Courel's Sands (Remake)

Level by AngelR

Walkthrough by Yoav

Courel's Sands Part 1

Start the level in big room. Shoot the north vase for desert ranger ammo, then shoot the south vase for medipack. Continue south and climb the wall, at the top light flare and look for jumpswitch in the pit. Take backjump, grab/pull it down to open a south gate at the far wall, then run and jump the next wall and climb out. Keep south, jump the next pits to the end and collect more desert ranger ammo, then enter the opening alcove and get the Crowbar. Back to the beginning for sliding the west tunnel full of spikes and climb a short wall, go through the doorway and sprint down while triggering spiked boulders, reach the north doorway. Climb up and follow the west passage, deal with demigod, then look for north crawlspace. Crawl but drop down only the east side, otherwise you get killed by boulder. Ahead is a big room with marked trap tiles, so watch where you step and reach the east dark room, collect there medipack. Continue to the north room and get there shotgun ammo and extra desert ranger ammo, then back to the passage you came from.

At the west wall there is block you can pull out and follow the next passage into a burial chambers. While mummies start closing you run and jump over the north-west platform and pick up the Torch. Light it by the torch wall, then head over the grave and light four candlesticks. Follow out the north opened doors and take a running jump across the gap to land onto a sloped plate. Let for the spiked boulders pass you by standing between them, then run up and go west. Collect a laser rifle normal ammo but quickly run from there, avoiding from the boulder trap. Continue over to a deep pit and jump a tall column while beetles come crawling out. Reach the west room and get an extra laser rifle normal ammo ammo from pedestal. Jump back two columns and take another jump north, climb the first column but quickly jump forward to the next column and reach the higher place avoiding the beetles.

Go to the north hole and drop down onto a high block, safety drop south to the floor and later drop into another room with marked trap tile. Pick up shotgun ammo from a safe tile, then reach the south wall and climb up for more laser rifle ammo. While beetles show up, reach the north wall and climb out. Head east across the room with dart arrows and drop through the hole onto a block. Reach the north block and climb down to the floor, look for a tall jumpswitch at the far west wall, you will use it later. Proceed south, jump over a deadly gap, take the left side of the platform and get from the pedestal a Desert Ranger.

Go to the other side, jump into a water hole, dive and swim into a large flooded room. Find the south underwater passage, at the end pick up the Lasersight and the Right Half. Swim back to find the east ceiling hole and pull out into a room, but be careful where you step, there's hidden blade and spiked boulders here. Climb the block, get the clips, then use the crowbar as lever to open the north gate, then take from alcove shotgun ammo. Back to the water and swim into the north passage, time the spikes, then switch to a tunnel and timing again the spikes you have to swim through and reach the exit hole. Pull into a tunnel and once again time the flames, climb the block, then climb up the east wall into an upper tunnel. Facing west and pull down the jumpswitch, climb again and follow to the end of the tunnel. Collect the Left Half and kill the dog, when the gate will open get the clips.

Make your way back to the underwater pool and swim to get outside. Near the platform deal with demigod. When you're done with him load up your desert ranger and combine it with the lasersight. Look for a tall lion head at the north-west corner then simply shot his mouth. Now cross the deadly gap again and back to the earlier west jumpswitch, climb the raising block, jump and pull it down to open door somewhere. Return to the platform and climb up, combine the two halves to get Courel's Pendant. Place it at the receptacle to open doors next to you and trigger two bulls at the tunnel entrance. Run inside while beetles show up from the walls and follow it by jumping over spikes holes. At the end climb the wall into a room above and get welcomed by a bull, kill two yellow harpies, then reach the south-west ladder and climb up into a crawlspace. Press the tile inside and crawl out, run east and safety drop through the opened grate.

At the top of the slope shoot the north vase for medipack and south vase for shotgun ammo, then slide down at this side for standing safe onto a small square. Look for a tall lion head at the south wall, then load your desert ranger and shot his mouth. Now slide down to the ground while triggering spiked boulders and head over to the north raising block, climb to the top and reach the hole above. Keep climbing up and pull into the passage for ending this level.

Courel's Sands Part 2

Follow outside the passage to a large sandy area surrounded by tall walls. Head south-east behind the wall for shotgun ammo and north-west wall for medipack. Back and climb to the top of the center column. Take standing jump to the west breakable tile and another jump over the wall. Push the block twice onto the north tile and get screenie of an unknown passage with closed gate you will reach later. Drop to the ground and climb again the column, this time run and jump to the east breakable tile and one more jump over the wall and push the block onto the tile. Reach the top of the column again, jump/grab the north ledge. Jump forward the next two breakable tiles and reach the ledge but don't follow it.

