The level starts with Lara standing in a passageway in front of closed doors. As you move towards the doors they open; once you go through the doors, deal with the pumas that attack. Ok, first let's let Lara do a little house cleaning, so head to the opening slightly ahead and to the right. Follow this passage til you come to the next room; upon entering deal with another puma and then head to the opening on your far left. Once there, eliminate the bats that swoop down to suck Lara's blood.

Now continue on down the passage, passing the opening to your left and turning left when you have no other choice. A puma attacks, so get rid of the pesky feline. Continue on straight, passing the two openings to your left and the door
on your right that needs the cartouche to open it. Go all the way to the steps, dealing with the bats that you encounter along the way. As you get to and go up the steps, turn left. Now head to the steps ahead of you, then down a couple of steps. Tgnore the opening to your left and go up
the next set of steps. You find you are back where you killed the pumas you first encountered.

Now head to the opening on your left. In this room head towards the pool, but detour to the stables on your right and take out the uninvited guests (ninjas) that are hiding in there. Now Lara needs to take a breather, so how about a nice dip in the pool. When you get to the point where you have to turn right or left, turn to the right and into the next room. Upon reaching the next room swim southwest, then swim up to surface in the room there and exit the water. In this room is a closed door and a wall switch. Use the wall switch to open the door and then deal with the puma that shows up.

Now exit the room and head past the pool to the wall switch on the left next to the closed door. Use the wall switch and go through the now open door. Once in the room
go up the steps, then jump over to the opening there. Now jump down to the floor below and through the opening. Deal with the bats in this area as you enter, now continue forward and turn left and get the key in the alcove there. Next go over to the other alcove and get the cartouche.

Now exit this area by jumping on the raised block next to the vase in the alcove. Climb up to the wooden walkway, taking out the bats that fly in to attack, while heading to the opening to your left. When you go through the opening, fall down to the floor below and you find you are in the passage between the pool room and the perimeter passage you went through at the start of the
level. So, let's go to the pool room and turn left down the passage to the door you need to use the cartouche on, dealing with the bats along the way. Place the cartouche and enter the open door. Once through the door, run past the darts shooting across your path to the next room. As you enter the next room deal with the two pumas that attack and continue on to the steps ahead
of you, taking out more pumas along the way.

Once you reach the steps, head to the open door to your left and up the steps. Now follow this passage til you come to a room with a pool and go up the stairs to your left. At the top of the stairs turn south, now run/jump/grab/pullup to the ledge ahead of you.

Position Lara and jump to the next ledge with the steps you can see through the opening. Upon making the jump, go up the steps and jump across to the ledge on the other side, dealing with the bat before
you do so. Now go up the steps before you, taking care of the bat along the way til you come to a room with an opening ahead of you and a wall switch on your left. Use the wall switch and head out the other opening, fall down to the area blow and then again to the next one, then one more time.

You now find yourself back where the two closed and open doors were in the room past the dart room. You will notice that the end door is now open, so go through and up the steps. You are now in another pool room with
steps to your right this time, so head over to the top step and face north. Next run/jump/grab/pullup onto the next ledge. Next, walk to the end of this ledge and jump/grab/pullup to the next ledge. Turn arond and repeat the jump/grab/pullup to the next ledge. Now run/jump to the next ledge, then jump to the next one, position Lara and run/jump to the next ledge.

After Lara has made it to the ledge safely, head up the stairs, taking out the bats along the way. When you reach the top of the stairs turn right and through the opening

Upon passing through the opening you notice a wall switch to your right next to an opening. Use the wall switch and exit through the opening heading to your right. Turn around and jump/grab/drop to the ledge
below, then fall to the roof below then to the floor below that.
You are back facing the three doors again, only this time the middle one is open. Head through the door and past the swinging chains to the trapdoor
at the end of the passage. As you step on the trapdoor it opens, sending Lara to the water below. Swim forward til you can surface, but do not exit the water, because two ninjas are patrolling the area. Instead,
notice the underwater opening before you went up for air. Go through the opening and swim til you can surface and exit the water.

After you exit the water, head up the stairs before you. Once you reach the top, walk to the edge and take out the ninjas below safely from above (hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do).

Now go and use the wall switch in the area left of the stairs. Now walk back to where you took care of the ninjas and dive into the water below. Exit the water at the door across from the door where you can see the
chains swinging. Notice the funny looking keyhole next to the open door. Use the other key you found earlier there. Now before going through the door, head to your left and turn right and up the stairs. When
you reach the top of the stairs, head to the wall switch in front of you and use it. Now head back to the door you just used the key on and go through the door, turn left and the level ends.