Lara's Magical Christmas Adventures


Masha ~ Eva ~ Clara ~ Spongebob


Walkthroughs by Jenni and Moonpooka for


These levels are from the Levelbase Advent Calendar 2008  



Essential Items

Gingerbread ~ Small Medipack

Chocolates ~ Large Medipack

Secret Snowflakes ~ 16

Candle ~ Flares



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The Village pt:1

The Golden Castle

The Village pt:2

Magic Forest

The Village pt:3

Chapel In The Mountains

The Final


The Village ~ Part 1



Walkthrough by Jenni


Essential Items: Church Key. Magic Book. Altar Piece 1. Blue Key. Torch

Secret Snowflakes ~ 1


In a festively decorated village there is a church with a wonderful altar. But unfortunately three Altar Pieces have been torn out. Even the Altar Cross has been removed. Lara's quest will be to find the three missing Altar Pieces and The Cross and return them to the church in the village.

The level begins with a flyby of an angel lighting candles in the church (note the three missing pieces of the altar), after they are lit – she disappears and a book appears in her place.

The Church Key

Go straight ahead then turn south to run past the church, open the door to the building on the south side. Head inside and shoot the picture above the slope in front of you. Jump up there and collect the Church Key from the gift box.

The Magic Book

Go outside, turn to the right and use the key in the lock to the right to open the church doors. Enter the church and collect the Magic Book on your right. The book says “Help the inhabitants: for the Christmas party, Lara has to find the lost pieces of the altar and the cross”

There’s nothing more to do here so go outside and head around to the opposite side of the church and into the room with four movable pieces on the south side.

The 1st Push Block Puzzle and The Altar Piece 1

Move each piece along its corresponding colour squares only and then push it on to the closest grey square in the middle. When it’s placed on the grey square, the pillar rises sending the piece and Lara to the top level. Jump down to the bottom level and repeat the process until all pieces and their pillars have risen opening the gates to access more placement tiles in the top level.
Push each piece on to it’s corresponding tile beyond the open gates. A pillar will lower revealing a jump switch on the N wall. Flick the switch to lower pillars blocking access to move the pieces to its corresponding tile in the corners. Move each piece to its coloured corner tile.
The gates in the lower level open as does the trapdoor in the SE corner giving you access back to the lower level. So hop down there and pick up
Altar Piece ~ 1

Head back to the church and place the altar piece on the left side of the banner behind the altar. A cutscene shows doors opening to reveal 4 new puzzle pieces. Leave the church and go back into the room where you found the church key and enter the curtained doorway in the middle of the room. You can push open the glass door on your right to spot the blue key in the water. There’s nothing else to do here so leave this room and head down to the other end of the corridor and kick open the right pair of glass doors on the left side of the corridor to access the area the cutscene showed.

The 2nd Push Block puzzle and The Blue Key

Move each puzzle piece on to its corresponding coloured tile (an orb will appear above each piece as you place it on its tile). Once they’re all in place, an orb appears above the fountain and the ice melts. Jump into the water and swim through the short tunnel to reach the pool on the other side of the corridor and collect the Blue Key. Swim back and climb out.

The Torch

Use the blue key in the blue key lock in the corridor to open the big blue doors to your right. Head in there and push open the glass doors on the left. Jump and shoot the picture above the ramp at the head of the bed and jump up there for a Torch. Head out again (note the unlit fire in the fireplace on your left) and go down the corridor to enter the previous room where you collected the church key and light the torch in the fireplace (Lara will light it through the grill). Light the unlit fireplace that you spotted before for a pillar to lower in the room with the bed. Collect the key and use it in the lock of the room with the fireplace you’ve just lit. Shoot some large presents if you want to but there’s nothing inside. Enter the curtained area to see a book opening, approach the book and read it to begin the next level.

Go to the building on the N side where the large pig poster is. Open the door on the right and go up the stairs. Shoot the picture on the right to get the
1st Secret ~ Snowflake.


The Golden Castle



Walkthrough by Jenni


Essential Items: Keeper Key. Tool. Maze Key. Star. Revolver. Laser Sight. Torch. Book of Ghost Stories. Cat Toy. Cage Key. Cold Storage Key. Dragon Food. Book of Angels Poems. Altar Piece 2

Secret Snowflakes ~ 5


Somewhere in the snowy mountains, Lara is looking for the second altar piece; which is kept under guard by a golden angel. At the beginning of her search she meets Herman the dragon; who has been locked up in a cave because a bad cough had caused him to burn down the entire area. Herman wants to help Lara get to the altar piece, but first he needs her to bring him some food and releases him from the cave. Also, Lara needs a golden book with poems to hand over to the angel to get permission to touch the altar piece. Everything Lara needs can be found in the golden castle on the peak of the mountain. So she starts making her way up the illuminated path to the palace.

The Keeper Key

After Lara lands the plane, head right and to a cage within the rock face, pick up the Keeper Key in front of it and a dragon appears.