However, stand facing south and take jump to the breakable tile and another one to the east ledge, then throw the switch. Facing north and jump to the breakable tile but quickly turn around (south) grab the breakable tile above. Pull up and jump the next two breakable tiles, jump east once, then south onto a breakable tile. Keep east again and jump forward three breakable tiles, then south four breakable tiles and last jump to the east ledge, throw there a switch to open a gate somewhere. From the ledge you are standing take series of jumping the north breakable tiles and safety drop onto an earlier ledge and follow it to a new sandy area.

Kill a few small red scorpions on your way and find an opened alcove, get there the Grenade Gun. A little bit further reach a water hole, dive and swim the tunnel into a big pool, then pull out east to Seth Kingdom. Head south and enter the opened gate, by throwing a timed switch you open a north gate but you also wake up Seth and his dog. Sprint to the open gate, enter inside the room and throw there another timed switch that opens the second south gate. Take the best running of your life over there, enter the room and throw another timed switch to open the second north gate. Dash over there, enter to the room and get the Torch. Light it at the torch wall, then head over to the candlestick in front of the statues cat and light them. Head north-east and climb the raising block, then jump north and pull down the jumpswitch to open the east exit door.

Climb the east block and go through the opened door, then slide onto a block. Run and jump to the block into a deadly water and reach the third block. Then jump over to the south burning block (at my game the fire does not burn Lara!! Possibly bug here or maybe not) and the next three blocks, then jump into the passage and run to the end for Secret. Pick up a medipack, then go back to the blocks and reach the east opening. Look for closed gate you will open later and follow the passage until reaching a big deadly water pool. Jump over to the south ledge and keep to the burning ledge, then run to the end and climb the blocks. Face to north, jump/grab the upper ledge, run and jump two ledges, then stand facing west.

Run and jump over to the breakable tile, grab it, pull up and run/jump over the next one. Do so twice and you reach a ledge. Now take a running jump to the south deadly ledge but grab only and shimmy left, then pull up the second ledge. Keep jumping over the burning ledge and climb up the ladder, then do backflip to land onto a ledge. From the ledge take a long running jump over the deadly ledge and grab the next one after it, then jump over to the bridge and follow it east. Kill the bats on your way and at the end throw the switch, you get a screenie of a gate opening. Go back about half way bridge and take a running jump over the south breakable tile and grab it, pull up and run jump the next two tiles, then grab the ladder. Climb up and do backflip to land onto a ledge with flame. Face north and take a running jump over to the breakable tile and without stopping run and jump the next two tiles, then grab the last and pull up, jump forward over the ledge with fire. From the ledge take back jump onto the east breakable tile and quickly jump west onto upper breakable tile, then jump up grab the ceiling. Do monkeyswing all over the ceiling until you reach the opening and enter a maze.

Notice! There is a flare bug here. (Somehow, the flares do not work when you hold one, only if you drop it.) Take left and pass on a closed gate and just before you reach the passage with a hole light flare, but throw it and look for jumpswitch at the south wall. Pull it down to open a gate somewhere, then reach the hole and jump east into an alcove for throwing first switch out of four that will open the gate you earlier passed. Back to the hole and jump forward into the next alcove and throw there another switch. Back and go the other side, turn right and you reach a crawlspace, throw there a switch then turn left and to the end, throw the last switch and the gate is open. Back and turn to the right, at the end find a ladder to climb into a room. At this room you find opened gate which is a Secret, so take from the pedestal Walther with clips.


Now back the beginning of the maze and find another gate you opened and throw there a switch, get a flyby of the deadly pool becoming normal water and a gate opening. Jump into the pool, swim north and pull out, climb the wall and follow the passage, enter the opened gate. Pick up the Shotgun in the corner, kill two demigods, then step onto the gray tile to open the north gate. By jumping, sliding and part of a monkeyswing pass the deadly floor. A little bit further enter the gate you opened years ago, crawl and drop down, then jump and slide twice over deadly floor and grab the ladder. Climb up, follow the passage, climb the higher passage and collect the Laser Rifle and shotgun ammo for a Secret. Slide back and climb up the stairs, somewhere in the middle you end this level.

