Levels by Lukasz Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Even though the compass looks normal, the directions are cockeyed.  For the sake of consistency, I'll indicate the bearing shown by the red needle pointer.  Also, you may encounter problems with game crashes when you come back from an extended break and try to resume play by using a savegame.  If this should happen to you, start each time by selecting "New Game," then load the desired savegame once you're in.





Begin in a temple-like room.  Note the keyhole and closed door on your left, then step forward and note the closed door and three orb receptacles in the smaller adjacent room.  These are for much later, when you're nearly ready to exit this level.  Pick up the small medi-pack in this room before leaving.


Go across the room, enter the E opening and jump over the ramp into a passage.  Vault up left, turn to your right and pull up into a higher area.  Note the keyhole and closed door above the red block to your left, then go through the E opening to trigger a brief flyby.  Enter a room with a huge central pedestal.  The vase in the SW corner contains shotgun ammo, the one in the NE corner contains some flares.


Pull up onto the block at the base of the E ramp.  Take a running jump and grab to the next block SE.  Pull up and beware of the lava pit directly in front of the block.  Shoot the bat fluttering about above you, then take a running jump NE to a flat spot on the ramp.  Turn to your left and take a standing jump SE to the next flat spot, then take two more standing jumps to bring you to the pole.  Climb the pole, and near the top (Lara's head needs to be above the red band on the wall) back flip to the top of the ramp.  One of the vases contains a small medi-pack (and also reveals a Golden Star for later).  Push the button in the wall to release a trap door elsewhere.


Slide down the left side of the ramp and deal with the assassin who awaits below.  Pick up the uzi ammo he drops, then go W and drop back down through the hole.  The lowered trap door is right beside the ramp leading to the adjacent room, so hop down into the shallow depression and go down the dark passage.  Stop at the far edge and jump forward to activate the jump switch in the wall.  Another trap door opens underneath, allowing you to drop down into an underground area.  Shoot the bat and pull up NE to slide down into a sparse grove guarded by a friendly monkey.  Step forward and pick up the KEYS (actually, just one key) and climb the blocks to return to the previous room.  Exit via the ladder in the S wall and engage the assassin who awaits above. 


The key you found will open either the door at this level or the one above (but not both).  If you use it to open the nearest door, you apparently miss out on a secret, so head E, hop over the ramp into the passage, and pull up into the higher passage like you did earlier.  Climb the red block and use the key to open the door.  Safety drop into a dark room, go around the central pillar and pick up the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #1 and another set of KEYS.  Push and pull the block to the NE corner so you can get back out, but watch out for the swinging spike barrel as you do so.  Another assassin awaits you on the other side, and he drops a small medi-pack as he dies. 


Go back down to your starting point and use the key to open the door in the N wall.  Go past the closed door that requires two golden stars and shoot the wooden barrier.  Run all the way into the next room as a partial green skeleton drops down in the manner of a blade ball. The vases in the corners are empty, so climb over either block and hop down to enter the N passage.  Crawl through at the end and make a hairpin turn to the right into the alcove for the CROWBAR.  Reverse roll and use the ladder in the N wall to access a still higher area.  Use your crowbar to open the door at the end and pry the first STAR off the wall.  Turn around and note the opening with the water below, but don't go down there yet.  Instead, climb back down the ladder and crawl into the S passage.  Hop over the block, crawl under the green skeleton and hop over the ramp in the next room to return to the higher area E.


Cross the room with the huge central pedestal and ascent the E ramp once more as you did earlier.  Use your crowbar to pry the second STAR off the wall.  Slide back down and go to the N wall of the room below.  You'll find that a trap door has silently opened, so drop down and pick up the large medi-pack and a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #2.  Pull out, go W and return to your starting point down below.  Use the two Stars to open the door between the receptacles and climb the block for the UZIS and a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #3. Hop back down, crawl under the green skeleton and return to the higher area via the ladder in the N wall.


