John's Level

Level By John F. Jones

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: You need the original Script.dat and English.dat files from your LE disk, as they are not included in the zip file.

You begin in a room with waterfalls, nothing in the pool except for a closed door. Climb up the wall between the waterfalls and press on the face tile, it opens the underwater door, take a swim in the canal and get out of the water at next room.

You can go to opening room from the right side but leave it a while, instead go toward the closed stone door. When you step on the tile it will open the door, enter the large room and take a look around. The idea is to push/pull the movable pillar to other side of the room and place it onto the tile there, but before that you need to raise two blocks. Look at the middle room for hole, get down to the room below. There's closed door and four half blocks, only two of them effective; when you step onto one of them, screenshot will show which block raises up. When you place the pillar onto the tile, flyby will show you the room becoming full of water and it opens the door, go to the room, swim and pick up the Gem #1.

Get out of the large room and go toward the next opening room, look for high opening in the ceiling, proceed to the next room and climb onto the rocks to room above. Place the gem and the rooms below will be full of water, take a swim to first room with the opening and get out of the water, turn and slide down and jump over the hole with the spikes. In the room from your right side there's two more rooms with Gem receptacles; take the left side, step onto the tile, it will open the door, follow the next room and you hear the door closing behind you.

In the large orange room pick up the Gem #2, look your left side for closed door, now go forward to the short corridor, jump over the hole but stop before you step onto the half block, wait until the spike trap will show up then pull the lever. Go through the open door, follow upstairs and go to the opening. Start a monkeyswing toward the open door at left side, jump over the hole and press on the face tile, it opens door at the other side. Monkeyswing back to the start and keep toward the open door, follow the way and find opening in the floor, fall down and you're back in the room where you've already been.

Go toward the next room, jump over the canal with the spikes and a closed door, now place the Gem, it will fill the canal with water and open the door, get in the canal and take a swim to the end.

Short and easy level, writing this walkthrough was just for fun. Yoav