Courel's Sands Part 3

Keep climbing up the stairs and reach deadly water pool. Grab the rope and swing, land on the breakable tile, grab the next rope and swing, land on the breakable tile. Quickly jump to the next breakable tile and over the opening. Get a long flyby showing you the next huge room and ends with opening gate and two dogs running out. Kill those dogs and enter the east gate, step on the trigger tile and the left gate opens. Kill two harpies, step on the tile and the right gate opens. Kill another two harpies and step on the tile to open a left gate at the south wall. Kill a few bats, then trigger the bull, enter and pull a jumpswitch to open a middle gate. Deal with a demigod, a small scorpion, flying cockroach and crocodile, then throw two switches to open the right gate. Kill another demigod and crocodile, step on the tile to open the left gate at the north side. Go over there, kill an extra demigod and flying cockroach, step on the tile to open a middle gate. Deal with demigod, a small scorpion, crocodile and dog, throw two switches to open the last gate. Kill demigod and harpy, enter and step on the tile and climb up the ladder, then follow the passage until the exit opening.

Jump the ledges west, then south, reach a lever and push it. Reach and climb the east raising block, do a monkeyswing and drop onto a ledge. Pull up the north tile, turn around and grab the south higher ledge. Jump to the burning ledge and take another jumping over two north tiles. Grab the east tile and jump forward once, jump the south tile and grab the east higher tile. Pull up and grab the west higher tile, jump twice and pull up the ledge. Throw the switch, then shoot a tall lion head in the north wall. Jump south, collect revolver ammo, climb down the ladder to get back onto an earlier burning ledge and climb into the alcove. Throw there a switch to open a gate somewhere. Climb back to the upper ledge and use two ropes to reach the east opening.

At the maze follow the passage. Pass a closed gate and jump a hole, don't go left just keep forward, jump two holes, climb up the stairs into a room and pull the block. In the alcove throw a timed switch to open the gate. Run back and climb up the stairs, at the top drop into a hole and get the Torch. Back to the beginning passage and light the torch. Now you have to light five torch walls to open a gate. Light the first in the hole where you find the torch, light the second right after you jump the burning hole and light the third in the room. Back and climb up another stairs, turn right and light the fourth torch wall, then go to the other side, find a closed gate. Throw your torch into the crawlspace, crawl, hang the hole and shimmy around, follow the passage and go down a tall stairs. At the room find the torch, then light the last torch wall in the east and the gate is open.

Now throw the north and south switches to open another two gates in this room. Get from the north pedestal a medipack and throw the switch, then take a Key from the south pedestal, the west switch is a trap. Leave the room and reach the opened gate. Enter and jump into the fountain, swim into the north-east tunnel and climb out. Shoot two vases, get rifle ammo and medipack. Pass the burning passage and the moving blade and throw the switch. Swim back to the fountain, pull out and enter east, use the key you have to open the door. By following the Via Dolorosa passage to the end you finish this level.

Courel's Temple

Reach a deadly water pool.
Use two ropes, land onto a breakable tile and immediately jump into the west alcove and get grenade normal ammo. Jump the next two breakable tiles, enter a sandy area and get flyby of Courel's Temple. Kill a few small scorpions and head over toward the temple. Pull lever nearby the right pillar, shoot two vases, get a medipack and rifle ammo. Enter the opened door inside a black maze. Take right until the spikes, turn left past another spikes and throw a switch to raise block outside. Back to the first spikes and turn right, jump a hole with flame, go straight at the spikes junction and throw another switch. At spikes junction turn left, jump a hole and turn right, pass the moving block, jump anoher hole and get from the pedestal Hourglass Of Darkness #1. Back to spikes junction, turn left, then right twice, pass the spikes then the hole and later a moving block. Pass the spikes and once again the moving block into the east alcove and get from the pedestal Hourglass Of Darkness #2.

Exit the maze and climb the raising block onto balcony. Go west, jump to the burning ledge and the next ledge and pull the lever, then to the balcony. Enter a shallow water place and kill two harpies. Press two face switches, then climb the ladder and backflip into a room above. Kill another two harpies and once again press two face switches. Climb up the stairs until the exit opening, drop outside and pick up the Torch. Return back to the room you came from and light your torch at the north torch wall. Back again and this time light the two golden statues, drop the torch and pick up revolver ammo from the south-east corner then make your way down.

Reach the ground and deal with T-Rex. Once the T-Rex dies a gate will open south-east. Place an hourglass in each statue to open another door south-east, then go over there. Follow the passage with several moving blocks, at the end climb up a tall stairs and and reach the exit opening. By running over toward the Jeep you end this level forever.