Dragon: “Oh hello! At last someone has come to see me. You can’t begin to imagine how boring it is to be in this cage. No-one comes by to say hello or see if dear old Herman is ok”
Lara: “Um”
Dragon: “Well, except for the senile keeper that is. But I haven’t seen him for ages”
Lara: “Um”
Dragon: I’ll probably die a terrible death here, unless you could be so good as to climb up to the palace and get me a juicy piece of meat from the kitchen. While you’re at it, you could of course also bring the key to the cage with you, so that I can get out of here”
Lara: “Please tell me what are you doing here?”
Dragon: “Huh! Good question! Well, if you really want to know…”
Lara: “Hmmm, a short version please”
Dragon: “Oh, what a shame. Oh well, in the past, there used to be a proper forest here and…well….I had a terrible cold and I sneezed and….and…now I guard the entrance to the golden chamber and there, an angel made certain that no unworthy person approaches the run-down altar piece which is kept there”
Lara: “That’s just the thing I need”
Dragon: “Aha! Then I’m your man! Let’s make a deal: you bring me something to eat and let me out of here. After that, you can get the piece you need. But you need the golden book so that the angel will think you’re worthy of touching the ancient piece”
Lara: “And where can I find that?”
Dragon: “It’s all up there in the palace. My keeper lost his key before he obviously decided to leave me here to starve. You’ve already got that, with it’s help, you can get up to the palace all you have to do is follow the torches”
Lara: “Ok, I better get started”
Dragon: “Very good, but don’t forget my lunch!”

Head around to the opposite (E) side of the rock face and use the key to open the door above. Stand on the sloped ground underneath the door and climb up to flick the lever inside to raise the grating outside. Jump to the grating and climb towards the lit torch above. Turn right and make your way around the rock face following the lit torches. When you get to the tree, instead of climbing up to the torches, head past the tree and continue on along the first level of the rock face. At the corner, face the slope and jump with a curve to the left so Lara will land on the slope and slide backwards, then shimmy right until she can pull up. Run-jump over the next slope then drop to the ground to collect the
2nd Secret ~ Snowflake from the pedestal.

Make your way back to the ground to start the climb up again (you can’t backtrack as you’ll be stuck at the slope that must be shimmied past). Continue as before until you get to the tree, but this time, follow the torches up. Continue climbing up until the camera changes as Lara approaches a slope. Turn your back to the slope and back jump then immediately forward jump to grab the ladder on the block above and climb up. Turn around and run-jump and grab the first pole swing, continue swinging to the next two pole swings and land on the ledge. Make your way around the corner then climb up to the next level at the next corner. Run jump over the slope (note the closed door above you on the left) and push in the patterned block, pick up the Candle in the alcove to the right then continue pushing in the block until another emerges on the right. Push the right block all the way until you can’t push it any further, and the door that you pushed the block past will open. Head down the passage (opposite the opened door) and around the corner to see a pressure plate – move the block on to it to see pillars lower. Enter the room and step on the pressure plate to open the door on the opposite side of the room. Use the tiles to get into the opened door. The door will close if you step off any of them. Save as the next bit is a timed run. Flick the switch inside to open the door you spotted outside and make your way back there fast before it closes. Head into the cave and climb up the ladder. Turn to face NW and run-jump to the flat slope. Face W and jump over the slope to land on the flat slope beyond for the 3rd Secret ~ Snowflake. Make your way back.

The Tool ~ Maze Key and Star

At the entrance to the room, turn to the right and jump and grab the slope there, pull up, slide and jump to the next slope and the next then jump to grab the ladder. Climb up and MS to the gift box, open the box and get a Tool (the door to the left opens). Turn to the right and run-jump to the golden ledge. Save. Flick the switch then quickly turn to face the ledge in front of the pillar with the gift box, hop forward then do a standing-jump to the ledge to land on the right back edge of it. Then run-jump turning right a bit to the timed trapdoor the switch raised then quickly climb up to the open door above before the trap door closes. Collect the Maze Key to raise the bars opposite you . Jump to the ledge with the bars on your right. Then run-jump to the first slope, continue the slope run as before and grab and climb the ladder. Turn to face the doorway and jump into it pressing action key so Lara curves in. You’re outside again. Turn around, grab the edge and let Lara drop and slide to the flat part of the icy rock below. Turn right and use the flats parts to get to the star. Use the tool to pry off the Star. Now slide or jump to the SE corner, drop down to the lower level, turn right and face the North and jump over the slope for the 4th Secret ~ Snowflake. Make your way back to the where you pried off the star. Climb the ladder above to the unlit torch. Then turn left and run-jump to the ledge there. The unlit torch lights up and a rope appears. Jump to the rope and use it to swing back inside. Drop to the ground and place the star in it’s receptacle in the N wall to open the trap door around the central pillar in the ceiling, and the bars to access the pillar near the entrance. Use the ladder to climb back to the entrance of this cave, run-jump to the pillar in front of you, turn right and jump to the ladder, climb around to the left and up through the trapdoor. You’ve reached the golden castle!

Shoot the vase to your right in front of the castle windows for the
Revolver Ammo and then head to the SE corner and use the maze key to access the maze.

The Revolver and Laser Sight

Enter the maze and turn left, then left again and take the Revolver from the pink gift box. Continue along this path and flick the jump-switch on the other side of the grey pillar to open a trapdoor. Run back to the beginning of the maze and go past the entrance to the other fork to drop through the trapdoor you just opened before it closes. Crawl to emerge underneath the frozen fountain and collect the Laser Sight on your right and some more Revolver Ammo in the opposite corner. Push the button on the central water fountain pillar to release the trapdoor again and crawl back out. Exit the maze and look up, spot the golden bell in amongst the decorations. Equip the revolver and laser sight and shoot the bell to open the castle doors. Winston comes out to greet you so take the Gingerbread and the Torch from the tray he’s offering.

