High Altitude Imprisonment

Levels by Chris Cole (June, 2008)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie




Level 1: Russia


You start with a very long flyby of an arctic prison. It ends with Lara in a cell. There is nothing in the cell. Go to the door and open the door. The animation is strange. Step out into the corridor and the guards ignore you. What poor security. I would expect guards to shoot escaped prisoners on sight. Go across the corridor and open the door. Enter the room and pick up pistol ammo from the bed. Return to the corridor and go west. Enter the north room and pick up a Gold Key (called load). Exit and enter the south room to pick up a Silver Key (called load). Exit to the corridor and use the two keys in the two key locks. Two sets of double doors open to the west.


Enter the room and notice a closed gate in the north wall. Pull down the wall switch and get a cut scene of double doors opening in the corridor. Go to the south-west corner and climb down the wall ladder behind the boxes. Enter a small room to get secret #1 and pistol ammo. Climb out of the small room and return to the corridor. Go east to the open door and go to the back wall. Climb the wall and back flip onto a ledge. You land next to closed gates protecting a pushbutton. Go west into a small room with boxes. Open the door in the north-west corner. Go through the door and you are in a large outdoor area of the prison. It is snowing.


To the west are large gates. Go south and along the side of the building. Hop onto the boxes to get onto the roof. Go east and pick up a small medipack. This should be secret #2  but it does not count. If you had not got the secret in the room with the wall switch, this would have counted as the secret #1 instead. And the other secret would not count. Safety drop to the ground. Go east and climb the wall ladder to the south of the closed gates. Drop on the other side and pick up a small medipack in a corner. Climb the wall ladder back onto the wall. Do not go to the west to the next building. It is possible but you would be stuck. Safety drop to the ground. Climb the wall ladder to the north of the closed gates. Drop on the other side and pick up pistol ammo in a corner. Climb out of the enclosure and onto the wall.


Safety drop to the ground and go east to the east wall. Climb the boxes and get onto the middle section of the wall. Climb down on the other side. Go east and jump the boxes over the deadly cold water. On the east side, go behind the boxes and press a pushbutton. The animation is strange. You get a cut scene of the closed gate opening. Jump the boxes again and climb the wall. Go around the building and enter the building again. Climb down the wall and go east to the room with the wall switch and open gate. Follow the tunnel to the end and open the door. Enter the small room to pick up pistols and pistol ammo. You get a short cut scene and the room shakes.


Exit the room and shoot two guards. Or out-run them and save the limited ammo. Run down the corridor and climb the wall again. Back flip and the gates are open. Press the pushbutton on the north wall. Go west and the gate opens for you. Continue and exit back into the outside area. Most of the guards are gone. Go south and use the boxes to climb onto the south wall. Go east and pick up revolver ammo from the wall. The ammo is an orange-pink color. Drop down and climb the east wall again. Drop down and go to the south-east corner. Shoot the box and pick up a large medipack and pistol ammo. You should also get secret #3. Go to the north-west corner and enter the open gate.


Go to the end of the enclosure and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a box floating in the deadly cold water. Go to the box in the water and use a run and jump to grab the box. Pull up and run and jump to the south area next to the crane. Go west and hop onto the left box. Pick up revolver ammo and an AKS74u from the box. Pick up TNT from the other box and the level changes.


Level 2: Russia2


You start on the box with a guard shooting at you. Hop back behind the box for shelter and shoot the guard. Go east over the box and pick up two revolver ammo. Go to the dead guard and pick up another revolver ammo. Go east and jump back to the box in the water. Jump to the west side and shoot a guard for pistol ammo. Go to the south-east inside corner fence for a large medipack and pistol ammo. Climb the west wall and be prepared to shoot. Shoot three guards on the wall and pick up pistol ammo and revolver ammo. Shoot three guards on the ground but they drop nothing.


Get onto the north wall and go west towards a sentry gun. Then hop back and lure the two guards. Shoot the two guards for two revolver ammo. Turn around a shoot a guard behind you. There is another guard and sentry gun on the south wall. The guard there drops nothing. Follow the north side of the building and shoot a guard for revolver ammo. Lure another guard into the open and shoot the guard for pistol ammo. Wait for another guard that drops nothing. Some ammo may have been lost under the boxes and could not be recovered.


Go to the west side of the building and notice that the entrance door is closed and you cannot return to the cells. Stay near the building walls so that the sentry guns are not activated. Go west through the open gate and shoot four guards. Place the TNT in the receptacle next to the closed gate in the west wall. The gates open to a delayed explosion. Enter the next snowy area and go to the north-west corner. Jump the barricades and drop into a hole. Shoot a guard and enter the tunnel in the south-west corner. Go to the end and pick up the Eye Piece and the level ends.


The statistics state that I found only 2 out of 3 secrets. I think this may be because the first two of the secrets are not numbered correctly. Only the first secret found counts even if you get both of them. If not, then I guess that I just missed a secret. Too bad.