Adventure in Peru (Demo)

Level by Matias Flores

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin by standing at a mill room. Go left, collect the large medipack and a white spirit is released. Quickly go east and climb up the ladder, then drop into a short passage with a statue at the end and get rid of the spirit. Get back to the mill room and climb up the west wall, drop down and kill a dino. Enter the room and stand in front of the cog lever. Pull it four times to open a timed east gate, then take an angled jump left, run over there and pass the opened gate. At the end of the short passage throw the switch to open a north gate and go through there. Safety drop into the hole and pull down a lower jumpswitch, climb out and go through the door you opened. Throw another switch to open the next door and watch the moving sword. Ahead is a pool with shallow water. Kill a dino and wolves attack, then drop into the pool. Go north-east and collect the Uzis; notice the closed door, then turn around and go the south and the west corners for uzi clips and shotgun ammo. Then go to the center hole and dive to the bottom. Keep swimming into the south tiny tunnel about half way, then swim up. Watch the moving sword and get out from the water to reach a Secret room. Pick up the Shotgun with ammo and go back to the water, dive to the bottom and keep swimming south to the end and get out of the water. Jump forward, grab the wall and climb up over a tall jumpswitch, pull it down and fall directly into a water hole below. Now make your way back over to the shallow pool and you will find that the east door is open. Drop inside and pick up the Grenade Gun, then draw your pistols and step back once, jump up and shoot the hanging medallion. Climb out from there and from the pool and go west. Enter the passage with a closed door at the end. Go over there and the level ends.