The Cat Toy ~ Book of Ghost Stories and The Cage key

As you enter the castle, a flyby shows a large golden cat lying on top of a book and some candles that require lighting. Collect the Gingerbread from the gift box behind the cat (Lara will look at the cat lying on the book as you run past). Head into the kitchen with the torch and light it on the Christmas cake candle. Pick up the Chocolates and Candle from the bench. Go back to the main room and note the two white tiles near the front door. Throw the torch onto the top of the pillar on the left then flick the switch to the left of it for the pillar to rise. Run to the switch near the kitchen door to raise the smaller pillar and run-jump onto it. Jump to the higher pillar, pick up the torch and run-jump to the chandelier before the pillars lower. Run-jump to any side of the top level and light all 4 candles up here for the nursery door to open on the E side. Head in there and collect the Cat Toy. Pull the large teddy forward and get the Book of Ghost Stories it was sitting on. Leave the nursery and push open the doors to the bathroom, push the button behind the left towel rail to open the window behind you. Jump up there and face left – run-jump and grab the swing pole and swing to the balcony with the tree. Go past the tree and pick up the 5th Secret ~ Snowflake. Head back inside again. Open the door to the library in the SE corner and place the book of Ghost Stories on the pedestal – a bookcase to your right opens up and a ghost appears which pushes Lara around a bit but won’t hurt her. Head into the passage and collect the Cage Key from the alcove to your right (you’ll catch a glimpse of a trapdoor as you do), continue along the passage and shoot the window to collect the 6th Secret ~ Snowflake from the pedestal on the balcony.

The Cold Storage Key and Dragon Food

Head back inside then push open the doors on your left and go outside onto the balcony on the S side. Shoot the large urn on the balcony in the NW corner and jump over there, jump around the plant then shoot the other large urn at the end of this balcony for the Cold Storage Key. Head back inside. Make your way to the bottom level by run-jumping and grabbing the chandelier and using the pillars to make your way safely to the ground. Go into the kitchen and use the key to open the large walk-in fridge. Take the Dragon Food (you’ll see a cutscene of the trapdoor again).

The Book of Angels Poems

Go over to the large golden cat and give it the cat toy. Stand on it’s right side near it’s right front paw and face the cat to give it the toy. Standing in this position Screenshot works best. The cat is only mildly interested in the toy but at least it moves off the Book of Angels Poems. Take the book and the trapdoor on the top level opens. Head back up there again. Go over to the NW corner near to where the large pillar is (that looks like two blocks on top of each other) and look up to spot the opened trapdoor. Move the bottom part of the pillar (that’s because they are two blocks stacked on top of each other) underneath the trapdoor and climb up.

You’re on the roof of the castle, jump over the slope and pull the block back to read an inscription underneath it:
“The palace was built in the year 1603”
Jump back over the slope.

Moving tiles

Stand on the first tile, a tile will appear and disappear in front of you. Time your jump forward to land on it and continue around the corner jumping and landing on tiles as they appear, doing it in time to remain on the tiles at all times. Jump left into the alcove and the gate blocking this area will have opened (the gate won’t open if you missed jumping on a tile). You can push the button if you want to but that just closes the gate again.
Head left around the structure and enter the number code into the keypad: 1603 – the year the palace was built, and the gate will lower. Grab the kite and Lara falls to the ground.....

Head around to the Dragon cage and use the cage key in the lock. Turn left at the entrance and push the button to lower the bars to the dragon’s large golden food bowl. Stand on the tile and place the dragon food in the bowl. The dragon will come over and defrost the icy water for you, take the food and leave the cave.

The Altar Piece 2

Jump into the water and pull the lever to open the door, swim through and pull up into a golden room with an Angel statue. Place the book of Angels Poems on the receptacle and the door behind the Angel statue opens. Head in there to collect Altar Piece 2. The door to the right of the Angel statue opens so go in there. Push the button on the left near the trapdoor for the trapdoor to drop and climb out. A cutscene shows Lara heading back to the plane.



The Village ~ Part 2



Walkthrough by Moonpooka


Essential Items: Torch. Tool. Pail. Iron. Hot Iron. Forged Key

Secret Snowflakes ~ 1


The Torch

Lara is now back in the village with Altar Piece 2. Run ahead into the next room with the Christmas tree, then go right into the next room. Go straight ahead into the bedroom and jump up behind the head of the bed for a Torch. Now leave the bedroom and light the torch on the fire in the next room. Leave the room via the north door and head straight through the corridor and into the next room. Go right, then left and head out of the building and into the village. Run eastwards to the church and go through to the alter. Drop the torch and place the Altar Piece 2 on the banner behind the altar. You will now get a cutscene showing you a golden gate opening on one of the central houses in the village. The golden gate is behind a movable box if you haven't already moved it when you was here before.

The Tool

Pick up your torch, leave the church and go NW to the first house of the central buildings. Note there is a door with a lock on the north side of this house which you will come back to later on, but for now you need to be at the east side of the house where the newly opened golden gate is. Leave your torch somewhere safe and head through into the house. Nip up onto the corner table for the Tool, and then use the lever at the south wall to open some louvre doors up on a balcony outside. Note the hatch in the ceiling of this room and head back outside. 