When you get to the crowbar door where you acquired the first Star, don't just hop down into the water below (whereupon you'll probably find yourself trapped against an underwater dune) but hang drop from the right side, swim W toward an approaching croc and allow the strong current to carry you N past the croc to a hole in the floor next to the wall.  Swim down inside and locate the underwater lever between the two blocks.  Pulling it opens a trap door in the ceiling above you, so swim up to the opening and pull up into a short passage.  Jump up left for a small medi-pack, then slide W down the waterfall to land into a pool guarded by a carnivorous fish.  Quickly swim E and pull out onto either of the available ledges to dispatch the fish.  Then pick up the flares on one ledge and note the keyhole and ladder leading to a presently barred entrance near the other.


Jump back into the water and swim S through the diamond-shaped opening.  Continue across the next room and locate the depression in the ramp ahead that you can use to surface in the next area.  Pull out and step forward to trigger a brief flyby.  Turn right and pull up onto the E ledge for some shotgun ammo, then turn to face S and shoot the wooden barriers in the upper alcove.  Jump up there and pull down the wall switch.  Drop down to the ground and go over to the SW corner.  Pull up into the alcove there for some uzi ammo, climb up left onto the block and pull down a second wall switch to open the door down below in the S wall.  Simply crawl under the spike barrels that activate when you enter the corridor.  The chain poses no threat at this time. 


As you move further S, action music alerts you to a new danger.  Two tigers come running around the corner ahead, so dispatch them before continuing.  Go around the central structure and pull down the wall switch in the SW corner to open a door and release a boulder that does nothing after it falls.  Another tiger comes out of the open doorway, however.  Enter and crawl under the horizontal swinging blade.  Reverse roll over the ornate tile in the corner to trigger another blade trap, then step up onto the irregular platform and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing across the lava (the horizontal blade remains inert) and release on the other side.   Hop down into the passage and pull up onto the block on the other side.  Immediately hop back into the passage as another blade trap is activated, then climb back onto the block and face your next challenge.


There are two flame blowers, a lower ledge and a pole to your left and sloped blocks to your right.  Wait until the flames subside and take a standing jump NE onto the nearest slope.  Jump off this and the next two slopes to land on the platform against the N wall (grab and pull up if necessary).  Pick up the KEYS and be prepared to engage two Tinnos wasps.  To get back across, stand at the edge of the platform facing SE and take a standing jump down to a lower slope.  Jump off to grab the pole, turn around and climb up until Lara's head is level with the dragon on the wall.  Wait for the flames to subside and back flip to the ledge below.  Again time the flames and jump to the exit block.  Hop down into the passage and vault up at the other end.  That horizontal blade is now active, so be careful as you monkey swing back over the lava (if you stay left you should pass it unscathed).


An assassin is waiting for you on the other side, and the other horizontal blade will also activate if you get too close.  Go out N, and you find that the chain is now swinging. However, it's easy to avoid, as are the spike barrels.  Go back to the water, use the depression to start your swimming motion and return to the ledge with the keyhole.  Use the key to open the spear gate above the ladder, and climb up into a new area.  Pick up the SHOTGUN at your feet to cause the door ahead to open.  Step forward and shoot two baby spiders that scuttle toward you.  Pick up the flares on the block to your left, then go up to the spider web in either the NE or the SE corner and jump up into the opening.


Follow the dark passage around to an opening in the E wall, killing another baby spider along the way.  Stand at the lower vertex of the opening, where you can jump up to grab the edge.  Pull up into a higher passage and watch out for the spear trap on the marked tile in the corner.  Pull up into a still higher passage and do battle with a giant spider and another baby spider.  Jump over the horizontal blade trap at the corner and continue past two green partial skeletons that drop down from the ceiling.  Just past the second one, negotiate three sword-wielding stautes (you have to jump over them instead of trying to crawl underneath the blades).


