Level by Bartlomiej Baron (M@ster)

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

Lara starts underwater, so swim up for air. Climb up the middle block and jump up (so she can run) and face the block SE, take a curved running jump plus grab and pull up to get the medipack. Back to the block and now jump N and open the trapdoor there. Turn around and climb into that crawlspace.

Follow through, crawl into the next bit and hang and shimmy to the right to pick up some uzi ammo. To the E is a small medipack and S also more uzi ammo.

A guard is shooting from downstairs, so jump down and kill him. On the floor near the block you can climb back up, is the Uzi. SE on some boxes you’ll find shotgun ammo. Climb down from the box and face N and use that jump lever. Go back to the crawlspace into the pool area and the trapdoor on the bottom is open now. Swim in, and up and get the uzi ammo and use the floor lever.

The underwater door S is open, swim in and up and at the end opens the two doors. A guard is waiting so shoot him pick up the Shotgun he drops.
There is another door in the next room and another guard behind it. This one leaves some shotgun ammo. On the boxes find even more uzi ammo.

Open the next door N and climb the stairs, follow through and at the end the camera changes and a trapdoor opens up. Face N and climb the ladder.

Do not use binoculars or flares as the flare bug kicked in.

On the W wall near the emitter is a jump lever, this opens a gate E, climb up an retrieve two times shotgun ammo.

Climb the stack with boxes SW and open the trapdoor. get in crawl to the end and shoot the guard that is waiting there. He also leaves some shotgun ammo. The other guard leaves uzi ammo. On a crate find more shotgun ammo. Use the lever NE and watch the fly by.

Climb into the open trapdoor, and watch the fly by that comes after using another lever. Climb out and shoot another guard. Climb the boxes and crawl back.

Go down the ladder, and crawl in and immediately right, that is the door that the fly by showed. Jump over the pipes and use the jump lever N.
Go up the ramp and watch the fly by. The tile N triggers the trapdoors to open. Look down and pick up that medipack. Than jump with an angle N and climb out.

On the S wall is a jump lever but it is too high so go NW and find the floor lever. Best is to climb up to that machine and from there to a save place (near the barrel) and make your way to the S wall and use that jump lever. Another block appears in the N so carefully make your way to that block and use the jump lever E.

Nothing else to do than jump into the hole in the floor, run down the ramp and into opening in the floor. You are back where you opened all those doors. Go W, into the water, swim through and pull out and open the trapdoor in the corner. Behind the screen is an opening, and a flyby starts. As you can see there are guard so proceed cautiously.

Jump S and get down to the bottom so that you get into the middle of the room below. Facing S the right lever shows you another fly by and the trapdoor behind Lara is open. The left one only ignites a fire. Get in and by walking N the level ends.

Gerty 06-10-2005