Multiple Rescue

Level by Marcos Gustavo Mensa

Walkthrough by Yoav

First Rescue.... Luli, the Beautiful Fairy

Start after a short movie. Head west, follow the grate floor and enter the right big opening into a short passage and climb into an alcove for 1xblood of dragon. Follow out and enter the next big opening, deal with devil women and get the Secret Key from her. Look for closed gate and receptacle from the left side. However, follow the east passage to the end and use there the key you have. Go through the opening gate and follow the ledge east to the end, then turn south and climb into an alcove for more blood of dragon. Follow the ledge north and get flares next to the skeleton.

Now from where you are standing take a jump to the north-west lower window and enter a Secret room. Kill the dog and get from the skeleton Examine. Jump back to the ledge you came from and take a simple jump forward to the floor below. Go north into the dark tunnel, light a flare and at the end climb the left alcove for extra blood of dragon. Return and go south, get from the skeleton Uzis and clips. Go a little bit further and look for chain, jump/grab it and swing into the south alcove, throw there the switch. Now turn around and stand facing north-east, take a jump and grab the ledge above. Pull up and look for opening gate in the south wall, you can take from there a Gem of Devil.

Return back to where you saw an earlier receptacle and use there the gem you have. Go through the opening gate and go up the stairs. Enter the east opening and you see a poor soldier without a head (I think his head is burning on the stick) so all you can do is turn off the fire by throwing the south switch. Leave this evil place and enter the next east opening, kill the dog and get close to the east bars, you see something even more evil like a demon hammer hitting some poor.

Well, turn and head north-west, climb an alcove and get blood of dragon, then go out and head over the south-west opening. Run up the stairs and at the top kill the devil woman, notice she drops a Secret Key.

Before you use the key, enter the east alcove and push the wall once forward. In the next alcove climb the ladder through the trapdoor you opened and look for a switch on the south wall. Throw it and drop through the next opening trapdoor and follow into a Secret room. Draw your pistols and step onto the slightly raised square and the gate on the top of the slope opens. Shoot the pedestal and pick up the Examine from the floor, then read it and you may look on the old black demon. Pull back the switch in the south wall and drop back to the place you came from, then head north over the keyhole.

Use the secret key in the keyhole to open the gate and climb the north alcove for more blood of dragon. Go east and stand facing the deep pit, jump up, grab the grate and climb a little, then do a backflip into the back alcove. By throwing there the switch you cause an earthquake that will open a gate you see soon and you slide down into the pit, so quickly grab the edge, shimmy and climb out from there. Go east, look for the gate you opened but this is for later. However, go over to the next opening and run/jump/grab the chain, swing and land onto the north ledge and jump to the left ledge.

By approaching, the north gate will open. Pass the demon (This demon is immortal, but he is blind) who walks on the ledge and makes your life hard, and run/jump across the gap. Take from the pedestal Gem of Devil, then throw the switch and go through the opening gate. Reach the next gate and crawl under, follow the ledge and another demon shows up. Run over the second skeleton and get the Crowbar. Go back and climb the east block, use the crowbar to pry two Small Suns from the grate wall. Back to the gate you crawled under and climb into the east alcove, do a monkeyswing west over the first ledge with the demon. Safety drop down and look for a crack in the west wall. Run/jump/grab the crack and shimmy left until you can pull up, then go through the gate you opened earlier.

Place the gem you have in the receptacle at the west wall and open the nearby gate. Ahead are three column with a burning bowl. Reach the third column and take an angled jump into the south-west opening. Follow up the passage, look for demon head in the left and another way from the right. However, keep a little bit forward and stand above the lava hole. Carefully jump into the opening with the bowl, then push forward the south wall and pull there a chain to cancel the hanging blade ball. Now you can easily jump to the north-east opening and press the switch in the north wall. Get a screenie of the demon head emitting something. Get back over there and pick up the Secret Key. Go west and turn to the north passage, pass on a closed gate and reach the end.

Next to the grate push the wall inside and pull there a chain. Go back where you passed the gate (it's open now) and enter inside. Shoot the object on the west wall to open another gate. Turn around and enter the east alcove, climb the north opening and find the gate you just opened. Pull there another chain and once again you open another gate. Back to the end of the passage and take an angled jump to the third column. Take a jump north, grab the ledge and pull up, go through the opening gate and follow into the north-east passage, behind the glass you see the fairy and she tells you she's going to help. Turn around and go to the west passage to reach a row of pedestals. Ignore the object you see on the eight pedestal, you can't pick it up. However, stand facing to the third counting from the beginning) pedestal and take from there an invisible Magic Sphere.

Jump back to the third column and like you did before take an angled jump back into the south-west opening. Take the west passage in front of the demon head but this time go the end and use the secret key you have on the north wall. Follow outside, go over the skeleton and get flares, then proceed south-west and take more flares from the second skeleton. Now head to the north wall and put the magic sphere in the hand, then go through the opening gate. Climb the block and get on your knees to take the Magic Moon. Make your way back to the three row columns and reach the exit (east) opening.