If the croc is already there waiting for you, go ahead and kill it now.  Otherwise, jump into the water hole and swim to the other end, where you can pull out and dispatch two more crocs before turning around and killing the first one.  At the end of the corridor it appears that there are two wall switches to pull.  However, the one on the right is a dummy and hides a blade trap.  Pull the wall switch to your left to lift the nearby gate.  Draw weapons and prepare to meet the pair of tigers that come charging toward you, then enter the next area.  Go to the closed gate in the S wall.  One of the vases contains shotgun ammo.  Climb the pole and back flip onto the top of the large block.  Pick up an orb called PALM3 (so that's how the level get its name), then walk to the E edge and jump up to grab the suspended ledge.  Shimmy right to the corner and pull up.  Push the sword in the skeleton to raise a tall pillar in the corner behind you.   Turn to face N and take a standing jump with grab to land on the top of the N block.  Step forward and pick up PALM2. 


Go to the W edge of this block and take a running jump to the top of the raised pillar.  Step to your left and pick up the MP5 explosive ammo and the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #4.  Jump over to the top of the W block and pick up PALM1.  It's possible to get there without triggering either of the breaktiles.  Drop back down to the floor, where you'll be met by two assassins, one of whom drops uzi ammo.  The gate in the S wall is now open, so enter while the gate shuts behind you.


In the next room are three vases sitting on blocks against the E wall, all of which can be shattered.  First, however, deal with the assassin that darts out from between one of the blocks and pick up the revolver ammo in the NW corner.  Shoot the vases on the blocks and pick up the LASER SIGHT.  Hop down and run around to the back side to alert another assassin.  When he dies he drops a REVOLVER.  Climb the ladder at the NW corner of the central structure and shoot the wooden barriers.  When you turn into the E opening a block rises in the next room.  Pick up another REVOLVER in front of it, whereupon the block lowers again.  Press the button in the wall to open the S gate below and shoot the vases for shotgun ammo and a small medi-pack.   Deal with the assassin who comes to investigate. Exit this room and drop down to the floor below. 


Exit through the S opening, whereupon the gate slams shut behind you.  Pull up onto the slope ahead, slide down the other side and jump off to the next slope where you'll slide down to a safe area.  Pull up N and run past two sword-wielding statues.  Pull up onto the block in a crouched postion and pick up the revolver ammo.  Lower yourself back down and kill another assassin waiting for you.  This one drops the UZIS when he dies.  One of the vases hides revolver ammo.  Stand a few blocks behind the S wall, facing S, and look up to see a swinging blue ball.  Combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot it to open the S door.  Enter the corridor and get past three horizontal blade traps, picking up a large medi-pack along the way.  Crawl into the opening at the end and activate another horizontal blade trap.  You need to turn around near the end of the passage (standing in the corner away from the blade) and jump up to grab a ladder. Climb up, shift left and drop down into a passage.  Shoot the baby spider and pick up the small medi-pack. 


Push the block at the end of the passage, whereupon the spear door to your left swings open.  Take a standing jump down to the wooden ledge and safety drop to the room below where you began this level.  Enter the S room and place the three Palms to open the gate to your right.  Enter the next room and shoot the corner vases, one of which contains a small medipack.  Two sword-wielding statutes are also activated.  Push the moveable block against the ladder in the W wall, revealing a button in the process.  Stand in front of the button and save your game in preparation for a tight timed run. 


Pushing the button opens a timed gate in the W wall above the ladder.   As soon as you push the button, shift about 45 degrees to your right and take a rolling back flip onto the moveable block.  Run forward to the wall, jump up to grab the ladder and quickly climb and pull up into the opening before the gate swings shut.  As soon as you start sliding down the slope on the other side, save your game again.  There's a horizontal blade trap near the bottom of the slope, and to make matters worse a swarm of locusts is released and a boulder starts rolling down the slope behind you.  This will cost you some health if you want to get through quickly and easily, but here's how I did it:  Ignore the blade and allow Lara to slide through it without jumping.  The boulder will then bounce harmlessly over her head, and will also kill the assassin who's waiting below.  Dash into the alcove to your right, or the boulder will roll back and kill you.  Use a medi-pack or two until the locusts disperse, then step out and open the trap door in the floor at the end of the passage.