The Pail

Head to the north side of the room and enter the apartment (to the right of Sparkasse). Go up the stairs, and then at the top go right and make your way to the end of the corridor. Now go left and through the newly opened louvre doors onto the balcony. Shoot the blue present ahead and take the Pail you find inside. Now return to the village square and pick up your torch. 

The Piece Of Iron

Make your way NE to the corner of the village and find an alleyway in the north wall with a close candy gate. To the right of the closed candy gate there is a house and another alleyway. Leave your torch where you can find it easily and then go into the alleyway to the right of the house. Open the door to your left and enter the house. On the north wall you can just see a small knob sticking out. This is a piece of Iron. Use the tool on the knob and Lara will prise it off of the wall. Now you need to get through the closed candy gate you saw a moment ago, so go to the SW corner of the room and save your game for a timed run, and also for a possible bug save which might happen later on. There is a lever on the south wall and using it will open up the candy gate, but the gate is timed so you need to be quick. Use the lever and then quickly make it through the candy gate and into the locksmith's garden before the gate closes. When you are safely through the candy gate it will stay open, so there is no need to do this run again if you have missed something and need to go back for it. You can also go back out now, grab your torch and leave it in the locksmith's garden. Now go to the cute snowman and use the action key at the front of it. Lara will now place the pail on the snowman's head and the door to the locksmith's workshop will open. I suggest you also save your game here for if you do happen to encounter a bug in this next part.

The Forged Key

Pick up your torch and enter the workshop. There is a dish in each corner of the room, a closed gate at the north wall with some bellows lying in front of it, a pillar at the west wall and a key press to the east.

Go to the bellows in front of the gate and use action for Lara to use them. This will stoke the fire and heat the pot. Now go to the four dishes and light them. The gate will open giving you access to the pot. Go to the pot and use action for Lara to place the iron in the pot and heat it up. Use action again and Lara will pick the Hot Iron from the pot with the tool. Now go to the key press and stand on it. Look down and you can see the indent of the key mould. Face west and use action for Lara to place the piece of hot iron in the mould on the press. Note: It is at this point some players and I had an issue. The first time I played I had no issues at all, but on a re-play my Lara began to jig about all over the place like a mad woman, but I left her to it and the game returned to normal. However, on another occasion my game crashed, and on another occasion my Lara was "stuck in limbo" and unable to move. Re-loading from my save game after opening the locksmith's door seemed to work fine for the crash issue, but not for the "stuck in limbo" issue I had to re-load from the timed lever run. Assuming all went well, the pillar at the west wall should now be down and a lever has been revealed. Use the lever to activate the press and then go collect the Forged Key from the top of the press and take it out to the village. (You no longer need the torch so leave it there).

Make your way back to the golden gate house in the village square and use the key on the lock to open the door. Now go between the houses and find the movable box in the alleyway. Move the box to the golden gate of the house, and then use the newly opened door on the other side of the house to pull the box into the house. Now place the box under the ceiling hatch, climb up and open the hatch and pull up to the room above.

Run ahead onto the balcony between the two rooms, and then turn and pull up onto the south roof of the house. Jump up ahead to the top of the roof and find the 7th Secret ~ Snowflake to your left. Now return to the balcony between the two rooms and head north into the next room. Shoot the box to your left for some Gingerbread, and then open the floor hatch and drop down. Approach the book and read it to enter the next level.



Magic Forest



Walkthrough by Moonpooka


Essential Items: Crowbar. Revolver. Laser Sight. Torch. 2 x keys. 2 x Crosses. 2 x Roses. Altar Piece 3

Secret Snowflakes ~ 5


Lara's next location takes her to a remote abandoned fairytale forest where a witch once lived. The witch; who is now long gone, hid the Altar Piece very well, and now Lara has to unravel this mysteries of this place to find the Altar Piece, and return it to the village.


Lara arrives in a dimly lit passage with a closed filigree gate behind her. You will open this gate at the end of the level.

The 1st Key and The Laser Sight

First go left and make your way around the passage. Pick up the Candle in the passage, and then head on through the triangular gap in the wall. There is a low gap in the wall behind the cob web here. Light a flare, crawl through the gap and then pull up to the right and crawl over the block. Use the "jump" key and Lara will roll forwards from the block and arrive in a tiny room. Take the 1st Key from the pedestal and then return to the passage outside. Go left to find Laser Sight at the end of the passage, and then return through the passage to the closed filigree gate. Continue on past the filigree gate and head around the passage to the left. Lara will eventually come to a beautiful snowy courtyard.

Watch the flyby for clues as this is quite a large area to explore, and there are many things to do while you are here. Lara needs to find two keys; the first of which you already have from the passage, and two crosses to place in the church. The rooms layout is as follows. On the floor ahead of Lara you can just make out two odd coloured squares on the ground. These are timed pillars which you will activate with two timed levers. At the far north wall there is a route to a new room. To your left (west) there are two buildings; the smaller building is the witch's oven and it has a fire burning inside a closed gate. The larger building is the witch's house and there are a few tasks to perform inside. Behind the witch's oven on the far west wall, there is a crawl space behind a fir tree, and to the right of the crawl space there is an unlit fire. On the right side of the witch's house there is another unlit fire. To your right (east) there is a closed gate with one of the crosses inside, and to the left of that there is a movable ice cube. Left again the is a jump switch high on the wall with a horizontal bar ahead of it, and a small cave below it. To the left of the small cave you will see a clock faced texture with a lever on it and a lowered hatch below it. This is timed lever 2. Keep looking along the east side of the room, and to the right of the small angel room you will see another clock faced texture with a lever on it behind some fir trees. This is timed lever 1. Inside the small angel room there is a timed pressure pad and an unlit fire. Ok, so now you know everything about this room and we can now proceed, and don't worry if you do things in a different order it really doesn't matter.