Use the magic moon in the north wall and enter the next room. Look to your left, there's a demon head (wondering what he will emit, well, wait and see) and keep over the burning bowl. Take a running jump above the bowl and into the north wall. While you hear the clock, run over the pointers and stand between them and place each of a small sun in the pointer and watch the flyby showing you the fairy is free. Return to the first room and go the demon head, he will emit a Secret Key. Return to the row columns and guess who is waiting for you! Yes, the fairy! From the middle column jump south and climb the ledge, use the key and open the gate.

Run up the stairs, cross the next room and follow a short passage, but look for a bull head (jumpswitch) in the east wall. Pull it down and the west door in the cave is open. Go through there and reach the end of the next room, throw there a switch on the west wall that opens a trapdoor in a cave. Now you can't take the short way back to the cave because the black demon blocks your way. So simply climb the north opening gate and follow the tunnel back to the cave. The fairy is waiting for you and together you drop into the opening hole, the first rescue is done.

Next Rescue... A Baby Dragon

Follow the tunnel to the end and you reach a dead-end cave. Return back and go up the south tunnel you just passed, to your right there is a keyhole and a closed gate, keep going a little bit further and enter a room full of skeletons holding swords. Well, not all of them. Look carefully at two skeletons, one in the south-west and the second in the south-east, each of them holds a Secret Key. Get both keys and turn west, shoot a breakable ball and climb the block. Look for a jumpswitch on the west wall, pull it down and follow out of this room.

Go to the west tunnel and enter a place with cells. The first cell is empty but in the next cell you find flares. Open the third cell with the key, inside there's some black creature and if you shoot him you are in big trouble, so just leave it and enter the fourth cell for flares. Proceed west to a new cell but watch for a skeleton. Quickly run into the first cell and pick up the crossbow with 15xcrossbow explosive ammo (it took me 10 shots to blow up the skeleton). Pass the next cell as it's empty and use the second key you have to open the third cell. Great, the baby dragon is free. Now you enter the cell and pull down a jumpswitch on the south wall to open a gate somewhere.

Exit the cell and go north where the skeleton is standing and throw a switch behind to turn off the burning skeleton, then go back to the earlier skeletons room. Climb the east block and get from the skeleton an extra Secret Key. Go out of this room and head over to the keyhole you saw earlier, use it to open the next gate and climb up the wall. At the top go east through the gate you opened and enter the south room. Follow the next cave with a number of skeletons around, search one with a Torch stuck in his ass!! oops, sorry. Hmm, well, take the torch and light it at the skeleton in the room you entered. Go up the next stairs and you are under aggression of flying skulls. The north way leads you into a
dead-end cave, so simply keep east and climb the block, light the torch in the skeleton's hand and the next gate is open.

Take a running jump across the deep hole and enter east, slide down the slope and climb the north window, get explain title for the flyby; Mission done. The baby dragon is with his mother again. Facing north, shoot the wooden, get a short flyby showing you a deep hole ahead, then run and jump/grab the opening. Pull up and slide down the slope, take a banana jump to the left sloped wall, jump forward, backflip and slide again the sloped wall, this time take a banana jump left and land on a safe ledge. Light a flare and look for a crack in the north wall. Run/jump/grab it and shimmy left until you can pull into a crawlspace, shoot there on the wooden and drop into the next room.

Head west and shoot the burning vase, climb the block and pick up the Double Cross, back to the room and get from the south statue the Torch. Light it and climb the east block to burn the bowl. Back to the ledge outside and follow up the west slope and pass the door you just opened, the second rescue is done.

Next Rescue... the Wiwi's Son

Go up the stairs and enter the west room, get from the middle skeleton aFlying Skull. Go south and enter the main room. Jump over the skeletons and place the skull from the south side to get a flyby. Now you can grab the chain and pull up into the room above. In the room jump into the west alcove and put the double cross in the hole. Go through the east door you opened. While you slide down a flyby will show you some monster trying to hurt Wiwi. Head south and enter a dark room, climb thealcove for blood of dragon. Get out and follow north along the walls to reach a closed gate and keyhole. Since you do not have a key, climb the wall and slide down where the monster is hitting on Wiwi.

Kill the monster, then jump the north opening and get shotgun with ammo while three devils opening the gate from the other side and enter. Deal with them and get the Gem of Devil. Head over to the north door and use the gem to open it, then run up the stairs, at the end drop down and you're back with Wiwi in the main room. Get out from the room and head north, kill a naked woman and get the Magic Sphere she'll drop. Back to the main room and reach the west gate, put the magic sphere in the hand and follow outside. By running over toward the horizon your rescue mission is completed.