Moon Mountain (Demo)

Level by Gerardo Sierra

Walkthrouth by Yoav

Note: There is no compass, so my walkthrough will be phrased accordingly. Thanks.

Start the level by standing in a bedroom at the second floor inside a villa. Pick up A Little Hint and read it, then follow out the room. Notice you can open each door by approach, feel free to check those rooms. Later go down the stairs to the living room, again open doors by approach. When you enter the kitchen go right, open the door and get from the alcove Anniversary Gift. Follow out the kitchen and go right, open the door and get outside to the parking. Head over the gate, it will open for you and follow out to the street. Go over to the tree and look for a house wall, you can climb up into an alcove and find there another Anniversary Gift. Go back to the parking and climb a short wall and jump to the garden.

Go to the right and find a hole you can climb down under the villa. Crawl into a crawlspace, then slide down and drop into the water. Swim forward and get Anniversary Gift. Roll swim into a small opening and watch from the ceiling hole, it's a trap and the left tunnel is a dead-end. However, swim forward over the plant and further into a big room. Generally you have to swim around and find the next tunnel and get title on your screen, "Where am I?... Where am I going to?..." Swim into a tiny opening and get from the alcove Anniversary Gift. Keep swimming further and switch to a large tunnel, pick up the pistols on your way (but they will not show in the inventory) and find the exit ceiling hole. Get out and take the right passage until you reach a pit with deadly floor. Simply run and jump forward to grab an invisible rope and swing forward.

Reach a place with Lara statue and three doors. First enter the middle passage (watch from the spike trap) and take from a table Anniversary Gift. Now take the right passage and follow to the end and pull there a lever. Turn back and enter the left passage and proceed into a white passage. Crawl into a crawlspace and reach a pool, jump into the water and pull an underwater lever. Get out and follow the passage, climb up the stairs and go through the door you just opened. Climb onto a grate ledge and follow the next passage by opening doors one by one, collect Anniversary Gift on your way and reach a new room. Go to other side and collect four Moon Stones from their pedestals, then go through the opening gate to the end of the next passage. Press the switch and follow the next passage blocked by spikes. So climb the wall into a crawlspace and pass to a final room. Take A poem for you from the pedestal and read it, this will be the end of the level (there is no trigger finish here).