Drop down into the next area from the corner, away from the horizontal blade, and pull up onto the E block.  Hop down the other side and follow the passage to a new room, killing two baby spiders on the way there.  Pull up at the seam of one of the burner blocks, then run into one of the N corridors when the flames subside.  Pull up onto the central ledge to avoid the sword-wielding statue, and push the sword in the skeleton to lower a trap door.  Turn around and jump to the N block, being careful of a vertical flame blower.  The vase in the NE corner contains uzi ammo.  Two wraiths are also alerted, so climb quickly down the ladder and jump into the water.  Allow the current to carry you N along the passage, then swim forward until you hit the level jump.




Lara stumbles down and comes to rest on an irregular dirt mound, facing a closed door in the E wall.  Turn to face S and take a running jump and grab to the opening in the wall.  Pull up, run down the short passage and take a standing jump through the opening ahead.  Slide down into bowl-like area with a couple of palm trees and engage a giant spider.  When it's dead, pick up the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #5.  Return to the room with the dirt mound.  Go around the mound and jump into the water on the N side of the room.  Swim down to the NE corner for another GOLDEN SKULL and SECRET #6.  Pull out and climb the ladder in the W wall.  When you reach the part where the texture changes, back flip onto an upper ledge.  Go around the dirt mound (be careful of the hole in the SE corner) and push the sword in the skeleton.  A real skeleton awakes, so either use your shotgun to blast it into the convenient hole, or use your revolver to shatter its head.  Jump back to the ladder and climb back down to the floor. 


The door in the E wall is now open, so pull up there and grab the uzi ammo before entering.  Hang from the other side of the opening and shimmy left or right so you won't catch fire when you safety drop to the room below.  Go to the flat-topped mound and stand at the N edge facing S.  Jump up to grab the ledge above.  Pull up and walk forward to the high SE corner.  Take a running jump and grab to the opening in the E wall.  Pull up into the passage and use the ladder to back flip to an upper ledge.  There are monkey bars in the ceiling here, but I found no practical use for them.  Take a standing jump down to a lower E ledge and kill the Tinnos wasp that attacks.  The white panes of glass E can be shattered, so shoot them to make things a bit easier later.  Safety drop from this ledge into the room below and kill the baby spider.  Locate the shotgun ammo SW and shoot the E vases for some flares.  Use the ladder in the N wall to climb back up, shift left near the top and drop down onto the ledge.


Face E and jump to grab the crack in the wall.  Pull up into the opening and crawl through to the other side, pausing for a small medi-pack to your right.  Drop down into the room on the other side, whereupon chains start swinging.  Get past the first pair and run off at the N end to land on a block below.  There's an opening in the S wall with a flame tile at the end, so kill the tiger from up here and then hop down to the lower block where you'll find a hard-to-see TORCH.  Note the closed door high up in the E wall and hop up into the S opening.  Carefully light the torch in the flames at the other end.  Go back and hop down to the floor.  Go around to the NE corner and jump from the sloped block to the S pillar.  Light the gray lantern there and take a running jump S to the second pillar.  Light that lantern as well, to open the door in the E wall.  Throw your torch away and take a standing jump with grab so you'll land inside the E opening.


Hop down into the room below and wait patiently for the giant spider to arrive.  After killing it, search the nearby alcoves to the S for shotgun ammo and MP5 poison ammo.   The vase is empty.  If you go around the corner and further S, you'll find an area with a closed door and a baby spider to kill.  Go back N into an area guarded by sword-wielding statutes that are presently inert.  Go to the NW statute and stoop down to pick up a small medi-pack in the alcove in front of the statue.  In the next alcove is some revolver ammo.  Picking it up activates the statue. Go around to the other statue and climb over the block to pick up uzi ammo in the NE alcove.  Pull the block back twice, then climb up on it and hop down to push it W into the alcove.  Climb up on it again and push the button to activate the other statue and summon an assassin. 


