Cynnies Dream

Level by Cynthia

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a dark place. Go forward and get the Grenade gun whice is a Secret, then shoot the vase for grenade normal ammo and dive into the water hole for a medipack and extra grenade normal ammo. Head east and kill the flying books, pull a jumpswitch on the north wall, then climb east through the opened gate. Pull two levers and first enter the south gate, jump over the hole, get a medipack and more grenade normal ammo. Back and through the east gate, kill the ninja and reach a lava pool with green blocks. Jump east, then north and east again, grab the ceiling and do a monkeyswing south. Follow the passage into a room with burning statue and kill there two flying books. Drop east, collect the grenade normal ammo and shoot the front vase for Eye Piece, then climb out.

Deal with two demon women and kill ninja, continue east and shoot the vase for extra Grenade gun. Jump/grab the column at the lava pool, move around, jump/grab the next column and one after it, then slide to big courtyard with four closed gates. Watch for the hanging spiked boulders while you're dealing with the demon women and ninjas. Then head north-east, pull out the block from the wall, enter inside and pull the lever to open the south-west gate. Head over there and pull the lever that will open the north gate. Move over there and pull the lever for opening the second south gate, reach the lever there and pull it to open the final east gate.

Enter a place with a pool, then dive into the center hole and get the Hand of Orion. Ignore the movable block and reach the east receptacles for placing the hand of orion. Through the opened gate do a short monkeyswing above the lava to reach the next area. Run north and trigger two spiked boulders, then climb the green block and shoot the vase on the top for a medipack. Drop to the floor and collect the second Eye Piece in front of a receptacle, then combine the pieces and place the Eye of Horus. Follow the passage to a grassy sloped wall with boulders from both sides, you have to cross then enter a large bedroom.

Pull out the block at the east wall and pick up large and small medipacks. Then climb up the north wall and move left, drop onto a ledge, ignore the block and jump to the south ledge. Pull the jumpswitch to open the west gate at the bedroom, then safety drop down (note, the other two ledges were too far to reach). Go west and at the end of the passage you find three movable blocks. The south block will not move anywhere. However, move the west block until it stops. Then move the north block until it stops. Now pull back once another nearby west block, back where you moved the first block and go north, find another block and simply move it west to the end. Kill two ninjas, then follow the west tunnel, keep killing flying books and ninjas on your way until you reach a pool with waterfalls. Simply swim to the other side and climb out, deal with more ninjas and for a change also demon women.

Climb the exit opening and follow the passage, reach a lava pool. Silde/grab the middle block and kill the ninja, then jump over the next lava pool. Climb up the north wall and backflip off to arrive on a grassy square. Kill the flying book and ignore the movable block. Climb up the west wall and once again backflip to land onto another grassy square, then collect from the center the Uzis, two medipacks and grenade normal ammo. Slide down east and reach a deadly water pool with a large square and two big scorpions. Climb the north block and take a running jump across the water, grab the east block. From here shoot and kill those scorpions, then head east and pull the lever. Return to the north block, grab the wall and climb up, then backflip onto a ledge with two more scorpions.

Reach the east opened gate and follow the passage, kill two demon women and one scorpion. Cross the next place, then jump over the gap and reach a suite. Nothing interesting here so dive into the tunnel and climb out the exit hole. Deal with two T-Rexes, then pull the lever that will open the north-east gate. Go over there, climb the block, drop into a short passage and a little bit further you end the level.