Level by Jirka008

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start after the flyby ends. You are in a small desert area with a few columns. Head over to the north-west dune and run/jump/grab the north column, proceed and run/jump over the south, then the west sloped column and grab it, slide/jump forward and land on the S column. Jump to the next and reach the east alcove. Pull there a lever and drop to the ground, head north and find a raised block next to the column. Climb to the top and run/jump into the north opening. Follow the passage to the end. On the left is a closed gate, so safety drop onto a block in the lava pit. Start crossing the lava pit by jumping the next two blocks and climb into a short passage, pull there another lever to open the gate you just saw. Also notice the blocks rising to help you back across the lava pit and reach the opened gate.

Slide down the slope and you come to a waterfall place. Nothing iteresting here, so jump into the water and pick up the Shotgun+ammo, then swim north and climb into the waterfall, reach a shallow water pool with two climbable columns. Climb the first one and move twice to the right, do a backflip, grab the second column and once again backflip into the south opening. Go to the end of the passage, facing south, and run/jump over the ledge, keep proceeding by running/jumping the two west ledges and the next two north ledges. Then climb up the dune and reach a pool at the top of a waterfall. Jump into the water and swim into the east tunnel and take a long swim to the end, you have plenty of time to pick up the Bridge Key. Roll, swim back to the pool and climb out, reach the far keyhole at the south wall by jumping the next two ledges.

Open the gate with the key you have and follow the path until you reach a bridge above a lake. On both sides of the bridge there's a closed gate but this is for later. Head over to the east building, enter and take the Torch from the pedestal and later light it at the burning can. Keep proceeding to the east ledge and take a running/jump over the south ledge and next to the east ledge. Follow up the short passage and you'll trigger a rolling boulder, so quickly run to the right and let it pass you, but it's not the end as you trigger one more rolling boulder from the west passage. Now go west and look for a closed gate you'll open later, then run down the passage and jump over to the small ledge, keep jumping south and enter a room with another closed gate. Proceed inside the room and you are attacked by two skeletons, quickly jump east over the gap and light the three cans. Now drop the torch in a safe place (as you're going to use it later) and jump to the bottom of the gap. Pick up flares, a medipack and revolver ammo. Climb out and go to the exit room. The gate is open, so enter the alcove and get from the pedestal the Gate Key, then make your way back to the bridge outside.

From the bridge take a running jump to the south column and another jump east, use the key and open the gate. Kill two blue ninjas, one of them will drop Uzis, then head south-west and climb the block. Facing east, run/jump over the block and grab the crack, move twice left and do a backflip to grab the next ledge. Use the monkeyswing and drop onto the north block and jump to the next one. Turn to face south, jump/grab the ledge and pull up, go a little bit forward and crawl into the east opening. Turn around and climb down to the bottom to reach a Secret place, shoot the boxes on both sides and get Revolver+ammo and uzi clips. Climb back and take a running jump to the west ledge, take another one and keep with full energy north to run/jump over the next two ledges. Climb up the higher ledge right above Lara's head and pick up shotgun ammo. While a skeleton attacks you run/jump to the center ledge and take the Golden Puzzle. Now run/jump to the south ledge and enter the room, shoot the box for shotgun ammo then pull the lever to open a gate. Go back to the ledge where you climbed here and drop down, take a jump east and climb the block. Enter through the gate you opened and deal with two red ninjas, then go around the wall and shoot on the boxes, pick up the Golden Key and return to the bridge.

Drop/grab the edge and shimmy left, climb up and go to the gate, use the key and open it. Enter a place with a pool and two buildings, but first kill two blue ninjas. Get the Lasersight and revolver ammo they drop and load up your revolver and combine it with lasersight. Look for boxes in the pool, shoot them and jump into the pool, get the Crowbar. Pull out and head over the east gate, open it with the crowbar, enter a Secret room full of boxes. Shoot them and pick up revolver ammo, shotgun ammo and uzi clips for your prize. Now go to the next gate at the east and use the golden puzzle to open it. Enter the room and pck up extra shotgun ammo+ two medipacks, then pull the lever to open the north gate. Go over there and slide down a dune to a small desert place, kill three red ninjas and get the Torch Room Key one of them will drop. Climb the north wall, kill another ninja and follow the east passage to the end.