Go back N to where you killed the baby spider, and the door in the N wall is now open.  Pull up inside and activate a horizontal blade trap.  You could turn around here and jump over a tall wooden door into a small enclosure, but there's nothing there and you'll find yourself stuck if you do that.  Jump over the blade and continue forward.  Pull up into a higher passage and shoot the wooden barrier.  Vault up still higher, turn around and lower Lara down into a room with a sleeping skeleton.  Shoot the corner vases before doing anything else.  Pick up the MP5 explosive ammo, then go to the other corner near the skeleton and pick up the MP5 itself.  This will awaken.the skeleton, of course, and the best way to deal with it is to shoot off its head.  The S spear gates have opened, so step forward and slide down the slope as horizontal blades are activated.  Jump at the last instant over the breaktiles to land on a ledge where a second skeleton is awakened.  After dealing with it, note the closed door and orb receptacles, then drop into the W hole and push the W block twice.  Climb up onto it and hop down into some cramped quarters.


Shoot the nearest vases for a couple of small medi-packs, then shoot the vases in the other corners.  Both are empty, but one was hiding an ornate tile.  However, you can't get the block over there, so let's try something else.  Shoot the wooden barrier in the W wall, go on in past a shallow pool and a dormant blade and pick up the TORCH.  Go back out and locate the wall switch on the wall of the central structure.  When you pull it down, a flame appears briefly at the ornate tile, so quickly pick up the torch and dash over there to light it.  When you're successful, go around and light that gray lantern near the movable block, whereupon the S spear gate opens.  Enter the passage and follow to a room that features a boulder trap.


Slide down and greet the friendly monkey.  Push the button in the E wall to lower a trap door in the pit.  Climb down the ladder and shoot the baby spider.  You're now facing a gauntlet of sword-wielding statutes and swinging chains.  You can pause for flares along the way if you wish.  On the other side is a jumpswitch in the W wall.  When you activate it part of the S gate opens.  Enter and go through either crawl space after killing another baby spider.  Both crawl spaces are guarded by green partial skeletons.  On the other side is one of the orbs you need, PALM1.  When you pick it up, nothing happens, so leave the trapped skeleton, go back past the gauntlet and climb the red ladder.  Back flip at the top to activate the boulder.  Hopefully, you'll time it so that the boulder rolls down and squishes the giant spider that materialized in your absence.  In my case it got the poor monkey as well.  Pick up the small medi-pack near the spot where the boulder came to rest.


Go up the N slope and stand jump into the passage.  Turn right at the central structure and go into the W opening where you found the torch earlier.  Locate the trap door in the ceiling and pull it down.  Pull up into a small cavernous area and go through the vine-covered NW opening.  Go up the stairs and hop down into a lower area.  Go up the steps and shoot from there a giant spider and a baby spider (who don't seem to want to come down the steps after you).   In the area above, first jump up to shoot the wooden barrier S, then stand jump to grab the sloped pillar as a horizontal blade is activated.  Shimmy all the way to the left, pull up and slide down the other side, and jump off with a left curve to land at the corner of the upper ledge.  Pick up the second PALM1, then shoot the vase and pick up the MP5 explosive ammo.  On the way back, use that enhanced weaponry to deal with a skeleton and another baby spider.


Climb out SW and return past the still-inert blade trap to the central structure.  Exit E and place the orbs in their receptacles.  The gates open in tandem, so hop down and take a look at the goon with the oversized guns.  He huffs and he puffs, but he just stands there looking like an idiot, somewhat like Winston on steroids, so kill him or not, as you prefer.  Step into the S passage (but watch out for the blade trap) and deal with a parade of five baby spiders.  Follow the passage into a dark room where you'll trigger a flyby of four parading assassins.  When camera control is restored, draw weapons and shoot two skeletons, then push the sword in the skeleton on the platform to open one of the gates.  A ninja comes charging forth, so kill him and take the UZIS he drops.  You can see the ninjas prancing about above, but you can't get to them from here.  Enter through the opened gate and draw out another hapless goon who looks like he wants to start a fight but isn't quite sure how to make it happen.


