Adventures Of Crazy Land

Levels by Vinicius Cruz

Walkthrough by Yoav

Level 1 - Atlas City

Start the level by falling into a tunnel with shallow water. Follow the tunnel to the end and climb out to a large area. Kill two dogs and one bandanna man and if mercy cross your mind pull out a dead soldier under the black van. Then climb the great block to the top and find there a Pistole. Drop east and go over the snowmobile get on and take a ride around the bouliding look for parking meter.

Keep driving over the left gray sloped wall, drive through the doorway over the next wall and reach another area. Get off the snowmobile and climb to the top of the block that cover skulls and prees on a switch. A tall door opens at the east bouilding. Drop down to the ground and deal with winged mutation, then climb up the opened door and drop to the south to avoid from a rolling ball roll down from the top of the slope. Climb up the wall and move to the right. Go little bit forward and throw the switch to open a skulls door, then pick up a Pig bomb normal ammo. Head east and go through the door you opened into a wooden place take a short ride around and pick up Pig bomb super ammo and kill two soldiers. Then climb up onto a ledge above and find the wall with switch. Press the switch to open a door behind and climb through there.

Follow to a big room with nice picture of Elvis Presley. Open the first east door with woman picture above and get Uzis with large medipack. Open the second door with man picture above and throw there a switch, you get flyby of an opening door and new passage. Head north-east to find this passage follow to the end, then switch to another passage and finally drop into a wooden passage.

Follow outside to the street pass on the north doorway and head over the west wall. Climb to the top and pick up Pig bomb super ammo, Pig bomb flash ammo and a Coin. Go back to the north doorway you passed and find a new snowmobile. Take a ride over the sloped walls and you back at the beginning area. Go around the boulding and use the coin at the parking meter and you hear scream, but actually it's sound of tall opening doors from left side of the bouilding. Go over there and climb up then drop down directly into a lake. Swim west and get out of the water, ahead is a big area with large pool with short wall in the center. Climb the wall and slide down to end this level and load a new one.

Level 2 - Atlas Lab

Swim into the east tunnel and later up in the next tunnel then get out of the water. Deal with three bandanna man but notice as one of them will drop a Key then you free to explore this new place. Go around the generator (ignore from the missing fuse you simply not need it in this level) and collect large and small medipacks, uzi clips and crossbow normal, super and flash ammo. Now head over to the south closed gate and use key to open it, just before you go through this gate notice the boulder trap above. Slide and jump to the right then follow the passage to the end, climb up a long ladder into a big room and kill there four bandanna man. Then collect small medipack, Pig super, flash and normal ammo and one Disk. Go the south wall and use the disk at the right screen to open a gate on top of the ramp.

Through this gate pass to an empty big room. However, go east and look for closed gate then pull the white block to reveal stairs. Go up the stairs to the end and pull there lever that open the gate you just saw. Get back over there but don't enter inside the passage with the tooth doors. Just wait for the bandanna man will come out then kill him and his dogs and get the Key he will drop. Now carefully reach the end of the passage and use the key at the keyhole to the door. Enter the room and go north pick up crossbow normal and super ammo, then climb the north-east block for Crossbow Gun. Head south and move aside the white block to reveal switch, throw this switch to open nearby gate and slide down into a woden passage. Get on the snowmobile just for driving to the end, then climb up the ladder outside to a wide open road. Reach an extra snowmobile and start driving until you hit a short wall. Get off the snowmobile and climb the wall keep running a mini marathon and reach the final area. A winged woman show up kill her and collect the Key she will drop, then use key at the keyhole on the south wall to open the double door nearby. Drop into the deep hole to end this level and load the next level.

Level 3 - Atlantis Undergrounds

Swim south and climb out the water, follow up the stairs and at the end climb the wall. Slide and go south climb the column then drop onto a ldge and throw the switch to open two high doors. Jump into a room and press the west switch, follow the passage and silde into a room deal with winged mutation then pick up a Key and crossbow ammo. Climb the west wall and follow the next passage, open the door on your way and enter to the alcove, take an extra crossbow gun and uzis. Keep following the passage and back the room you came from. With the key open the east door and cross the sloped holes passage then climb up a tall stairs and slide down twice reach a tunnel. Kill the winged mutation and pick up the usi clips then follow to end, climb up the stairs and come to a lava place.

