Lost City Of Delsaracary

Level by David Weingartner

Walkthrough by Josť


First, turn around and notice the keyhole at your back (you'll be back here later). Run straight ahead to the pool and behind it, in the S wall there is a wall switch; pull it to open a door at your left (E) behind the wooden bridge. Go there and safety drop into the pit under the bridge (S side) to discover a crawlspace in the N wall. Go in and shoot the vase over the pedestal to discover SECRET #1: a small medipack. Go out to the pit and climb the stone ledge to your right; approach to the W-E section of the bridge, turn a bit left and do a standing jump to grab it. Go E and through the opened door.


In the next room there is a broken bridge; you can go down to ground floor using the E stone ledge, but if you do so you won't be able to go back and there is nothing below. So, take a running jump to reach the other side of the broken bridge and crawl through the crack to your right. In the next room go to the N opening and a flyby shows you the doors which you must open. Slide and the door closes behind you; shoot three small dinos and jump into the shallow pool N; behind the cascade there is a crawlspace well hidden behind the fog and the water, and a wall switch at the other side; pull it to open the large doors W. Go there and in the stairs take care for the lateral spikes and the spike pit in the corner.


In this new room there is a key high over the central pillar you can't see. Shoot the wolves and duck under the darts in the next room N. In the next room there is a moveable column in N wall; move it over the opposite wooden tile in S wall to raise a block in the NW corner. Go there and pick up the Rusty Key. Behind where the moveable piece was, there is a water hole; swim in and at the bottom in the NW corner there is an underwater passage which heads you to the Golden Key; pick it up, return to the upper room and use the keys to open the SW door. Go in and climb the ladder to the top.


Once up, kill two small dinos and see two cages at the end of the corridor. Behind you there is a crawlspace which allows you to go around to move the cages into the small maze to your left. Explore this small maze to find two marked tiles where you must put the moveable cages. There is a small medipack in an alcove. Take care for some tiles with blade traps, too. So, make your way to move the cages on the marked tiles, one of them at the far W and another in a nearby corridor. I moved the first cage onto the most W far tile and the second onto the tile in the alcove near the four "ways" crossing. To do this last task, once you've moved the cage over the crossing, you must situate Lara in the center of the N or S tiles and angle her 45 degrees left or right to do a sidejump over the corner of the cage and land in the E alcove; then you can move the cage to the W alcove. Once the two cages are placed, a door opens in the NE corner of the maze.


Go there and drop over the ledge below. From here a running jump over the yellow roof N and right to the SE corner; use the binoculars to discover a crawlspace in the dark and get SECRET# 2: another small medipack. Go back to the entrance of this room and drop between the two pillars onto the ledge below, don't drop to the bottom or you can't go back; angle Lara in a NW direction and do a running jump with a right curve to grab the horizontal pole and reach the NW opening under the roof. Follow the path, shoot the bat and in the next room move the grey stone piece in the NE corner to use the switch behind and open the door. Go outside, shoot the wolves and go NE. In this new building there is a closed door inside. To open it you have to use two jumpswitches in the left and right sides of the building entrance; to reach the right one you must use a crack in the nearby pillar and shimmy right around the corners. Once you hear the door opening, go there and shoot a bat in your way. In this new room you'll find the Mechanical Cog over a pedestal (screenshot of a door opening), and if you dive into the pool, there is a small crawlspace which leads you to SECRET# 3: another small medipack.


Go outside and return to the small room with the grey stone piece and use the wall switch in the E wall near the vase to open the S door; go there and you are back in the room with the central high pillar. The door which opened when you picked up the Cog is here, in the S wall. Go there, place the Cog and use the switch in the NE corner to raise some blocks around the high pillar. Climb to the top and get the Skull Key. A door opens somewhere, giving you a way to return to the first room of this level with the big pool. So, go back there using the E passage and avoiding the horizontal spikes on your way, again to the room with the cataract. Go to the now opened door S and use the monkeyswing to avoid the fiery floor in the corridor. Now you find a small room with deadly red waters and two blocks protected by burners. There is a wall switch at your left to open the trapdoor in the other side, but it's timed. Save your game in front of the switch and use the look key to see when the first burner is out; pull it, jump over the blocks and climb before the trapdoor closes. The burners are not timed the same way, so first observe the sequence and wait if necessary to not jump onto the second block when the burner is on. I did it so: a bit before the first burner is off I pulled the switch and did a jump back and right to land in the W edge of the ledge, then a couple of fast running jumps (hitting Lara's head with the ceiling) and keeped pressed Ctrl and up arrow at the end when Lara hits the E wall under the trapdoor to climb faster. Once you get it, safety drop to ground floor at the end and return to the pool room via the broken bridge. Use the Skull Key in the keyhole in N wall (white tile) to open a door somewhere.


Go W and though the opening and you'll find the opened door. Continue and jump into the waterhole at the end. You'll emerge in a high room with a central pool. There is a timed wall switch in the SW corner and many ledges around the room to climb to the top where the timed door is. You can do the walkthrough around the room going up to see what awaits you. Once you're ready pull the switch, roll and run, doing jumps to cut the pool corners around the room (sprint is not necessary); at the end a couple of running jumps without stopping over the spikes to reach the ledge in the corner, and if you are skillful you even can do the next couple of running jumps turning right each time without stopping to reach the ledge in the center of the pool. Here perhaps you have to adjust your position to do the next running jump; but anyway, try to land onto the next ledge on the very left side, turn left and jump to grab the edge of the next ledge. If you are satisfied with your time you can save the game here while Lara climbs. Once up, roll and take another running jump to the next ledge. The next jump is to grab an horizontal pole and it's very difficult to do it without stopping so you can try it (but I had to stop), turn right and align Lara with the pole to get it. If you fail, you'll fall over the spikes. Land in the next corner ledge without grabbing, and repeat the same jump to grab the next pole; at the end, grab the crack and shimmy right to reach the (hopefully) still opened door. It's not very hard.