Go into the passage he came from and follow into a red-tinged room with a lava pit.   There's a safe ledge down in the SE corner, so hop down there and pick up the GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #7.  Pull back out, stand on the raised hump against the S wall and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing across the lava pit and release.  Pull down both wall switches to open the large iron gate, then go inside and take care of the awakened skeleton.  There's a large medi-pack at the S end and some grenade gun super ammo at the dark N end.  There's also a crowbar lever, so stand in the corner facing S to use it and open the timed W gate.  Jump over the crowbar lever, enter the doorway before the gate lowers and shoot the baby spider inside.  A skeleton is awakened on the other side of the gate, but he can't get at you.  However, you can blow him up with explosive ammo if you wish.  Lift the trapdoor in the corner, facing E, and hang from the edge.  Don't drop down yet, but instead shimmy around the corner until you're hanging from the open trap door.  Release and grab the edge of the passage below.  Pull up and then crawl forward to pick up a small medi-pack.  A little further ahead is a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #8.  Back out and drop down into the water below.


You're met by one of those carnivorous fish, so quickly swim N and pull out to kill it.  I didn't find anything of interest in the water, so head N by taking a series of standing jumps from ledge to ledge.  Kill a pair of Tinnos wasps and pick up the grenade gun flash ammo along the way.  When you reach the last ledge jump with grab into the dark opening.  Hop down into the shallow pit, pick up the shotgun ammo and push the button to open a spear gate high up in the wall.  Pull out and go to the sloped pillar in the SE corner.  Facing S, pull up on the left side of the pillar, jump off with a rolling back flip, slide down the second sloped pillar and jump off with a curve to the right to land on the upper N ledge.  Go around and vault up onto a higher ledge.  Pause for some much-needed flares and enter the opened W doorway.  Crawl under the horizontal blade trap, then continue down the passage and try to pick up the uzi ammo before an assassin drops down and snatches it away from you.  When he dies he drops a small medi-pack. 


Pull up S and drop down into a lower room.  Go around the central structure and enter the S passage.  Time a run past a sword-wielding statue and take the small medi-pack from the skeleton.   Shoot a bat in the next room and get past the swinging chain.  The corner to your left is guarded by a green partial skeleton, so pull down the timed wall switch to your right.  A Tinnos wasp attacks before you have a chance to do anything, so kill it and then pull down the wall switch again.  This time reverse roll and take a running jump SW to land on the corner of a platform.  The camera angle becomes fixed here, so jump over the railing to restore camera control.  Pick up the MP5 poison ammo and pull down the wall switch.  Shoot the wooden barrier at the E platform and jump over there.  Go around the burning floor tile and shoot the vase for some shotgun ammo.  Take a running jump and grab to the S opening and pull up.


Enter a cramped area with two movable blocks.  You can't climb up onto the nearer one, so pull it back S one time.  Turn to your left and climb up onto the other block.  Hop down and go around to pick up some grenade gun flash ammo that was covered by the first block.  Now push the first block into the corner and pull back the second block.  Climb up over the second block and hop down the other side to open the crowbar door.  Enter and shoot the glass panes for some revolver ammo in one alcove.  You'll alert a baby spider in the other alcove, behind which is another pane of glass.  Shoot it to access some sort of ceremonial room.  Shoot the vases for some grenade gun normal ammo, then step into the depression and push the sword in the skeleton to open the exit gate.  Slide down the slope and jump at the last instant over the horizontal blade trap.  Wade into the water and stoop down to shoot the wooden barrier with your pistols. 


Swim into the opening and go around to pull out N.  A blast from your shotgun seems to kill the skeleton that awakens in the next room, although Lara remains alert so long as a weapon is drawn.  Go around the room and collect the UZIS and the shotgun ammo, then push the two buttons to open the N gate.  Pull up into the next room and jump up to one of the flat corners of the central dirt mound.  From there jump up to the flat top and pick up the orb (PALM1) to end the level.




