The Curious Ventures Of Larson 2 - Forest Tick Tock

Level by Benjamin George White (July, 2008)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level would always freeze my PC when I tried to save a game. My work around procedure was as follows:
- Delete the english.dat file.
- Copy the italian.dat and script.dat files from the author's earlier level of Yestermorrow.
- Rename data\forest.tr4 to data\settomb.tr4.
Then start a new game and saving/loading was possible. Of course, this means that the items and level name are different but the level was playable for me. [End note]


Forest Tick Tock (Caricamento)


The level starts with a cut scene of a four-engine plane with only one engine working. Of course it crashes. You play as Larsen again. You start standing in front of the crashed plane. Watch out for the fire and the propellers and go north. Enter a small valley and stand jump up the slopes to proceed. Go east to jump onto a hill to pick up Uzi's. Hop down and continue north to shoot chickens. Go slow and only a few chickens appear at a time. If you run to the back of the valley an entire flock of fifteen chickens attack you at once. Run to the back and jump onto a rock. Pull up onto a rock and pick up a blue bar. Go south and shoot a mercenary who says "don't ever leave me". Exit the valley back to the forest and go west.


Stand jump the rocks in the north-west corner to reach a high plateau. Pick up a large medipack and slide down back to the forest. You will see one of many grandfather clocks in the forest trees. Go west and look for a tunnel in the north wall. Run to the end and save the game. Stand jump down onto the tree branch. Quickly do two side jumps to the right to land on a tree branch and avoid two rolling balls. Go west and run and jump onto south-west tree branch to avoid a rolling ball. Side jump to the right to get behind the earlier ball to avoid another rolling ball. Stand jump south onto tree branches and back flip to release more rolling balls one at a time.  Then stand jump onto a slope and jump to the south to land beside a grandfather clock. Pick up a green bar from the ground. Pull up to a ledge above your head and run and jump down to the tree branch at the entrance. Climb the wall and run back down the tunnel to the forest.


Go south and see another tunnel. First jump up the slopes to reach the tree in the upper south-west corner. Go behind the tree and pick up a small medipack. Slide down to the forest and enter the south tunnel. Continue to the end and reach an open area with a tall tower. Go to the north-west corner for Uzi ammo. Go south behind the red steps to find a large medipack. Go west into an entranceway and shoot a chicken. Go to the right wolf head receptacle and pick up Uzi ammo and place the blue bar. Go to the left wolf head receptacle and place the green bar. The door opens in the building in front of you.


Enter the door and stand on the moving walkway. It carries you down the tunnel. You enter a room with a lava pit and three breakable tiles. Go to the middle of the west wall and pick up a large medipack off the ground. Save the game before you continue. Do not break all the tiles. Go north and stand on the highest bump in the floor. Run and jump to grab the middle breakable tile. Pull up and run and jump to the north-west to land on the ledge with the grandfather clock. Pull down the wall switch. You have a choice.


Choice 1: Stand on the fan in the lava. Jump up and you jump higher than usual. Grab the bridge section above you. Run and jump east to grab the next bridge section. Run and jump to the south to land in front of the open gate.


Choice 2: If the fan does not work, try this method. Stand beside the grandfather clock. Stand jump onto a remaining breakable tile. Run and jump with no grab to land on the south ledge. Go east to the open gate.


Enter the doorway and turn to the right to pick up a large medipack off the corner floor. Go east through a long tunnel. You enter an open area with structures. Shoot a mercenary and go north to a water pool. Go south-east and have a firefight with seven mercenaries. When you are done, go to the south-east tree and pull down a jump switch. You get a cut scene of the trap door opening in the water pool. Go there and dive into the water. The water current carries you to the east. Swim south into a lower crawl space. Pull up into a cave. Pull down the wall switch on the south wall. You get a cut scene of a trap door dropping. To the left of the wall switch is the lost ark. Go to the south-east corner and dive into the water hole. Follow the tunnel to a flooded room. Swim to the middle of the east wall and pull down the underwater lever. Swim to the middle of the south wall to surface in the open trap door.


Pull up and go up the red steps. Pull up through the open trap door. Go west and run and jump to the north to grab a ledge on the tall tower. Pull up and stand jump to grab the block to the east. Pull up onto a higher south ledge. Pull up to the top of the tall tower. Pick up the cross off the ground near the grandfather clock. Go down the ledges in reverse order to reach the ground. Or just safety drop off the south side to land in the water hole below you. Go north and return to the forest.


Go to the north-east to the big tree in the middle of the forest. Place the cross in the receptacle to open the gate. Climb the north wall ladder to about the middle and back flip onto a tree branch. Drop onto a lower south tree branch. Jump the branches in a general north-east direction. You should see a grandfather clock on the east side of a tree. On the west side of the same tree pick up the green key off the tree branch.


Safety drop to the ground. Go to the south-west and enter the tunnel to the south. Enter the area with the tall tower again. Go west and ride the moving walkway to the lava pit room. Loop around to the right and enter the open gate again. Go through the tunnel back to the area with the structures. Go north-east and over the railway track. Go to the east side of a box that you find there. Place the green key and the level ends.