The Heart of the Saxons (Demo)

Level by Tombs On The Brain (James Johnson)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level by sliding down rocks. Go forward and kill the first soldier you meet, then climb the north rocks but take a simple jump west for a medipack, then climb to the top. Follow the path and kill another soldier, get his clips, then slide down to the lower place. Just before you reach the closed door, look for a high crawlspace at the west rocks, you can crawl into a cave. By crossing the shallow water east you find an alcove so pull inside for shotgun ammo. Cross it back, then go west, climb the wall into a torture room. Climb up the pillar and move right to land onto a ledge and follow it south over the door. Kill the knight and enter the room, get the Rusty Key from the pedestal, then make your way back outside of the cave.

Deal with two soldiers, then open the west door by throwing the switch. Enter the castle and use the key to open the second door inside the passage. Enter the room and kill the attacking knight. Collect the flares from skeleton, then grab the pole and pull up and backflip onto a small ledge and take the Gundulf's Cross from the pedestal. Jump to the south ledge and follow the next room outside, go left and kill two soldiers. Face east and jump over the rock, then north and reach the higher wall, follow it to the end. By throwing the switch you get a short flyby that shows you an opening door. Go back down, the south door is closed. However, climb the wall and jump south-west to find the real opened door.

Drop to the floor and go north, at the second room kill the knight and get the Keep Key he will drop. Climb down through hole in the floor and go south. Pull the switch to open the door and follow outside the castle. Head north and climb up the stone stairs and jump west. By using the keep key at the keyhole you open doors of another castle. Not much doing here but feel free to explore this castle. I found here two closed doors and stairs that lead you to a higher ledge, that's all. Anyway, go outside and head south over to the horizon and shortly you'll end this demo.