Begin with a brief flyby though the area Lara now inhabits.  When camera control is restored you find yourself facing an orb receptacle.  Since you just happen to have one (it now shows up in your inventory as PALM2, something the builder probably didn't intend), go ahead and insert it now.  However, as you tour this room you come across another orb receptacle in a SW alcove, so you need to find another one somewhere.  You'll also find a number of closed portals, which means that the short-term solution must be in this room.  Go to the NE corner and find a TORCH in a nearby alcove.  Light it on the wall lamp and find a large gray urn SW to light.  The spear gate NE opens, so go there and pick up the grenade gun flash ammo and a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #9.  A skeleton is awakened behind you, so turn around and deal with it. 


Return to the former room and explore a bit for some MP5 explosive ammo in an interior alcove and an extra REVOLVER on the central structure.  When you pick up the latter the W gate opens, so hop down and do battle with three giant spiders.  You might see the dead bodies of goons strewn about, and the logical conclusion is that they met their demise by reason of the spiders.  Anyway, take the shotgun ammo from one of those bodies, then go to the closed W gates.  Turn around and look for a jumpswitch on the wall.  Jump up to activate it, then shoot the baby spider and return E to the previous room.  Make a hairpin turn to the right and enter the new gateway.  Go past three swinging chains and a swinging spike barrel, pick up the shotgun ammo and the KEYS, and finally shoot the vase for a large medi-pack.


Go back to the previous room and find that another giant spider is on the loose.  Take care of it and go to the next room E.  Use your keys in the keyhole on the back of the sloped pillar to open a trap door above you.  Go around to the other side of the sloped platform.  Back flip onto it, jump off and grab the suspended platform.  Pull up, jump to the next platform and pull up E into an upper area.  You see a closed spear gate that requires another key you don't yet have, so go back down and find that the W gate is now open.  Go inside and find two moveable blocks.  Pull back either one and go through the revealed opening.  Pull up and slide down into a new area, where you'll be met by a tiger.  Continue W and jump past a swinging spike ball.  Enter a much better lit temple area.


One of the vases in the far corner hides a small medi-pack.  You can kill a nearby goon on the other side of a fence with explosive ammo if you wish.  Shoot the glass panes and climb up on the block to pick up the KEY.  You know where that goes, but before returning  to the previous room kill two more giant spiders and explore the opened SW lair for the first PALM2 and some MP5 explosive ammo.  On the way back S, stop at that large dirt mound.  Stand against the S wall to the right of a palm tree, just to the left of where you can see a texture change in the wall.  Back flip against the dirt mound and jump off to grab the top of the S wall.  Pull up, turn right and pull up still higher, and walk to the end of the wall for a GOLDEN SKULL and SECRET #10.  Drop back down to the floor and return nearly all the way E, use the slope and the platforms to get back up to the upper passage, and use the key to open the spear gate to your right.  Go inside and pick up the second PALM2, alerting two baby spiders.  Get back down and continue E.  Use one of the orbs in the unused receptacle to open the nearby gate. 


As you enter the passage and go around the large rock a chain begins to swing.  Get around it and pull back the moveable block.  Climb up onto it and hop down the other side.  Step forward into the knee-deep water and turn right.  Go to the hole at the end and jump in.  Swim into the next room and turn right to squeeze into a narrow opening.  Pull out into the entrance to a large room and greet the friendly monkey.  Four Tinnos wasps also come at you in an attacking wave.  Pull up onto the central structure from the S side and pick up that GRENADE GUN for which you have so much ammo.  Locate the moveable block SW and place it on the ornate tile across the room next to the gray blocks. The gate lifts in the S wall, but don't enter yet.  Instead, go where you first found the moveable block and follow the passage behind it to a stairway.  Go up the stairs and save your game in front of the timed wall switch.