Jump west and climb up the take running jump south and grab the block and pull onto it. Jump grab the rope and swing forward land and follow to high place with three horseman to dael. Kill them and collect the usi clips, then take a safety standing jump over the east square below.

Deal with two of the worst ever Lara enemy a giant half-body mutation. Then climb to the top of the pillar and get the Key, use it on the west keyhole to open the door. Follow the tunnel until reaching a very long slope and take running jump to the west ledge pick up a crossbow ammo, then jump back to the slope and slide down. Follow the next tunne and kill two horseman on your way. At the end take a running jump forward and grab a ledge with hole in the middle.

Take another running jump west over to the tooth door and enter to the room just for usi clips. Jump back to the ledge and fall down directly into a small pool, dive and swim the east tunnel to the end and get out from the water. Climb up a tall wall and find yourself on a top of a hill with lavaball hanging around. Run down the esat side and jump into a short passage turn left and throw the swith then enter the north opening gate. Kill two horseman and one demigod mutation and get the Key. Then climb the block, pick up usi clips and pull back the block. Go around the block and get the Scion. Now head north, open the gate with the key you have and climb up an unmarked north wall. Cross the courtyard north and drop into the hole and finish this level.

Level 4 - F.C.I

Swim east over to the next pool and climb out south. Go left and collet the Ying piece, proceed south and follow the green ledge jump over the floating island and climb up the ladder. Slide down and take a running jump over to the next floating island. Run and jump to the yellow building and climb up the ladder to the roof then climb aside wall go around and get uzi clips. Climb back to the roof, proceed and climb down the center hole and drop onto a block. Collect the part and combine it with the other part and get Pig Bomb Launcher Gun. Head into a north passage and throw the switch enter inside the room and kill three warriors. Collect the flares and go east push/open the door and pick up the Yang piece. Go to the end and climb up the wall into a room with yellow lava. From the block you are standing take a running jump south, combine the pieces and place it at the receptacles. Jump back to block and take another running jump west over the opened gate.

Pass to a big room with frozen mutations, find the center movable object and push it over the north wall. Watch from the rolling ball on the top of the sloped green you trigger as soon as you place the object onto the west marked tile. Go through the west opened gate and follow a very long passage with swinging chain, kill a ninja on your way and pull a lever at the end. Slide down a green tunnel and enter to a room, while earthquke around kill the warrior. Pick up a crossbow ammo, then head to the south-west corner for two large medipacks. Climb the Buddha statue block and get the Spearhead. Leave this place by pushing/opening one of those glass doors and run jump outside to the north floating island. Safety drop onto another floating island below and follow it south until you each a receptacles.

Place the spearhead to open a trapdoor behind, then take simple jump into it land onto a block and climb down. Follow the tunnel to the end and climb up the column to the top jump to the next tunnel collect a pig bomb normal ammo and throw the switch to open a nearby door. Go to the end of the passage and climb down, go to the end of the next green passage and climb up the ladder to a courtyard. Boom! a dragon stands out from ground spitting fire and demigod walk over to you. Run south and to be out of the dragon fire and wait for the demigod then kill him and take the key he will drop. Now pick up the Dagger of Xian in front of a Buddha statue, then use the key and open the south gate. Drop down to a tunnel and run to the end, climb up the wall and cross the courtyard, drop into the hole and finish this level.

Level 5 - Terror, Death and Fear!

Follow a drak passage into a drak living room and proceed east to a TNT boxes room. Climb the opening and press on the switch to cause explosion then run to end of the pasage and slide down to a courtyard. Head south and ush/open the door enter a building and follow the passage turn to the right and find a bird statue you can move aside and get crossbow ammo. Keep following and find the next passage and run to the end. Then turn around and jump into the passage above, follow to another passage and reach a maze. First go west to a morgue and look for crossbow ammo. Now take the south passage turn left and right and enter a room with holes in the floor. Carefully reach the south-west corner and collect the uzi clips. Back the passage and proceed forward enter another room, kill two bats and further a dmeigod get an Anti T-Rex gun. Later press on the switch for triggering the T-Rex at the courtyard outside the building.

