The Luxurious Lepore Skyscraper

Level by Amanda Lepore

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start standing inside a different kind of Lara's mansion. Turn around and go over to the south doors (they will open for you) and enter the disco. Enjoy the muisc and find a crawlspace in the north wall next to the door. Crawl inside and pull the box back once, climb onto it and jump to the south opening and you are on a ledge above the disco. Go left to the end and take a running jump over the faraway ledge. Jump/grab the ceiling and do a monkeyswing to the west wall. Drop, grab the crack, shimmy left, pull up into the alcove and press the switch, get a screenie of a trapdoor opening somewhere.

Go out from the disco and follow the passage north across the bridge, notice the closed door at the west but turn east, open the door and enter the room. Well, nothing to do here so just go back across the bridge and take the right or left stairs. Run down, notice another closed door and reach the pool. Jump into the water and swim into the north tunnel at the end, climb into a room and press the switch on the north wall to open some door you just passed. Head east and open another door, enter the room and pull the box there for flares. Back to the tunnel and swim
back, climb out of the water and head west to find the the door you opened.

Enter a short passage and press the switch to open two doors. In the first room there's nothing to do, but in the second room you find a receptacle. At the end of the passage you can climb through the trapdoor you opened and stand to face south. Climb onto the next column and stay with your back to the north sloped column. Do a backflip and jump forward, grab the crack and shimmy left until you can pull up inside the crawlspace and crawl out to the next room. Climb the north-east half block and jump/grab the ceiling, do a monkeyswing west. Drop, grab the window and pull up inside, turn around, grab the edge and shimmy to the right alcove. Pick up the Fuse and make your way back to the earlier room with the receptacle. Bring the missing fuse to it and get a screenie of a door opening.

Follow west and look for the door you opened, go to the end of the short passage and open another door. The south ladder is for later. However, follow down the sloped floor and open the east door. Wait for the flyby to end and go to the north wall, carefully look for Amanda Lepore's Key. Follow out and proceed down the sloped floor, open the west door. Well, it's only an empty short passage and it's the same for the deep pit next to the door.

Make your way back to the top of the sloped floor and jump forward, grab the south ladder and climb up into the second alcove. Open the door and look for a key hole, but leave it for a moment and follow the left passage to the end. Open another door and enter a dressing room, nothing to do here so keep west to the next room with a pool. Go to the south-west corner for a medipack, then return to the key hole. Use the key you have to open the trapdoor up the ladder. Now carefully jump/grab again the ladder and climb up to the top, enter the left passage and follow out to the roof to end this level.