Skribblerz Stones 3 - Catacombs Reloaded.


Level by Jonson


Walkthrough D&G Productions.


Lara slides into a catacomb, the room has a gate and a door to be opened later. Head E down the passage to the next room. To the left are some Flares, in the N side of the room, in the S wall is a crawlspace, get in and use the lever to raise a block. Go SE and gat a small medipack, in a passage S is Shotgun ammo. Then look for the raised block near the vase W and climb up N to the ledge in the structure. From there a jump into an opening NE and follow through, hop over the gap to the ledge under the monkey bars W and grab up. Follow them around to a crawlspace left, drop and grab to get in there. Go through to a room with a lever, throw it to open the gate in the first room. Get out S and go W up the steps. Into the gate N and go right, shoot the crocs coming out of the room with the pool.


Go into the passage E and take a left, up the blocks and stand on the highest part of the opening to the room below. Jump to the ledge with the lever and throw it, a block goes down S. Slide down from the ledge and enter E again, this time take a right and go to where the block is lowered. Jump left around the corner to the grid and follow the passage in, run through to a terrace where you can take care of the Ninjas. Enter the passage N and go through to a dark alcove N, in the right hand wall is a push block. Get it out and move it aside to enter the hidden passage, climb the blocks to get to the upper balcony. Jump to the ledge W where you see a kind of object, behind it lies the Shotgun. Jump back to the balcony and grab up to the monkey bars, follow them to the opening SE and drop. Go in and that trapdoor straight S leads back to the start of the level. Go left and drop down, in the SE corner of the next room is a push block SE, pull it out twice and go around to get into the passage behind it.


Room with the Monkey bars.


Grab up and go over to that central floor. Straight S is a block that has to be lowered, take either right or left first;

W – Go to the opening and the whole W wall consists of pushblocks. Push the most left hand block all the way in and then move a block standing at the W wall, to the N. Go into the niche W and use the first lever for the red block. Go back to the central floor in the Room with the Monkey bars.

E – Left around the corner is a lever on the wall to raise a block E, climb it and grab up to the ledges above, jump to the SW corner to use the second lever and the red block goes down. Return to the central floor in the Room with the Monkey bars and go S.


S – Torch Puzzle.


Go down one of the ladders and shoot the black panther. Go into the room and find a lever behind the cat statue on the NW ledge, throw it to ignite some wall scones. Go back to the ladders S and climb up a bit so you can backflip into the opening with the Torches. Throw some down and go down too. Ignite one Torch at the wall scone N and go into the opening with the ladders to ignite the scone there, a door opens up. Climb back up the ladder and backflip off onto the ledge where the Torches were (are).


Raising Blocks.


Go down S and down the blocks to reach a large room. Shoot the Panthers and dive into the pool, there are Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the bottom. Swim through a passage N to get an additional Shotgun and the climb out of the pool on the S side. You have to raise a series of blocks in the N side of the room by using a series of levers. Go SW and use the lever on the N wall there.

Go back E and right into the passage where the door opened, up the ladder and out onto the ledges. Go W and jump into the alcove there to use lever #1. Jump back to the ledges and go jump to those ledges S, follow to the W end and jump around the corner to the lower alcove W, use lever #2. Drop to the floor and go into that passage S with the ladder again, because you have to go up to the ledges once more.

In the SE corner (seen from the ledges) is another alcove with a lever. Jump over there and use lever #3, jump back to the ledges and go N a bit. Jump into the alcove E and save at the Timed lever there, pull turn left and jump a bit to the right onto the ledges, roll and jump to a trapdoor raised near the waterfall, landing on the left side. Turn left and hop to the passage NE. Go on and grab a crack N to go around the pillar to the next ledge and go N, where a panther attacks. Look on the pillar there and use lever #4. Run and jump W onto the slanted floor and grab the edge when you slide off, shimmy left and go through that passage, up the blocks to use lever #5.


The Portal Guardian.


Get down to the ground floor and climb the wall with the raising blocks to use the lever on top. Big blocks lowered in the pool below, run and dive down SW to swim through W. Follow and dodge the croc. Get the Portal Guardian in the next room and a small medipack is there for you too. Climb out and throw the lever in the passage N to open up a door above, climb the wall to get back to the start of the level. Take a right down the steps and go right at that raising block, place the Portal Guardian and the door opens up. Go in and slide down, don’t worry you are safe.


The Big Wheel.


You’ll end up in a room with a Big wheel. Go W and straight through the next room with some panthers to the last room. In the NW corner, on the pillar is a lever to open a trapdoor in the SE corner, go there and up the ladder. Backflip off on the level of the trapdoor and hop up onto the ledge next to you, jump over to the W side and get onto the block NW, climb up N. Go line up for the rope swing to the ladder SE (better save on the rope) and go up the ladder, climb left and backflip onto the block behind.

Jump over to the rope ledge and go to a lever on the W wall. Save there and pull, roll and run left to that raising block NW. Hop onto the block and immediately jump straight up to grab the monkey bars. Go to the block NE and stand on the NW corner facing SW to jump and grab the ledge above the monkey bars. Grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy right to that ladder SE.


Timed Trapdoor Jump.


Save at the lever and pull, turn right, run to the ladder and jump up to grab up high. Go up and climb right over the ledge. Drop and turn more that 90 degrees so you are facing about NW and run, then jump with a left curve to a timed platform, this allows you to do a running jump curved right to get over that slope ahead (Video)


Grab up W and get the Mysterious Gem. The whole place floods, swim to the ledge left of the lower part of the E ledge (waterfall) and climb up, you’ll slide down onto the ledge below. Look down for a safe spot to drop into the water far below (close to the waterfall) and get down. Swim all the way back E to that Big wheel and stand in front of it facing E. Use Ctrl to get on the wheel and jump off to grab the grid, go N and pull up into an opening above. Climb the W wall and keep on climbing up blocks till you end up in front of a dark yard. Shoot the panthers and go to the far SW corner, throw the lever and go into the opened door behind you.

Carefully make your way through this Boulder Cave where Boulders will drop down everywhere. In the end you can climb up to the Pyramid of the Stone.


The Pyramid of the Stone, the Magic Head.


Go into the structure and to the N side of the central room where you can enter and place the Mysterious Gem on the block. A door opens up, go out and climb the left hand ladder next to the entrance, backflip with roll to grab the wall behind you. Go to the E side corner pillar and face N and jump to grab a crack in the rock wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up at the opened door, shoot the Panther from up here and drop down. Go N and follow the cave to a lever, that lever will lower some blocks. Go back S and open the door, go left and climb up where the blocks went down. Grab the Magic Head and watch the flyby of a boulder opening up a wall that connects to the start of the level. Go through SE, shoot the panther and go S through the gate, around the right hand corner is the big head where you can place the Magic Head.


The Pyramid of the Stone, the Skribblerz Stone.


Go into the opened door and shoot the Ninja before throwing the lever. The Skribblerz Stone shows up on the Pyramid. Either go back through the opened door in this passage which means you have to make your way back through the Boulder cave, or go back the way you came here, out of this passage left and follow the caves back to the Pyramid. Climb the ladder N again and go up to the top of the Pyramid to get the Skribblerz Stone.


The level ends.