Go left and through the crawlspace in the NW corner. In this small room notice the closed door to your left and the keyhole in front of it. Continue W to the next room, turn around at the entrance and climb the small roof; look for the crawlspace behind the hanging plant to discover SECRET #4: a large medipack. Descend and cross the bridge; on the other side turn right and take a running jump to reach the opening in the NW corner. In this room jump the ledges to reach the switch in the N wall; it's timed, so pull it and quickly return to the bridge and jump through the open door in the S wall. Here take a running jump to the switch and pull it to open another door in the bridge room. But the exit door is closed; look S and see a large medipak. If you want it, a tricky jump awaits you, but it's not necessary so, it's your choice. If you don't want it, simply turn around and jump below to the grey ledge near the water in the S wall. To get that medipack I approached to the N edge near the switch and took a step back; then a running jump with grab to land on the low ledge were the medipack is. To get back, climb the small ledge in the NW corner and situate Lara in the very NE corner, then a running jump S to land over the ledge in the other side. Try to jump a bit left and turn a bit right in the air when falling to avoid the low ceiling in front of you. Once on the other side, step over the marked tile in the corner to open the exit door. Go back to the last gey tile and jump next to the wall to grab the edge of the ledge above. Go out of this room using the crack in W wall or doing a running jump from the ledge with the switch and to the new opened door in the SW corner of the bridge room. Shoot some small dinos and pick up the Rusty Key from the pedestal. Do you remember the closed door and the keyhole in the previous room? Go there and use your key to open the last door in the bridge room. Cross the bridge again and enter there; shoot more small dinos; the vase in the SE corner contains a small medipack; in the NE corner there is a switch to open the door in front of the keyhole; although it's not necessary (you can carry the torch through the crawlspace), it makes your life easier. Pick up the torch from the pedestal and take it with you. Go to that door in front of the keyhole and at the end throw the torch through the gap. Return to the crawlspace and recover the torch near the exit. Light the torch in the next room E and light the animal heads on each side of the door to open it.


Take the torch with you and throw it in the other side of the room. You'll need it later, so be sure to leave it in a safe place (in front of the door for example) 'cause if you throw it in the central corridor where the boulders shall fall, you'll not be able to recover it and you'll never finish the level. In this room there are five boulders to trigger so you can pull the switches behind them in the niches. Really you only need to trigger four boulders 'cause there are only four switches (you can leave one of the boulders in the W side). To trigger the boulders you must jump over the slopes in front of the niches. The best way is to position Lara looking the central corridor, jump back and immediately jump with a left or right curve to avoid the boulders. Anyway, after pulling the four switches the S door opens. Don't you forget to take the torch with you before exiting this room!!! This door will close behind you, and as I said you'll need the torch later to finish the level.


Jump to the ledge with the moveable cage and from here to the opening in W wall. Beware, if you fall into the pit you won't be able to go back up. Leave the torch in a safe place and remember where it is. Continue S and shoot the wolves. Continue S to the end, find the moveable grey stone piece in the W wall and move it all the way over the marked tile in the E wall. Behind this moveable piece there was an opening in the floor; drop there and use the monkeyswing to reach the other side and get the Golden Key, taking care for the fire emitters. Go out of this room and around the building to the other side (W); shoot the vase in the ledge near the furniture to find the Rusty Key. Find the moveable grey stone piece in the E wall and move it all the way onto the marked tile in the W wall. Once you've placed the two moveable pieces, a block raises in the N side of this building.


Go to the place where you left the torch, pick it up and use that block to climb to the upper part of this building. There are openings E and W; go through them to find another two animal heads; light them to open a door below. Use the keys in the keyholes to open the door and get another Golden Key (take care for the blade traps). Go down to the ground floor, E and S to find the new opened door; pull the switch there to raise the trapdoor near the cage. Go there and move the cage onto the marked tile to open the E door; you'll need to move the cage back so you can jump to the ledge in front of that door. Go down the passage, and at the crossing go left to pick up a small medipack. Go up the ramp to trigger a boulder and sprint N and left to avoid it. Up the ramp again and use the hidden jumpswitch near the door to open it. Continue, jump into the water and follow the path to arrive in a huge cave. Go SE and climb the ledges to reach the top of the stone bridge. Use the jumpswitch in the W side of the bridge and go up again to discover the new opened door. Pull the wall switch inside to open the large double doors on the other side of the bridge. Go there and shoot the vase over the pedestal to pick up the Rusty Key (another blade trap); a door opens in the room with the moveable cage.


Make your way to go back to the ramp where the boulder fell. In the left wall there is a high opening; jump there, but don't drop to the other side or you'll get stuck and you'll have to reload. Turn left and jump to grab the crack in the S wall; shimmy all the way right and around the corners till you pass the moveable cage and drop over the white tile. Pick up shotgun shells in the corner (wonder where the shotgun is?). Don't you drag the cage over this white tile or you'll get stuck (again) and you'll have to reload, but move the cage N only one tile onto the deadly faced tile (there are several in this room). Jump over this deadly tile and move the cage onto the NE marked tile: a block rises near the exit which lets you return to the main room. But you have to go out of this room first, and the opening is too high. Make your way to move the cage again to its original position and this time onto the white tile S. This raises a block near the entrance, so use the crack to go there and the block to finally exit this room. Return to the room with the other cage, jump to the central ledges and from here to the S ledge with the opened door. Go around either way and use the keys to open the final door and finish the level.