The Curious Ventures Of Larson 1 - Yestermorrow

Levels by Benjamin George White (July, 2008)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] For me, this level crashed using the regular tomb4.exe file. I used the tomb4.exe, bass.dll, and Tomb_Nextgeneration.dll files from the Baptism of Fire 3: The Serpent Temple custom level. With these files, I could play the levels with no crashes and could save games and reload with no problems. I do not know why. [End note]

Level 1

The level starts with a long flyby of an airplane. Eventually the level starts. You are playing as Larsen and you are standing in a pool of water. Run east into the gap in the fence. You see a castle with a water pool in front of it. Go south-east to find two trees. Go between the trees and go south down a slope. Follow the valley to a large area and see a castle. Run to the south-east corner of the area and get into the water. Swim south under the wall and pull up into another large area. Go south and find a tower. Climb the colorful section of the east wall of the tower to get onto the roof. Pick up the red key (called load) and climb down again. Go to the front of the tower and use the key to open the gate. Enter the tower and pick up a hard-to-see jewel on the floor. The jewel is on the floor in front of the wall torch on the east wall. Exit the tower and go north. Return back to the area of the two trees.

Run east and down some steps to a river. The river has a deadly sink that will suck you down. Run and jump from the wooden dock onto a rock. Then run and jump to the east shore. Run south to the south wall. Go behind a tree and pick up a cross (call load). Jump over the river again and return to the two trees area.

Go north through the water and see a closed trap door in the water pool. Go to the north wall. Use the cross in the receptacle to open the gate. Enter and run north to the end. Place the jewel in the crown. Return and see that the trap door is open. Enter the trap door and swim east. Pull up to the north between two tall walls. Run north to the tree and the level changes.

Level 2

The level starts with a flyby of a grandfather clock and a misshapen tree with a pit in front of it. Eventually, you start as Larsen in the pit and facing a slope. Turn around and follow the corridor. Just follow the corridor to a closed gate and a red key lock. Go south and follow a tunnel to a tall room. Ignore the water hole and run up the wooden ramps and climb the wall ladder. Back flip onto a floor grate. Go to the south-east corner and follow the tunnel to the east. You enter a room and see water at the north wall. Pull down the wall switch on the column and the water drains away. Actually you could just fall through. There is no water to actually swim in.

Safety drop to the floor. Go south around the gray structure and look east to see a moveable block. Pull out the block from the wall and move it to one side. Enter the next room and see a closed door in the south wall. There are two gray structures to the east. Pull up onto the south side of the left structure. Pull up, back flip, roll, and grab the gray structure to the south. Run and jump to grab the gray structure to the west. Pull up and then pull up onto the higher gray structure at the west wall. Go north to the end and pull up onto the floor grate above you. Pull down the wall switch on the structure in the middle. Return to the room below and notice that the south wall door is open.

Enter the open door and follow the tunnel to a water hole. Dive in and the current carries you to the south. You fall off the end and into a water pool. Pull up onto the south ledge. Jump onto the ledge to the east and climb the wall ladder. Go to the back wall of the ledge and pick up a red key (called load). Dive into the water and swim into the underwater tunnel to the west. The current carries you to a hole in the ceiling. Swim up the vertical shaft and surface in the room with the wooden ramps. Run down the north tunnel.

Use the key in the key lock to open the gates. Enter the gates and safety drop into the pit. Go to the north-east corner and pick up flares. Go to the south-east corner and climb the wall ladder. Return to the entrance and run over the bridge. Follow the corridor to the west and shoot a woman. She said something on dying but I could not understand it. Continue west to a bridge over a water pool. Dive into the water and swim south. Swim near the right side wall to avoid falling ceiling pieces. Pull up into a room with a large structure. Pull up to the east side of the structure. Pull up, back flip, roll, and grab the edge of a tunnel. Run to the end of the tunnel and pick up a red key (called load). Get out and swim back to the bridge again.

Pull up on the west ledge. Use the key in the key lock to open the gates. Enter the gates and slide down the slopes. You land in a room with a shiny floor. Go west and climb the column. Grab the south arch and shimmy to the left. Pull up into the middle. Pull up into a south tunnel. Go to the end and enter a room. Shoot a wolf in a red suit near the north-west corner. This enemy was explained in the story file. Go to the south-east and pick up a green bar (called load) from the floor. Exit the room back onto the arch. Safety drop to the floor and continue west.

Descend a few steps and drop into a hole on the right side and pick up flares. Pull up and continue west to the floor. Shoot a wolf that wants to be your friend. Go behind the middle south column and pull down a wall switch. Go north-east and get onto the ledge with a torch. Run and jump west to the middle ledge. Go north through the open door. Run up the steps and read the note on the wall about using flares. Go east and shoot another wolf. Go south to the top of the steps and light a flare. Stand jump south onto the invisible platform made visible by the flare. You can also use binoculars to see the platforms.

Run and jump to the south-east to land on another invisible platform. Run and jump to the south-west to land on a platform. Wait while some ceiling pieces fall in front of you. Run and jump to the west onto a platform. There is another invisible platform in front of the west ledge. However, you can just run and jump to grab the ledge and pull up. Follow the tunnel west to a T-junction.

You can go south down the slope and fall into a hole. You slide down many slides and stop at a wall ladder. Climb the wall ladder and pick up flares. Run off the ledge to towards the north-west and land on a ledge. If you miss it, you slide down again to the wall ladder. Go north to the T-junction. Continue north up the slope and place the green bar in the head of the wolf on the north wall. The door opens near you in the west wall. Enter the door and run west. You get a flyby of a path and a grandfather clock as the level ends.