The Crowbar

At the front of the witch's house (west) there is a short passage to the right of the door with a hole at the entrance, and an odd tile at the end. Go to the ice cube to the right of the small cave (east side of the room) and move it to the entrance of the short passage so that it is sitting in front of the hole. Now go to the clock faced pressure pad inside the small angel room (east side of the room). Stand on the pressure pad and a block will rise in the hole. Quickly run to the ice cube and push it through into the passage and onto the odd tile at the end. Don't worry if the block lowers and the ice cube drops into the hole, you can use the pressure pad again to raise the block as many times as you need to. When the ice cube is in place you will see a gate open. This gate is through the crawl space in the far west wall behind the witch's oven. So head to the west end of the room and enter the crawl space behind the fir tree. Crawl through into the tiny cave ahead, collect the Crowbar and then head back to the main room.

The Revolver

Go to the timed lever 1 (east side of the room to the right of the small angel room). Use the lever and watch the cut scene showing you one of the raised timed ice blocks near the entrance to the room. Now wait for the lever to rise again or you won't have time to do the run. You will also hear a hatch rise when you use the lever. This is the hatch below lever 2 which is also timed. Use the lever again and then quickly run around to timed lever 2 (to the left of the small cave). Use lever 2 to raise a higher pillar by the ice block and then run to the low ice block and stand jump onto it. Now stand jump to the higher pillar and run jump to the horizontal bar to the east. Swing around the bar, jump off towards the jump switch and Lara should grab the switch and pull it down. This will open the gate in the witch's oven on the west side of the room. Now make your way over to the witch's oven and take the Revolver from the newly opened gate.

The 1st Cross

Enter the small east cave and jump up the slope to the crawl space. Make your way inside the tiny room , take a Torch from the pedestal to your right and then throw it through the crawl space into the main room. Crawl back to the main room again, pick up the torch and go to the larger building. Open the door and go inside. There is a wall torch to the left where you can light the torch; you can also light it on the candle on the table which is more fun. Ignore the rest of the room for now as you will be here later on. With the torch in hand, head back to the crawl space in the east cave and throw the lit torch through to the room beyond. Now head through to the next room and go down the stairs. Lara will arrive in a small courtyard. Watch the flyby showing you an angel with a burning pot inside a blue glass case (east cave) and then take note of your surroundings. In the corner to the left there is a pot (north) and at the north end of the room there is an ice block which you will lower shortly. There are also three ice crystals on the hills. One is to the right of the east cave and the other two are to the left. Combine your revolver and laser sight and shoot the ice crystals. This will open the gate to a secret. Now enter the east cave with the angel in a blue glass case. There is some Revolver Ammo to the right, and to the right of that there is an alcove with a gate which should now be open if you shot the ice crystals outside. Inside the gate you will find the 8th Secret ~ Snowflake. Now return to the outside area and light the pot in the corner of the room. There will be a small rumble and after that a flame will appear on the ground to the south of the pot. You now need to follow a trail of flames, and standing on each flame will activate the next one. Flame 1 is to the south. Flame 2 is up on the hill ahead. Flame 3 is down in the SE corner of the room. Flame 4 is to the right of the east cave. Flame 5 is SE inside the east cave. Flame 6 is in the SE corner of the cave. Flame 7 is in the low pit near the blue glass case. Flame 8 is at the north wall behind the hanging ice wall and the final flame 9 is out in the previous area at the north end of the room. Standing on the final flame will now lower the ice block at the north wall and reveal a lever. Use the lever and a gate back in the main room will open. Take your torch with you and return to the main room. Note: You can take the torch with you and throw it through the crawl space down into the main room. You can then use it in the main room; or you can pick another one up later on so don't worry if you didn't take this one with you. You will need the torch to gain a secret in the main room so at some point please remember to bring a lit torch back here at some point. Go to the left of the entrance to the room and enter the newly opened gate in the east wall. Use the crowbar to prise the 1st Cross off of the wall and then return outside. There is also Candle to collect in the alcove to the left as you leave the cross room.

If you have the lit torch with you then you can collect another secret now. There are four things to light. First go to the angel in the small east room and light the fire  there (1). Go to the right side of the witch's oven and light the fire at the far west wall (2). Go to the right side of the witch's house and light the fire at the west wall (3). Go to the front of the witch's house, open the door and enter the building. Go right to the closed gate in the east wall and light the candle in front of the gate (4). The gate will open and you can nip in for the 9th Secret ~ Snowflake.

The 2nd Key

While we are in the witch's house we can proceed to the next key. There is a burning fire at the end of the room with a pot of water above it. there is also a crawl space to the right of the fire. Load up your revolver and laser sight and shoot the chain holding the pot of water. The pot will fall and the fire will extinguish. Now nip into the fireplace and go through the crawl space. At the end, take the Revolver Ammo from the left and then head through the passage to the north until you come to two paths. The left path leads to a closed gate and you will come back through this later on, so ignore it for now and head through to the right and make you way through the passage until you are standing above a large pillar room.

