Myths - Part 1

Level by Philip Reinking

Walkthrough by Josť


Advance and when you reach the cross turn right (E), go down the cave and shoot the box in the NE corner to get a Key called "Load". Go back to the courtyard and this time go W, climbing the rocks jumping from its left side, into the opening and jump back to avoid the rolling ball. Go up the stairs and pull the switch at the end to open the door in the courtyard. Go back there and enter. Go right to see a flyby of the monster. Shoot the central grate and land on the small ledge outside. You could use the pole to your left to reach the N bridge, but you first need to do some tasks in the lake below, so jump directly into the lake. There's a croc there, nothing to pick up and you can't climb any ledge, so dive quickly through the W underwater opening. At half way you find an opening in the floor, dive there and pull an underwater switch in the grey block at the bottom; dive back the way you came, through the opening you've entered and continue N through the passage till you can take a breath at the other side of the wooden bridge. You can climb out of the water now in the NE corner and shoot the croc if you want. You can jump to the bridge from here, but there's nothing over it and if you try to jump on the grassy mounds in the ends, you'll die, so go N, grab the green vines in the E wall and climb to the top.


Turn around and jump W under the arch. Turn left and go S to the end of the wide stone bridge, shoot the vulture (hard to kill), climb the W ledge and take a look SW to spot a fountain in the distance. Look down and use the ledges you can see to reach the platform with the fountain (running jump or jump back with roll) to get SECRET #1: a Silver Dragon. Unfortunately, I couldn't go back from here to the stone bridge, so I had to take a running jump with grab E to land in the lake and follow again the route through the underwater tunnel and the vines to return to the stone bridge.


On the N side of the bridge there are three doors in the dark. One of them is opened (when you pulled the underwater switch before). Use your key in the keyhole to open the metal door to its right. But don't go there yet. Turn right and climb the W ledges to find a switch in the NW corner. Pull it and return to the place with the three doors and continue E, jumping over the gap to the place where the vines are. To your left there is an opened door; pull the switch inside to open the last of the three doors on the N side of the stone bridge. If you follow the E corridor you can pick up a small medipack at the end. Return to the bridge and in the right hand door pick up SECRET #2: another Silver Dragon. Enter now through the opened metal door in the middle. In this small room use the binoculars to discover a broken part of the wall in the SW corner; go there and press "Ctrl" to clear the way. Go into the crawlspace and at the end use "Ctrl" again to open the double doors. In the new room shoot the bat, move the skeleton to get a small medipack and open the trapdoor. Safety drop to the floor below.


Go E, use the ledges between the pillars to jump diagonally N-S and get to the other side of the lava pit. Jump the E ledge and use the timed switch to raise a block behind you; quickly use it to reach the top of the pillar next to it. Take a running jump to the S pillar and use the E horizontal pole to reach the E ledge. Drop, grab the edge and shimmy left under the moveable cage; pull it once to clear the way, drop, grab the edge and shimmy right to the other side. In this new lava room I approached to the very NE corner of the entrance ledge, took a jump back and a running jump to the corner of the ledge next to the N wall (it's very hard and it can take you many tries because Lara must be perfectly aligned to 45 degrees and jump in the very last moment), avoiding the fire emitter. Then a running jump to the next ledge and climb the ladder on the E pillar. Go N and use the ledges around the room to reach the high opening in the SW corner. Here, jump to the ledge over the lava and use the pole to reach the other side. Don't try to grab the S ladder!!! I think it's impossible. Jump to the pole and immediately press the right arrow key to turn right in the air and land in the right side niche (in the left niche is a blade and you'll die). At long last, pull the lever to open a far door somewhere.


Climb the central ladder to the top; using the up arrow Lara shall grab the monkeyswing. Go N and drop onto the small ledge over the lava; from here, make your way to the big lava room below. Take a running jump to the ledge next to the S wall and from here another very hard running jump from the NW corner to the entrance ledge like I explained before. Go out of this infernal room and drop to the ground floor. Now you can cross the small lava room like you did before or use the timed block to reach the top of the pillars and jump easily. Once on the other side continue W till you see a blade and a small pit behind it. This is another very tricky task you must suffer. First approach the blade to activate it and step over the tile under the blade to activate some spikes in the pit. I found two ways to do this task:

- The easy way is to time the spikes and when they are down, take a running jump over the blade (the spikes must be up now) and quickly another jump to land over the most left side of the tile with the second blade (you're sure here and you can save your game 'cause the blade can't reach you).

- The hard way is to position Lara left of the blade and some steps back (you need to do the last step of the jump near the edge of the pit to reach the horizontal pole), time the spikes like before, take a running jump N-NE trying to avoid the blade, turn a bit left in the air to grab the pole and jump with a hard left turn in midair to land in the most left side of the tile with the second blade.

I did it both ways, so it's possible. Once on the other side, slide to the next pit, timing the spikes, and jump to the safe ledge. There's a way in the SW corner (if you chose this path first and found all doors closed), for you to go back to the E path with the small lava room. Anyway, go through the N corridor to a small room with three passages. The E passage has the door opened (thanks to your hard work!), so go there.


In this outside area go to the very end, climb the wooden box and jump onto the E ledge. Go right, see the flyby and shoot the box to get SECRET #3: another Silver Dragon. Return W to the zone where you entered this outside area and look for the green vines in the S wall. Climb to the top and go around W, N and E a bit. Turn right and use the binoculars (where are the flares when you need them?) to look for an opening down the ledge, in the S wall. From the edge, take a step back and a standing jump with grab to go in. Pull the switch at the end to open a door in the three-corridors place (at last a camera shot!). Go there and enter a new outside area.


Here the water is deadly. Use the horizontal pole to reach the first pillar and a running jump to the second pillar. Turn right and take another running jump to the space between the E pillars and use the crack in the broken pillar to get the other side with the start of the horizontal pole. Here there is another very tricky task (one more?). Walk over the pole approaching as near as you can to the hammers; when you are very, very near (it's difficult to situate Lara just in the limit 'cause she can do less or more steps each time) press "Alt" + up arrow and Lara shall do an acrobatic leap over the pole to get to the other side of the hammers. The trick here is that Lara can even approach too much and you can time her steps so she is touched a bit by the hammers, losing some health and positioning herself a bit to her left like she stands out of the rope (but without falling), then when the hammers are going up, press the keys so Lara jumps out of the reach of the hammers, but still a bit left from the rope so she can't walk, in this moment you can press the F5 key to save the game and when you reload she can walk again and continue to the end.


In the next room, the game goes into slow motion when the hammer starts, so it's difficult to time the sequences (you've been warned). Climb the ladder and take a running jump to the W pillar; a standing jump to the next safe ledge passing the hammers; time the spikes and the fire emitter to take a running jump to the next ledges, but don't stop (more spikes); run like a fool near the left border and at the end do a right curve with a running jump to grab the horizontal pole, jump and grab the edge of the next (this time safe) pillar N. From here, shoot the NE grate to clear the way and take a couple of running jumps (from the very SW corner of this pillar and timing the spikes in the second pillar, of course) with grab at the end to land into the opening.


Now the slow motion disappears. Continue through the corridors to the end, drop, grab the edge and shimmy left till you can stand up. Now a standing jump to the next S pillar and turn left. Jump to the black E ledge over the hammers and pull the switch to open the last door of this level. Return to the pillar you came from and use the rest of the pillars, jumping with grab if necessary, and shimmy in the cracks till you get the S side of this room and can drop near the entrance. Go through the S corridor to the crossing and enter into the W corridor and through the opened door to finally see the monster and finish this hard level.