Legacy Christmas

Level by Arakanga (January, 2009)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level is very short and easy and probably does not need a walkthrough. But it got a high rating. Create a Save directory in the TRLE directory where you installed the game. Otherwise, the game crashes when you try to save. [End note]

You start in front of a closed gate. Go to the north-west and push open the double door. You enter what seems to be an opium den. Go to the woman sitting in the corner and pick up a hard-to-see
piece of coal off the floor near the woman's right hand. Exit the room and loop around to the right. Go to the west wall and push open the door. You enter a room with boxes. Go to the north-west corner and push a moveable box to the east. Pick up a bucket from the floor.

Exit this room and open the door in the south wall. Enter the room and get a short flyby of the woman on stage singing. There is a drum player near her. There is a male dancer on the floor and a man on the sofa. At the west wall is a closed gate and a key lock. Pull back the small table with the Christmas tree. Pick up a
puzzle piece off the floor. Push the table back as it blocks the entrance door.

Go to the east wall and push open the double doors. You enter another room. A figure that looks like Death is behind the bar in the corner. Go to the table and pull down the handle on the toaster. You get a cut scene of a gate opening. Exit this room and return to the level start. Go through the open gate and enter the room with a pool table. Go north and past a closed gate. Then go west to enter another room. You get a flyby of a man playing a piano.

Enter the room and go to the north-west corner. Place the puzzle piece in the receptacle on the north wall. You get a cut scene of a gate opening to the outside snowy area. Go west into that outside snowy area. Go south-west and place the bucket on the head of the snowman. You get a cut scene of a gate opening somewhere.

Go north-east to find an open gate and enter an alcove. Press the pushbutton on the back wall. You may notice a motorcycle behind the closed north wall gate. You cannot get it. Exit and return to the piano room. Exit this room and enter the open gate ahead of you.

Enter the room and loop around to the left. Pull back a table with a Christmas tree. Move the table three tiles east and three tiles south onto a tile with a star-like design. You get a cut scene of a key near a bust on a pedestal. Go south and loop around the room. Pick up
key from the floor near the pedestal. Exit this room and go south to an open gate.

You enter a small room with a closed gate. Pick up a
carrot from the lamp on the table near the entrance. Exit this room and go generally south-west to return to the room with the singer and drummer.

Use the key in the key lock to open the door. You enter a room with a Christmas tree. There is a woman decorating the tree and another woman in the corner reading a book. Pick up a
present from the floor near the tree. It is on the north side next to Christmas cards on the floor. When you pick it up, you can see a Christmas card on the floor. It states "Merry Christmas Frohe Weihnachten wunscht: Tifa Nazah". The card also has an interesting cover design. Exit this room and return to the outside snowy area again.

Combine the coal and carrot to make a snowman face. Place the face on the snowman to the north-west. Return through the piano room again. Return south to the room where you found the carrot. The corner gate is open. Enter the gate and place the present on the table. You get a flyby back to the snowy area. The camera shows a Merry Christmas and crashes to the desktop. This is the correct ending according to the author's notes.