Watch the flyby showing where you need to head to, and then take a running jump to the tall pillar to your left and catch the side of it. Climb down the pillar to ground level and then head to the north side of the room for the 10th Secret ~ Snowflake. Now go back to the climbable pillar and climb the west side to the top; but don't pull up onto the slope at the top yet. Shimmy left on this north side as far as you can and then pull up onto the top of the slope. Slide, jump with a left curve to grab the next pillar ahead, and then shimmy left, pull up, slide and left jump to the next pillar. One more slide to go now, so pull up on this final slope and slide jump to the west balcony. Go right along the balcony and stand at the open gap at the end. Face NE towards the sloped pillar, take a running jump to the top of it and then slide and grab the ceiling ladder above the slope. Make your way to the end of the ceiling ladder and Lara will drop off onto a slope below her, so slide and jump to the next slope ahead and then slide and jump into the passage in the north wall.  Head through the passage; there's nothing to the left, and continue on through the passage. You can only go one way for now as you can't pass through the blue glass partitions. At the end of the first passage, jump NW through the triangular gap into the next passage. The path to the left it's a dead end so head to the cob web at the end of the passage and jump towards it. Lara will land inside a small alcove with a box to her left. Shoot the box for some Gingerbread and then return to the passage. Enter the south passage next to the cob web and make your way through until you come to a deep trench with a ceiling ladder above it. In the trench there is a lever which opens the exit door. The north wall of the trench is climbable, so climb down into the trench to use the lever, and then climb back up the north wall and use the ceiling ladder to cross the trench. Or you can open the exit door later on when you return here later on. On the other side of the trench, go immediately left and then left again. Run straight ahead and around to the right, and then continue on through the following passage until you can see a key through a blue glass partition. Go straight ahead in the passage and continue on until you eventually arrive at the 2nd Key. Now all you need to do is make your way back to the deep trench, so head back through the passages (you can only go one way) and if you haven't already done so, pull the lever down in the trench to open the exit door. Climb up the north wall of the trench to get out, and then use the ceiling ladder above the trench to get back to the other side. head through the south passage until you can take a left turn, and then go right into a small room with a lever and a hole in the floor. Use the lever and then drop down the hole into a small room below. The room looks out over the pillar room and you need to get to the SW corner of the room. Drop down into the pillar room and pull up on the west wall. Face south and follow the path to the open gate in the south wall. At the gate entrance, turn and climb down to floor level for a Candle, and then climb the south wall ladder to the top and climb off to the right. Enter the west passage and go right for some Gingerbread, and then climb the unmarked climbable west wall to an alcove above for the 11th Secret ~ Snowflake. Now return to ground and head back to the hole. Jump NE over the hole and make your way through the passage to the gate at the end. The gate will open as you approach. Go through and make your into the south passage, and then enter the crawl space at the end, return to the fireplace in the witch's house and go back outside to the main room.

The 2nd Cross

If you have the torch to hand then take it with you. If not then don't worry you can get another one in the next room. Enter the passage at the north end of the main room and go through to the church grounds. Your task here is to open the pink hatch in the middle of the room. If you have a lit torch with you then all well and good, but if not then pull up onto to the ledge at the west wall and find a Torch at the end. Now drop back to ground, take the torch back to the main room to light it and return to this room.

There are four pots to light to open the church door and they are as follows. NW corner of the room below the torch ledge (1) On the right side of the black arched gates at the north wall (2) On the left side of the black arched gates at the north wall (3) At the top of the steps by the church door (4). You can light them now and open the church door.

Now you need to use four levers to open the central pink floor hatch. The levers are as follows. On the right side of the black arched gates at the north wall (1) To the left of the statue at the east side of the room (2) Inside the church reception area (3) A jump switch on the north wall between the two black arched gates (4) To get to the jump switch you need some help, and this is where a timed lever comes into play. The timed lever is below the torch ledge in the NW corner where pot 1 is, and it raises a pillar to the right of the church steps. This will give you access to the jump switch up on the north wall between the two black arched gates; but first you need to set up a way of getting onto the pillar. Look SW towards the entrance to the room, and below the ledge in the south wall there is an obvious pure white ice block. Pull the block out once. Go behind it and push it forwards once. Pull it out from the wall once. Push it north 4 times. Pull it out into the room once. Push it north twice and the ice block will be sitting in front of where the pillar will rise. Now go to the timed lever and use it to raise the pillar in front of the ice block. Run to the ice block, stand jump onto and then run jump to grab the pillar. Pull up immediately, run jump ahead with action to grab the jump switch and pull it down. When all the tasks above are complete the central pink floor hatch will open.

Drop down into the central hole and go down the steps. Take the Gingerbread and then prise the 2nd Cross from the wall. Now return to the church and use the1st  key to open the filigree gate. Enter the next room, use the 2nd key to open the next filigree gate and go through to the end of the church. Ahead you can see the closed gates to the alter room, and to the right of that there is a passage. In the passage there is a closed gate up in the wall and a jump switch opposite the gate. Ignore the passage for now and place the two crosses in the receptacles either side of the alter gates. The gates will open so head on through to the alter room.

At the alter there are two dishes waiting for something special to be placed in them, and a closed gate to the right of the alter. In the ceiling behind the alter and to the right there is a hole, and to the left of the alter doorway there is a lever. Go to the west wall below the hole and find that it's an unmarked climbable wall. Go up into the passage above, drop down at the end for the final 12th Secret ~ Snowflake, and then return to the alter room below.

