Lost In Sand - TR Meeting 2008

Level by Ute Wahlmann (Clara) (June, 2008)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



[Note] Read the author's notes on how to get English language dialogue. [End note]


Run south down the road until you see a white tree on the hill to your left. Jump up the hill to the tree and go south-east to a small bush with blue flowers. Use the brown tree branch in the bush as a floor lever. You hear a door open. Go south-east to a small building. Enter the open door and pick up a laser sight. Slide down the hill to the road and continue south. You can shoot an empty trashcan near a large trash bin.  Ahead of you is a car park. There is a path that goes up the hill to the south-east. Follow that path. Look east up the hill and you should see an orange flower. Go up to that area and find benches and a barrel under a tree. Pick up a Yogurt (large medipack) off the barrel. Return to the path and go south.


You can see a door and key lock and some steps going up the hill. Continue south and pass a ping-pong table. Continue and turn to the right. You see a closed door at the bottom of some steps. Go east up the hill and kick the large rock down the hill. It rolls down the hill and down the steps and breaks the door. Go there and enter the small room. Shoot a wooden frame at the south wall. Pick up a revolver from the floor. Pick up revolver ammo from the corner ledge. Enter the west wall alcove and press a pushbutton. The door opens beside you. Step outside and see a ladder to you right side.


Stand in the corner near the table with the computer and the ladder. Look up to the south-east. You should see a blue lock. Use the revolver and laser sight to shoot the lock. The camera view changes and you can see a platform rise near the roof. Climb the ladder and back flip onto the platform. Do a run and jump to the north blue roof to the left of the ladder. Grab the roof and pull up. Run and jump south-east onto the red roof and pick up the Front door Key. From here you can look east to see a campsite, which you will explore later. Slide down to the platform and jump to grab the ladder. Climb down the ladder to the ground. There is a yellow key lock on the south wall but it is for a different key than you have.


Return through the small room and exit up the steps. Go north to the key lock and use the front door key to open the door. Enter the house and see a corridor with stairs to your right. Go left into an alcove and open the door. Enter the door and see a closed door and dark floor tile to your immediate right. Continue south into a computer/dining room area. Go to the south-west corner. Hop onto the south window ledge and pick up Yogurt. Go east and open the door in the south wall. You enter a dark corridor. At the end is a closed door with a red key lock. Return to the corridor.


Go up the stairs to the next floor. Open the door in the east wall. Step into the shower and pick up a Chocolate Bar (small medipack). Press the pushbutton on the wall. Exit and open the door in the west wall. Enter the washroom and use the CTRL key near the toilet. Lara crouches down and lifts the toilet seat and gets Friends-of-Nature Savings (gold coins) and secret #1. Exit the room and go south. You can see a door with a green key lock. There is also an unlit brazier. Go to the south wall and open the door. The room seems empty except for a guitar near a bed. Exit this area and go downstairs to the corridor. Go west and find more stairs leading down to the basement.


Ignore the pushbutton on the wall for now and continue south. Open the doors in the east wall. Enter the rooms and press the pushbuttons to start the showers. Exit and go south and open the door. Enter the washroom and see an unlit brazier. Lara mentions a mirror and says she needs to check her makeup. Stand next to the mirror at look at it. You can see something on the floor near the toilet behind her. Go there and pick up a Lid off the floor. Exit back to the stairs. Now press the pushbutton on the wall. The trap door opens beside you. Drop into the cellar and see a crowbar in a fire. Shoot the grate in front of the fire and pull up out of the cellar.


Go left of the stairs and open the door. Enter another room to shoot an empty trashcan. Go south and press a pushbutton on the west wall to open a door to an outside patio. You can see another unlit brazier. Enter the room again and open the door in the south corner. You enter a kitchen. On the north wall is a closed door and a keypad. At the east wall is a stove and a large bowl. Notice a coffee maker on a trolley in a corner. Go to the toaster on the west ledge and save the game for a timed run. Pull down the toaster and get a cut scene of the fire in the cellar. The fire has stopped. Wait for a reset and pull down the toaster again. Run to the stairs and drop into the cellar. Pick up the crowbar and back flip to avoid the fire as the fire starts again.