Light a flare (this is a very dark place) and drop onto a ledge, from here you have to jump from ledge to ledge and reach a keyhole at the west wall. Use the key you have and open an earlier gate from the other side, leading you back to an earlier room where you dropped the torch. Pick it up and return, jump east and enter a room with a center pedestal and several cans, you might feel the floor wavy. Well, wavy or not, light only the cans with a yellow tile and the first Blue Crystal will appear on the pedestal. Pick it up and don't forget to take the torch, follow out through the east opening door and when you reach the second stairs a block will raise up and you watch a flyby. Proceed forward and look for a closed gate, then drop the torch before you enter the north room.

Enter a room with several holes where each hole has oil, go a little bit north at one of the holes and you find the second Blue Crystal. Now go and pick up the torch back inside the room and climb the west sloped block, light the line and wait for the flames get to the hole and burn all the holes around. It also raises a block at the north gray hill, but you cannot see it from here. Once again drop the torch in a safe place and head over to the south-east block and climb onto it. Facing north, run/jump the next two ledges, turn to face west and jump onto the hill, proceed running/jumping over the next ledge and keep with full momentum south, pass the next two ledges and do the last jump over the east ledge. Go and pull the lever to lower the block next to the stairs, but don't go over there.

However, turn to face north, run/jump/grab the half column hanging from the ceiling and move once to the right, do a backflip, grab the next column and move twice to the right. Once again do a backflip, this time grab the high crawlspace and crawl outside to a place with gray walls and shallow water at the middle. Jump over the south path and go west, climb the block and next jump up to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right until the end of the crack and drop onto a block, run/jump to the east wall, grab the crack and keep shimmying to the end of the next crack, drop again onto a block. Run/jump over the south wall and once again grab the crack and shimmy right until you're able to crawl inside an alcove and find there the third Blue Crystal. Go back to the crawlspace and crawl back to the room you came from, safety drop onto a block and jump to the ground. Pick up the torch (you do remember where you dropped it?) and go back to the stairs. Climb the block and light the line, then wait for the flames to do their job by lighting the oil and opening for you the gate.

Enter the room and cross it east, drop down and follow to the next room with deadly water, black/white ledges and three skeleton jumping free. Notice you have to jump only on the white ledges and reach the south ledge where the fourth skeleton lies, and crawl into a crawlspace. Pull there a lever to open an east gate you probably saw, and make your way over there. Enter the next room and get welcomed by a fifth skeleton, proceed over the west wall and find there three receptacles for your blue crystals. Place them and the east gate is open, climb up the stairs, head over to the pedestal and take the Hand of Sirius. Now go to the north-west corner and crawl into a crawlspace, then climb up to the higher balcony, move over the south boxes and shoot them for a Secret, pick up uzi clips, medipack and shotgun ammo. Safety drop to the ground and head west, pull the lever and the wooden trapdoor is open.

Drop into an underground passage, go the end and climb down to a lava room. Run/jump to the north block, climb the east block and run/jump to the east ledge. Run/jump to the north ledge and keep to the west ledges until the final ledge, then a simple jump to the south ledge and reach a receptacle. Place the Hand of Sirius and get a screenie of an opening gate. Make your way back to the ground above and follow the north open gate. Drop directly into a pool, climb out and kill three red ninjas. It seems that there is a bug here, as the screen sometimes lacks of textures. Well, climb the north rocky and pull there a lever, then head to the east and climb up the opened gate. Go a little bit forward and drop to a place with a palm tree and shallow water pool, head to the north wall and jump up, grab the crack. Shimmy right until you're able to climb up and pull there a lever. Safety drop to the ground and follow the north opened gate to finish this level.