The Two Roses

Use the lever on the wall nearby to open a gate in the passage to the right of the alter room. Go around to the passage and climb the wall to get into the newly opened alcove up in the north wall. Now face south and take a running jump from the alcove to grab the jump switch and pull down. You will now see the two black arched gates out in the church grounds open. Head back out to the church grounds, grab the lit torch and enter the newly opened gates at the north wall. Note the two stick like objects either side of the angel. Light the three pots inside the room and then watch the beautiful sight of roses blooming on the stick objects. Isn't that just gorgeous? The cut scene will also show you the alter and the closed gate nearby; so you can guess what to do next maybe? Take 2 x Roses (one from each plant) and take them back to the alter.

Altar Piece 3

Place the roses on the plates at the alter and the gate will open nearby. Enter the newly opened gate and take the Altar Piece 3. At this point you will see the exit door open back in the passage at the start of the level. Now return to the main room, head to the passage in the south wall and go back through the passage to finish the level.

The Village ~ Part 3



Walkthrough by Moonpooka


Essential Items: Piggy Bank. Coin. Bell

Secret Snowflakes ~ 0


Lara will now arrive back in the village with the final Altar piece. To leave the room, climb onto the window sill, turn around and jump forwards with action so that Lara grabs the upper ledge and pull up. Run ahead to the bridge area, and then either jump over the fence to get down to the village square or go through to the room ahead, drop down the hole in the floor to the lower room and head out to the village square.

Make your way eastwards to the church and place the Altar Piece 3 on the banner behind the altar. Watch the cut scene showing you a candy gate opening in Jutta's puppet shop, and then leave the church and head to the west side of the village.

The Piggy Bank

Enter Jutta's puppet shop and go through the newly opened candy gate. Note the coin receptacle, and a bell surrounded by a case. Now shoot the present on the pedestal and take the Piggy Bank.

The Coin

Leave the shop and head north to the Bank (Sparkasse). Place the piggy bank on the reception desk and it will open to reveal a Coin.

The Bell

Take the coin and go back to Jutta's Puppet shop. Use the coin in the receptacle to open the cage and then take the Bell and leave.

Go behind the church and use the bell on the wall at the east building. The gates will open to your left. Enter the gates and go into the room to the right. Use the wall lever on the east wall to open the rusty door to your left, and then enter the new door and go towards the book. The book will flip open as you approach it. Walk up to the book and use action for and Lara to read it. When she has finished you will be transported to the next level.


Chapel In The Mountains



Walkthrough by Moonpooka


Essential Items: Revolver. Small Waterskin. Angel key. Jerrycan. Bag of Sand. Torch

Secret Snowflakes ~ 4


The altar in the snowy village has almost been completed. Only the golden cross is still missing. It was passed on to a small chapel a long time ago, but during a big thunderstorm the chapel was struck by lightning and the roof went up in flames. As the chapel had been scarcely visited; because of its location in the mountains, the money for its restoration was saved and the building was left to its fate. Today, no-one knows where the cross is, but people say that the parish priest hid it in the catacombs of the chapel.


Run ahead into the snowy valley. Ignore the house to the left as there's nothing to do there, and continue on straight ahead until Lara slides further down into the valley and there are two routes to take. There's a long sloped route leading downwards to the left and a route leading up to the right. The right route will take you to the chapel but you don't need to go there yet, so take the left route Screenshot and make your way down until you are about half way down the slope. Now look right and notice a small alcove in the rocks with a tiny pool inside it and remember this place as you will be back here later on to fill up the waterskin. Continue on down the path until you come to a seemingly dead end. In the south wall there is a hole with a slope leading down inside it, and to the SE there is a path leading to a room. Ignore the room for now as you need the revolver to proceed in there, and go to the top of the south wall slope.

The Revolver

Inside the slope there is a pick-up but you can't get that yet, so turn around, slide backwards down the slope and grab the end of it when you reach the bottom. You can now shimmy right onto a ledge but for now that is pointless as you can't proceed with out the revolver which is on the cave floor. So drop to ground and make your way to the north side of the cave where you will find a wooden box with the Revolver inside. Now go to the right side of the east wall and climb to the highest rock there. face the east wall, grab the shimmy gap above and shimmy left until you can pull up into a crawl space. Go left when you exit the crawl space and make your way around the passage until Lara is standing at the top of a slope. Slide down the slope, and then jump forwards and grab the shimmy gap in the wall ahead. Now shimmy left until you can pull up onto a small square ledge. Face south and jump on top of the slope ahead, and then slide and grab the steps in the south wall and pull up. Run up the steps, go left at the top, and then make your way to the room at the top of the steps.

The Small Waterskin

Shoot the gargoyle head on the north wall to reveal a switch, and then use the switch to raise a block at the south wall. Now use the block to climb to the room above.

Take the Small Waterskin from the pedestal and the gate will open at the east wall. Go through and make your way along the passage until you come to a deep trench. there is a shimmy gap in the east wall, so grab it and shimmy left to the other side of the trench; but take care when you arrive on the other side of the trench as a rolling ball will come hurtling down from the upper passage, so nip into the alcove in the west wall, wait for the ball to pass and then head on up to the room at the top of the passage.

At the west wall there is closed hatch. Stand on the hatch to trigger it to open and Lara will fall through and arrive next to the room at the bottom of the long slope at the start of the level. Don't go through the door yet, go west and then through the south passage to get back to the bottom of the long slope.