Make your way over there and deal with T-Rex you must kill him and get the Key, then back to the room you came from. Use the key at keyhole on the pillar and open a trapdoor at the east alcove. Climb down to the room and go west push/open the door and follow the passage to the end. Crawl into a crawlspace and crawl to the end then drop into a small courtyard. Run into the east tunnel and climb the wall to another morgue place, keep climbing the next wall and move left. Go to a living room and exit through the south doorway, look for a hole you can climb down and follow the white passage to the end. Climb up the south wall and turn to the north wall open the door by throwing the switch.

Enter the room and once again you have to deal with those two giant half-body mutation and extra dragon. Then climb to the top of the pillar and pick up the Key. Follow out the room and go to the west wall use the key at the keyhole to open the gate and climb down. Collect the crossbow ammo and go to the end of the passage. Climb up the ladder to the Sophia's kingdom deal with her and get the Blue Lizard. Head south and drop down through the doorway, follow the tunnel to the end and climb up the wall. Then cross the courtyard as you alredy do it in previous levels, drop into hole and load the next level.

Level 6 - Egypt Mosque

Climb down the ladder to a sandy ground and follow the tunnel outside to a wide opening area. Reach the rocks and climb them for extra uzi ammo, this will be useful in a while. Turn over to the south wall, to the block and pull it back once. Go around, before you pick up the Key you trigger boulder on top of the slope so quickly run away from there and deal with flying attack. Get the key, take the right side of the rocks to enter a cave. Find the exit doorway. Slide down and follow the next tunnel then drop to a place with building. Head over the west column and use the key at the keyhole to open a gate. Go to the other side of the bars and find the opened gate. Climb inside and pick up from each ledge pig bomb ammo, medipacks and the Lasersgiht, then grab the tall center pillar and climb down to the ground where the crocodiles are waiting for bit you. Quickly climb the east wall and follow the ledge west open the door and keep following the next passage. Shooting the left vase will give you an extra uzis, then head to the next room with two black panthers.

Throw the switch at the east wall and go west through the opened gate. Jump to the great block above the lava pool and go south to the end, then run and jump to the next east ledge. The wall ladder ahead is not climbable so jump to the next ledge and keep running jump across the lave to grab the far wall. Pull up into a big courtyard and hwo is waiting for you! Yes another two giant half-body mutation, kill them and collect the usi clips, then climb to the top of the pillar and get the Key. Climb the north exit wall reach a red room and climb down the stairs go to the end of the next passage. Open the gate by using the key and drop into a huge room, kill a winged mutation and two horseman, then pick up pig bomb ammo and medipack. Continue by climbing up the stairs and drop into a long passage, at the end climb up the ladder, then head over to the cat statue and get an extra Bomb Launcher Gun. Retun back and go to the next room deal with a T-Rex, you must kill him and get the Key. Then climb up the east wall to a large sandy area with huge statue.

It seems Lara's enemy never ends. At least five or six gaint bird walking over you, dealing with them will be hard mission. Later kill the one on the top of the pillar and climb over there get the Key. Then start climbing the statue, reach the roof for usi clips and later go to the west block and use the key at the keyhole. Climb onto the block and run forward jump to the ledge and go through the opened door. At the next room room press the switch to raise blocks on the square. Kill two winged mutation and horseman, then climb the raising block grab the hole and climb up to the room above. Jump north and kill the winged woman then collect the Key and use it at the north keyhole to open double doors. Enter a big room, go and climb the block for Anty T-Rex normal ammo. Now pull/push the next block into the south-east alcove. Kill two T-Rexs and mummy demigod and get Amulet of Horus. Notice as the east keyhole is not useful, so climb north and drop into a familiar tunnel run to the end and climb up the wall. Then cross the courtyard, drop into hole and load the next level.

Level 7 - Foot Mountains (Part 1)

From the top of the waterfall climb down to the ground, then climb the south opening. Pick up usi clips from both sides and later climb the wall to a very wide opening area. Start killing the dinos and soon you have to deal with five or six massive T-Rex!!! Notice as one of them will drop a Key so keep your eyes open. Generally head east over the rock and pull up into an alcove for medipacks. Then go to the south gate and open it by using the key you are still carrying from Egypt Mosque. Climb up a tall wall move left and follow into a room then turn around and kill a bandanna man behind. Go and press on the switch for loading the next level.