When you pull down the switch a trap door is lowered within those stacked gray blocks on the other side of the room.  Dash there and jump into the hole (don't try to climb down the ladder; you don't have time) before the trap door rises to block your way.  Look down E and see the assassin climbing up toward you.  Push the button and climb down the blocks for a large medi-pack.  Jump the gap E, pick up the flares and jump to grab the ladder ahead.  Climb down to the bottom for a GOLDEN SKULL and SECRET #11.  Get back on the ladder and back flip to the previous ledge.  Turn and go back up W, being careful of the horizontal blade trap.  Push the button again to lower the trap door, and climb the ladder to the upper room.   Now enter the S gateway and pull open the trap door just beyond the swinging spike ball. 


Drop down in the hole and kill a baby spider.  Crawl until you can stand, then turn around and push the button to open the door.  Kill the tiger and enter the next room.  Go to the SE corner for some uzi ammo, and note the orb receptacle and closed trap door NW.  Push the sword in the skeleton to open the SW gate, then enter and meet one of those sluggish goons to your left.  Leave him alone and he'll leave you alone, so decide what you want to do.  Pick up the grenade gun super ammo in the nearby alcove, then climb up on the E block and shoot the Tinnos wasp.  Pull up S and slide W down the slope.  Jump off just before you reach the horizontal blade and grab the ledge ahead.  Don't pull up, however.  Shimmy left around the corner and pull up when you're clear of the second blade trap.  Pull up into the crawl space and shoot the wooden barrier.  Crawl forward and stand up when you're able.  Run forward and slide down into the next area.  When you approach the alcove with the small medi-pack you awaken a skeleton. 


Work your way N and stop along the way for some shotgun ammo and a GOLDEN SKULL (SECRET #12) hidden among the shrubbery.  Go around the corner and awaken another skeleton.  The ladder can't be used at the moment because of the closed trap door in the ceiling.  Enter the next area W and shoot the tiger and the goon that attack from opposite directions.  Go around the small fence to your right for some shotgun ammo.  Continue into the next room.  The two tiles in the water are flame traps, but there's no need for you to use them.  Simply jump into the water, swim across and pull up on the other side.  Shoot the croc, then jump into the hole in the pool for some flares.  Pull back up and shoot the vases for a large medi-pack, then pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door above the ladder you saw earlier. 


Swim back across, pull out of the water and return to the ladder.  Climb up and introduce yourself to the assassin waiting up there for you.  Push the block to one side and pick up the PALM3 it was covering.  Climb back down and shoot two goons and a giant spider.  Exit SE and crawl through the opening after shooting the bat.  Lower Lara to the ground in front of the blade trap and shoot the giant spider in the next room.  Insert the orb in its receptacle to open the nearby trap door.  Hop down into the hole and shoot the assassin.  Pull up W and pick up the UZIS, then continue into a dark maze-like area and shoot a goon huffing and puffing off to your left.  Look S to see Von Croy beyond a closed gate.  Go back to the maze N and follow it to find a closed spear gate NW and a flaming floor tile SW.  Locate the crowbar switch NE and activate it to open the spear gate and attract a horde of locusts.  When they dissipate, to NW and push the block as far as it will go. 


Climb over the block and jump to either side.  Push the block away from the opening to give you operating room for later.  Continue N and the door ahead will open as you approach.  Vault up into the next room and push the button in the wall on your right.  The timed trap door NE opens, so dash over there and drop down through the hole.  Go W into another dark maze-like area.  Working around to your left, find the grenade gun super ammo and the MP5 poison ammo.  Move the block over to the NW passage and all the way to the end.  Climb up and jump into the upper alcove.  Pick up the KEYS and turn around to shoot two tigers.  Leave this area and push the button twice to lower the trap door again.


Pull out and go over to insert the key in the NE keyhole to open the spear gate above you.  Pull up into the passage and pick up a large medi-pack and the TORCH.  Get back out and return S to that flaming floor tile you saw earlier.  Light the torch with the flames and go back to the Oriental N room.  Light the two large gray urns and the gate between them opens, releasing a tiger.  Run inside to the end of the short passage and the level ends.