standing jumps over them to get to the other side; light the rope and the ball falls, breaking the floor of the disco. Go there and pick up the RED KEY-FOR RESEARCH LABORATORY. Go out to the streets and to the laboratory S (where another wino is posted outside, remember?); use your key to open the elevator to access the laboratory.


Fourth Secret


In the elevator use the same code as in the disco (1889) to activate it. Go out and shoot three (hard to kill) dogs. In the next corridor judge the time to jump over the first laser and crawl under the red laser light at the end. In the next room (I'll call it the "main room") with the zombies go to the N wall, jump and shoot the metal grate, enter the crawlspace to get SECRET #4: a large medipack and a golden rose. Go back to the room with the zombies and press the button in the NE corner to open the door. Enter and pull the jumpswitch in the NE corner to open a door in the SW corner of the main room.


A Bottle and the Last Secret


[Note]: These tasks are optional. I've read in the forums that you can jump over the fires (next paragraph) without extinguishing it with the water of the bottle. [End note]


Go there and enter. In the SE corner of this new room there is a timed swich which raises some blocks in the room. Pull it, turn a bit left, roll and do a standing jump to the first block; turn left and another standing jump to the next block; jump now to the slope next to the W wall, slide and jump to grab the edge of the next block; quickly climb, jump to the next block and a running jump to grab the crack in the E wall; shimmy left and around the corner till you can stand up; go down before the timed trap door closes and explore the shelves to find a BOTTLE (SMALL WATERSKIN) and if you press Ctrl two more times you'll get SECRET #5: another golden rose.


Go back to the elevator and fill your bottle with water in the small pool at the SE corner. Go back to the main room and enter the corridor in the center of the W wall. Jump over the lasers, duck under the first red laser light and jump over the second laser light. Use the water of the bottle to douse the fires in the next corridor (facing N and approaching as near as you can to the flames from the middle of the tile). Go to the end of the corridor and save your game before you enter the next room.


First Disk


There are two machine guns to your left, so walk slowly near the S wall and situate Lara aligning her with the red barrel and the left sentry gun, facing SW. Draw the pistols, jump and lara will point to the left machine, but when she shoots, she will break the barrel; waiting some seconds the sentry guns will be destroyed. Jump where the machines were and pick up the first DISK-FOR PLAYING near the SW corner. Go out and to the left. Climb the crate and from here to the high metal ledge; do a running jump SE to the next room.


Second Disk


Push the S moveable crate once to the W and climb it to push the W lever. Enter the W door and at the end of the corridor don't touch the buttons right now. Continue running through this kind of maze to the very end (the fixed camera angle makes it a bit awkward) and pick up a torch. Go back to where the buttons are and throw the torch there. Press the left button, go to the maze and pull a switch in the N wall to raise a block in the W wall. Go back to the buttons and press both buttons. Take the torch with you and return to the maze; go to the very end and hopefully light your torch (the fixed camera angle makes it really difficult here, but Lara seemingly runs no risk of being set ablaze herself); return to the buttons. Throw the torch and press both buttons again; go to the maze and pull again the same switch in the N wall as before to lower the block. Go back to the buttons and press the left button; take the torch with you, go to the end of the maze and light the object over the torches; a door opens in the maze. Go there and pull a switch in the center of the maze; this opens the glass door near the torches . Go there and pick up the second DISK-FOR PLAYING on top of the central block. Go all the way back to the small room with the floor levers and the moveable crates.


The Revolver and the Lasersight


[Note]: This task is optional. You don't need the revolver and the sight to finish the game. I think they could have a use to shoot the red barrel to destroy the sentry guns and get the first disk, but I'm not sure. [End note]


Move the S crate two times to the E and the N crate once to the W. Pull both levers and the E glass door opens. Jump over the lasers and in the next room with the zombie explore the shelves pressing Ctrl several times to get the REVOLVER, the LASERSIGHT and a large medipack. Make your way back to the main room and place the disks in the consoles to open the doors to the viruses room, courtesy of a laser-emitting machine.


Fighting with the Viruses


Face the viruses and draw weapons; the first virus attacks. Climb into the N opening, run to the end of the corridor and jump into the small pool to destroy it. It can happen that the virus goes directly to the pool and destroys itself; in this case you need go to the now empty pool to activate the second virus. Go back to the viruses room and the second one attacks. A glass door has opened in the SW corner. Go there, climb and arrive at the pipes puzzle room. Check the transparent floor to see what pipes you must turn to fill the nearby pool. From left to right the buttons you must push are the second, the fourth and the fifth. Jump into the now filled pool to kill the second virus and prepare yourself for a hard timed run.


The Escape


Don't you waste the time 'cause you only have limited seconds to escape. If you delay too much, the laboratory will explode and Lara will burn, so move yourself quickly. The entrance corridor of this room is now blocked, but a glass door has opened in the NW corner. Quickly jump in and follow to the room with the timed raising blocks. From here return to the viruses room (you can't use the elevator anymore) and another glass door opened in the E wall. Go in and jump to grab the crack in front of you; shimmy right and jump back (down arrow key) to grab the crack behind. Shimmy left and jump back to grab another crack E. Shimmy right and jump back to grab another crack W. Shimmy to the very left and jump back to grab another crack E. Jump to grab the upper crack and jump back to grab another crack W. Shimmy to the right (not to the very end) and jump back to grab another crack E. Shimmy left and around the corner and pull up into a crawlspace; shoot the grate and enter the room. Use the delta wing like a ZIP line to glide down and land in the sea. Pull out and jump to the street. Your helicopter is waiting for you in front of the disco. Go there to see the last cutscene of this fantastic level.





[Note]: If you find all five secrets you can enjoy a very short but entertaining race through the streets of the city with some nice camera views. It's not necessary to provide a walkthrough for this bonus level. (Thanks, Raymond, for providing a savegame). [End note]