Level 8 - Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Head south and deal with two warriors then colloect every crossbow ammo around. Enter the east room and kill three soldiers notice one of them will drop a Cork. Pick it up and place it at the receptacle in the north wall, then head south enter the next room and follow it outside to a large snowy arae. Slide west and once again you have to deal with four gaint brids. Then kill another one hwo is hidden inside a high alcove on the top of the north ladder. Climb over there and get the Key. Continue to the west crawlspace and crawl until you reach a passage with closed gate and keyhole for using the key you already have from Foot Mountains. Go to the next room and kill three Yetis. Climb up the east wall then head over the ladder and climb up again follow the passage. Look for a high crawlspace at the north wall just before you reach the end and slide down. Pull inside and drop into a hidden room kill there a Yeti and get the Spearhead.

Back to the passage and slide into a room with several fires. Carefully climb to the top and drop down reach a closed gate. Open it with the key you carrying and slide down to huge area with center pyramid. Kill three Yetis then collect the medipack they will drop and later climb up the column. At the top pull up and safety slide down back to the beginning arae. Head west and place the missing spearhead at the receptacle to open the door and climb down to ground below. Press the east switch to open two doors, first take the left opening door and run to the end of the tunnel. Pick up pig bomb ammo and medipacks. Return back and take the right opening door reach a sonwy area and kill there a demigod. Get the Key and head over the east keyhole, use the key to open doors at the ledge above. Climb over there and follow the tunnel shortly you end this level.

Level 9 - Foot Mountains (Part 2)

Keep following the same tunnel and open doors by approach the pick up an Anti T-Rex normal ammo. Reach the outside area and kill the T-Rex then get the Key and head south-east open the gate with the key. Follow to the end of the passage and climb down to a new area, this time you have to kill four T-Rex and collect the Cog. Go to the south wall and bring the cog to the cog row, this will open a two south tall door. Climb up the wall and drop into the hole for finishing this level.

Level 10 - Atlas Mansion

Go north-east and shoot the can if you want, then follow the numbers of the training race without fall to the ground until you reach a hole you can climb down to an empty room. Go south and climb into the passage go to the end and climb up the room above. Pull up south and follow into a big bedroom, watch where you walking as part of the floor has deep hole you cannot see. Anyway wait for the bandanna soldier get close to you, then kill him and get the Key. Go back to the room you come from and use the key to open the east door. Climb into another bedroom and deal with four bandanna soldier, then pull the washer and pick up the Key. Using this key at the east wall in the second keyhole from the left will open a door in the first room. Back over there and climb the north opened door then drop into a place with piano.

Climb up the column and later grab the green wall and keep climbing to the top, then do backflip to land onto a back ledge. Go little bit further and do a monkeyswing all over to the slope then slide down to the bottom. Pull the object and get medipack then pull the wooden carriage and enter the tunnel kill the soldiers and pick up the Gem. Go west to the end of the tunnel and drop back into an earlier. Back to first room and place the gem at the east receptacle to open the blue door. Pull up into a short passage then climb down to the bottom, climb into the east empty room and find the ladder to climb up from there. Kill two soldier and get the Key then use it at the south gate. Follow the passage and shoot the can on your way then enter the south room for uzi clips. Continue east and get outside from the mansion, kill the winged woman and collect the
Key. Now start running marathon until the end of the road. Open the east door by using the key at the keyhole and drop down into the hole for end the level.

Level 11 - Clown World

Follow up the slope and continue east slide the next slope. Enter the east alley and pull a jumpswitch. Head south for climbing up the raising hamburger and drop to a large place. Kill the soldiers then get all crossbow ammo around. Reach the lever and open the next gate follow the ledge and later down the slope, blow up two clown skeletons. Proceed north and find a door you can open and enter the alcove. Pick up an extra usi, crossbow gun and pig bomb launcher. Drop east and climb up the sloped purple block to the top, then take a running jump to the next ledge. Climb up a very tall ladder and reach the place above. Kill two giant half-body clowns. Then jump to the south column and pick up the Key.

Safety drop to the ground and find the keyhole on the north wall. Use the key to open a west gate and climb into a room with clown demigod. Kill the demigod then collect the Key and later the pig bomb ammo. Go to the north wall and use the key at the keyhole then climb up the opened gate. Drop to the hammer man place, kill him and take the Key.

Head over the wall and climb the south opening, place each of the object you carrying and open four gates. Climb down to a huge purple room and head to the south wall and climb up. Deal with army of soldiers then reach the south keyhole, by using the key you open the final door. Drop into the hole and finish the Adventures.