Exit from the cellar and go west and out the doors to the outside patio. Go south until the last building. Use the crowbar to open the door. Enter the building and pick up matches (flares) off a ledge near the window. Pick up a torch off the barrel beside the ledge. Crawl east into the cold fireplace. At the back you can pick up Yogurt. Pick up the torch and exit the building. Go south to enter the building with the cellar again. Drop into the cellar and carefully light the torch on the fire. Take the lit torch and use stand jumps to get out of the cellar again.


Go up the stairs and go out the east door. Run up the steps to the camping area. Continue east and see a burnt out campfire. Light the campfire and a door opens. A person complains about making the making the campfire too early. He is the cook named Countdown. He mentions about meat for a soup. That is a hint for later.  He mentions about wanting to be Michael Jackson and Lara calls him a nut case (crazy). Enter the small building behind him. You can see the meat cooking but it is on fire. Pick up the Youth Room Key from the floor and exit the campsite.


Go west and south and down the steps through the room where you found the revolver. Exit out the other side and use the Youth Room Key in the yellow key lock. The door opens beside you. Enter a small room with tables and chairs. Go east onto the cabinets to get matches. Hop onto the next cabinet and pick up a Pot. Exit the room and go north. Enter the first door and return to the kitchen. Combine the pot and lid to make the coffeepot. Stand at south-east corner of the coffee maker and face north-west. Use the coffeepot in the coffee maker. A man walks into the room and places the elevator code for Lara on the window ledge. Pick up the Club Room Key and the Lift Code from the window ledge. Examine the lift code and see that the code is 9419. It is used later.


First exit the kitchen and return to the stairs. Go up the stairs and enter the computer/dining room. Go south into the corridor and use the Club Room Key to open the door. Enter the room with many computers. Go onto the west window ledge and pick up a Chocolate Bar. Hop onto the east window ledge and pick up the Bedroom Key. There is Yogurt on a table but I could not pick it up. Exit these rooms and return to the stairs. Go up the stairs to the second floor. Use the Bedroom key to open the door in the west wall. Enter a small room with bunk beds. Go south and pick up an empty Wine bottle from the trolley. Exit the room and go down the stairs to the basement. Enter either shower and fill the wine bottle with water. Press the pushbutton to get water if you did not do it earlier.


Exit up the stairs and out the door to the east. Go up the steps to the campsite. Use the water to stop the fire on the meat. It can be a little difficult to pick up the Meat. Go down the steps and into the house again. Go down the stairs to the basement. Continue out the door by the stairs and return to the kitchen. Hop onto the stove and stand by the south side of the bowl. Place the meat in the soup. The stove under the soup drops and the bowl is on the floor. Now pull the bowl from the corner.


Time to use the keypad code. Go to the keypad on the north wall and use CTRL. You get a number pad on the screen. Use the arrow keys to select the number and use the RETURN/ENTER key to enter each number. The number is 9419. Use the ">" key to terminate the sequence. You get a message of "Key code is correct. Well done, Lara". The elevator door opens. Pull the bowl into the elevator. Press the pushbutton on the back wall. There is a noise and the elevator door opens. Push the bowl into the room. Place the bowl on the dark floor tile next to the elevator. There is a final cut scene of Lara and friends ready for dinner. Then the final statistics appear on the screen.


There is a challenge in the author's readme file to play the level again to get the lowest time taken. I did not bother.


Here is an odd thing you can try. Pull the bowl into the elevator. Press the pushbutton and the elevator rises. Push the bowl into the computer/dining room but not onto the dark tile to end the game. Enter the elevator and press the pushbutton again and the elevator changes. There is still a bowl in the elevator. Push the bowl back into the kitchen. You can run up the stairs into the compter/dining room and check to see that now you have two bowls of soup.