Gamespy Headquarters

Level by: John F. Jones
Walkthrough: Anurag

The game starts with Lara standing in a corner, turn left & climb the ledge to get some FLARES here. Drop down on the other side, continue straight & turn left at the end. Activate the jump switch there & the area gets lighted & the gate ahead of you gets opened. Continue through it into a dark corridor; notice the large black gate here. Continue forward to a door; open it to enter a room with control panels. Walk on the control panels to get views of different areas.

Now open the other door, & kill the SNIPER, who was waiting for you. Kill 2 more SNIPERS in the hallway, turn right past the door (we'll get here later) & enter the last opening at left, go straight & climb up the ladder. Drop down to a ledge on the right, continue forward & turn right at the end. You can see another room just ahead of you, but the passage linking these 2 rooms is a trap. Pull out your pistols & shoot the TNT Barrel in the second room, this will burn the control panel on the opposite side causing it to burst, this will deactivate the trap. Now go to the opposite side & pick up the LASERSIGHT & activate the Jump Switch at the end. From here jump to one of the ledges down & from there to the ground.

Now at the exit turn left to find the door open. Open a door on your right to enter a library, pick up the CROWBAR there in the slightly dark Northwest corner. Now return to the hallway & go straight at the turn, go right & open the door. Climb up the stairs & kill the SNIPER that enters. Climb up till the end & pick up the REVOLVER from there. Now return halfway downstairs & open the door. Turn left & go into the opening, use the crowbar to open the door, go inside & activate the LEVER there. Return to the hallway & go right, at the turn you will activate a SNIPER, donét chase him instead kill him immediately. This guy will run towards a control panel & activate it, doing so he activates a burning floor in one of the rooms.

Pick up a SMALL-MEDPACK in the alcove near the panel. Now return in the hallway & go inside the first opening at left. Activate the jump switch there, the lighting of room changes from red to green, this opens an entrance in the ceiling of hallway. Return to hallway, climb the box & up in the dark crawlspace. Crawl all the way & drop down into the room below at the end.

Now there are 2 ways:
If you have killed the SNIPER after activating the switch, then the room will be dark & the floor in this room will be a burning trap. If so, then jump to the other control panel to your left. From here Monkey Swing to the third control panel & activate the jump switch there to deactivate the burning floor, the lightening of the room returns.
If you had killed the SNIPER before activating the switch the room will be lit & without the burning traps.

Open the door with the help of Crowbar, climb down a ladder & get inside the opening. Crawl inside. Continue until you reach the flame traps, jump over the first flame trap. At the second flame trap, grab the monkey Swing & swing to the other side. Continue till the end; at the end you can see a chopper & a TNT can besides it through a crack. Combine the REVOLVER & LASERSIGHT; blast the TNT can & run from here. A blast will take place blasting the chopper. Return all the way to the hallway, through the room & the crawlspace. Now go downstairs; you'll find that all the glasses here have shattered continue through them into an open area. Now open a door in the west wall & then another; now return to the open area.

Now climb up the blocks in the Southwest corner & jump to a ledge on left, from here do a running jump to another ledge & from there jump to the crawlspace ahead while pressing ACTION. Crawl all the way into a room with a LEVER. Activate the LEVER & kill both the SNIPERS that attack you. Crawl again through the crawlspace & drop down into the open area. Go through the shattered glass into the hallway & from there through the first open door & then through another. In the next area you can observe that the black gate has opened, go in & climb on the BIKE. Ride the BIKE all the way into the open area & then through the 2 Doors you opened there & then up the slope to end the level.

Congratulations you have successfully escaped from the Gamespy Headquarters