You now need to fill up your waterskin, so make your way back up the long slope (NW) to the tiny pool you saw earlier (in the south rocks), fill your waterskin and then return to the bottom of the long slope. Before heading to the SE room we will grab the pick-up from the slope. Stand facing the slope in the south wall and keep to the right. As you slide down you will see a ledge to your right, so jump onto it and Lara will arrive next to some presents on the ledge. Shoot the presents for some Chocolates and then drop onto the slope and slide back down into the cave. Climb the east wall rocks as before and use the shimmy gap to get back to the steps up in the south wall. Make your way back through the following rooms until Lara arrives back at the small cave. Enter the north door and go through to the room at the end of the passage.

The Angel Key

Shoot the gargoyle head on the west wall, and then use the switch behind it to trigger a cutscene showing the gate you entered here by closing, and spikes will activate inside the passage. A new gate will also open on the east side of the room, so go there and take the Angel Key from the alcove. When Lara takes the key the hatch below her will open and she will drop into a hole. There is a crawl space to the north, so go through, and then at the end hit the "forwards + jump" keys and Lara will roll out of the crawl space and tumble down into the sewers.

Let the currant take Lara along the watery passage west, and then swim into the north passage. You can pull out of the water here on the ledge to your left. There is a wall ladder here and a lever. Use the lever to open a hatch above the ladder, and then make your way up the ladder to the room at the top.

The Jerrycan

You are now inside the house you saw at the start of the level. Shoot the presents at the east wall for Chocolates ~ Revolver Ammo ~ Gingerbread ~ Flares, and then go to the SE corner for the Jerrycan. Now enter the right west room and find the 13th Secret ~ Snowflake in the bath. You can also pick up the small present in the bath but it is not an item. Maybe it's just a small pressie for Lara to take home? In the next room you can pick up some more Revolver Ammo and some more Gingerbread, and then return to the main room. Shoot out the window on the right side of the south wall and then climb out through the window to get back to the snowy valley.

Now it's time to visit the Chapel. Head west along the side of the house, and then go left and slide down to the lower area where there were two routes to take. This time, take the route to the right and continue on this oath until you come to the Chapel. Go along the side of the Chapel and find the open door in the south wall. Before you enter the Chapel though, go straight past the Chapel door and then go right. At the west wall of the Chapel you will find the 14th Secret ~ Snowflake. Now return to the Chapel door and head through.

On the pillars at the east wall you will find two jump switches. Use the jump switches and watch the cutscene of two hatches opening in the Chapel floor in the west room, thus revealing the Chapel's hidden catacombs. Enter the west room, but before dropping down the floor hatches go through to the far west room and find the 15th Secret ~ Snowflake in the corner of the SW flower bed. Now you can drop down through one of the floor hatches into the catacombs below. 

The Bag of Sand

In this first room, move the short box away from the east wall to reveal a crawl space, and then crawl inside for the Bag of Sand. If you need to return to the above areas of the level you can do so by moving the box under one of the ceiling holes, and then use it to stand on so that you can jump and grab the upper flooring and pull out of the catacombs. All being well though, and you have all your much needed items, head down the stairs to the south, note the closed gate at the bottom of the stairs, and then continue on down the stairs to the left and through the following passage until you come to another closed gate. You have the Angel Key for this gate and can use it now if you wish, but do not go messing with any of the element scales inside the new room. You need to do the entire element puzzle in one go or the puzzle may not work, so let's go get the fire before playing around with anything.

The Torch

Light a flare to see the movable block in the west wall, and then pull it out to reveal a hidden passage. Enter the passage and find the 16th Secret ~ Snowflake straight ahead of you, and then climb the ladder to your left to get to the upper room. Grab the Chocolates from the pedestal then take a Torch from the other pedestal and light it on the fire behind the glass window, at the north wall. Now throw the torch down the ladder hole and climb down. Use the Angel Key on the gate nearby (if you haven't already), and then pick up the torch and take it through to the element puzzle room.

The Element Puzzle

Drop the torch and approach the element scales. From right to left, the first scale needs Earth, so empty the Sandbag into the scale. The next scale to the left needs Air and Lara will provide this herself by using her own Breath. To do this, stand Lara in front of the scale and use the "action" key for her to breathe on the scale. You will know if this is working because you will hear Lara making the same breathing sound she makes when she has been swimming underwater and comes up for air. The next scale to left needs Fire, so empty the Jerrycan into the scale, and then light it with the Torch. The final scale to the left needs Water, so empty the Waterskin into the scale, and then watch the cutscene showing you the final gate opening and the Cross in the room beyond. You can leave the room now and make your way back through the passage to the gate you saw earlier on the stairs.

The Cross

Enter the newly opened gate, and in the new room, take the Cross from it's resting place.


The Final



Walkthrough by Moonpooka


In this final level, Lara arrives inside the village church and she is dressed beautifully for the occasion in her black evening gown. Lara moves very gracefully so don't rush it, and walk her to the altar in style. Place the Cross on the altar between the two red candles. Now watch the stunning cutscene of the village complete with Christmas tree, and the game characters Winston, Piggy, the lady Ghost and Herman the Dragon will join Lara in the church as she sings for us "I'll Be Home For Christmas". What a perfectly enchanting ending to this beautiful Christmas adventure. Many thanks to Masha, Clara, Eva and Spongebob.