Kronicles of Kage 2.


Level by Aza.


Beta walkthrough by G&D Productions. 


Turn E from where you drop and jump over the water to get the Flares. Return to where you started and go N into the cave, pick up the Revolver ammo and throw the lever (screen of a gate). Go out and SW to that brick arch with the gate behind it. On the arch, facing E are 2 Jump levers, use them. Now go S along the bank of the river and left in the end to get into a small cave to find Revolver ammo and a lever on the left. The gate opens, go back out and to the N, left of that wooden bridge is the gate that opened. Enter with care.


Pushing a Cage.


Jump left passing the moving block.

For a secret, turn around, there are 2 grey tiles on the floor. Stand on the S side one and step on the next, the moving block will start up. Hop back from the tile when the block is in the back of the passage, revealing a crawlspace to the left. Now jump over the trigger tile and get into the crawlspace to get Secret #1, a Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back to the room with the cage.


Push the cage from N to the grey tile S (get Revolver ammo from where the cage was standing). On the left pillar is a lever, a door opens S where two lizards have to be killed.

In the left hand lizard cage is a Medipack and in the other one Revolver ammo and a lever to raise the cage up to the level above. Go to the NE corner of the floor above and face W, backflip onto the slanted floor and jump to grab the floor above. Push the cage to the W side onto the tile there.

This raises a block N to get to the other side of the room.


Burners, the Purple Gem.


Take a running jump passing the moving block to the W, you have to clear the corner there.

Use the lever there, save and turn left. Time the burner and stand-jump forward to grab up to the monkey climb. Avoid all burners to get to the end (if the gate there is closed you must have touched the floor somewhere).

Grab the Purple Gem and safety drop to the ground floor outside.


Fire Pit, the Silver Gem.


Go E over the wooden bridge, once inside run of NE into the pit and drop down to the bottom. Go into the passage SW and use the lever. The passage is suddenly flooded, swim out and climb back up to the top to get the Silver Gem from the pedestal.

Go back out, over the bridge and go NW to the gate behind the arch (where the two jump switches were). Place the gem next to the gate (behind the vines).


Broken Bridge.


To the right are Flares, on the left is a broken bridge, jump in the water below and get a small medipack NE, climb out E and hop into the cave S (next to that ladder) Stand on the SW corner and face E, side flip to the right onto the slanted rock and jump to grab the ladder. Shimmy to the right and down as far as possible and you will drop into an opening (in the water) in the far SW corner of this cave. Follow through, climb out and get past those spikes to where a gate opens up. Go through, climb the ladder and use that lever to the left to activate a Hammer. Now head S and follow through to where you can drop down a shaft and end up in the water, swim N to the pool and climb a newly raised block under the broken bridge. Climb up along the bridge.


The Old Temple.


Enter the building, go into the passage to the right and jump in an alcove for a small medipack. Now go further down into the building. After the flyby shoot a wasp, go W to a large area. Turn right and go NW and when the camera changes go NE and find a banana plant. Behind it climb the rocks and jump SW onto the rocks there.

Make your way up and up to the N, then jump up onto a rock E and get a Medipack and the Revolver. Jump down SE and jump over to the ledge SE to get the Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go down S and to the far SE corner where you can climb up, shoot the Demigod (or whatever) and get his Gate Key.

Get down on the ground and go SW, climb up S then run jump to the NW. Go up the stairs for some Flares, then head all the way down the stairs and use the key on your left. Flip the lever inside, and back up the stairs and to slide down to the ground floor.


Another Demigod appears on a ledge W, shoot him as well (will leave behind a Gem). Drop down and go N to the banana plant again. Climb the rocks and jump SW onto the rocks there. Go all the way to the highest corner against the stonewall.

Face N and grab up to a ridge and shimmy all the way left along this ridge till you can drop onto the ledge where the Silver Gem is. Drop to the ground.


Insert the two gems on the ground floor on the pillars, this lowers the blocks W. Climb into a crawlspace left where the blocks lowered and get Secret #2, another Gate Key. Climb back out and enter the hall W.


Shoot the wasps and some lizards that will appear in this room. NE is a small room, go in and climb all the way to the top for a Medipack, get out again. Head straight W and find that ladder next to the triangular opening. Climb up and use the Key to get inside and pick up the real Secret, the MP5 gun (Shotgun). Get down to the ground floor.


Preparations for the Stone.


Up in this hall are 3 large beams that have to be turned so they all point inwards to the blue pyramid in the middle.

Go SE up the stairs, climb ladder and turn around when you get out onto that balcony. Grab up E to the ledge above and have a look at the S wall for the clue how to get over the deadly floor. The different textures resemble safe spots on the floor. So the first tile is safe, then run-jump to the third row at the S wall, then over to the 5th row along the fence N. From there go to the block W; climb up to the floor where you find the wheel to turn the first beam. Go to the most SE corner of these ledges and jump down onto the wall you see below. Drop down on the E side and collect Secret # 3, 2x Revolver ammo and a Revolver after you shot the lizard. Drop down to ground floor and go up the steps SE again, over the balcony to the W end and then over the bridge to the middle structure.


Go to the highest point W and jump/grab to the W wall to shimmy right to a ledge, climb up and again and then jump the slope W, shoot the Demigod which will cause blocks to lower W, climb the ladder W and backflip with a roll to grab the ladder behind, go up to the top and go to that wheel. Turn it so the second beam faces inwards and then go up that dark path W, keep to the right at the W wall and find a hole in the floor. Drop there and from that ledge a running jump to grab the grey ledge E. Jump NE onto a slanted rock and then jump again to get over the rock E, slide a bit and jump to grab the monkey climb above.


The Skribblerz Stone.


Follow to the end and drop onto the block. Jump over to the ledge left of the pillar S and turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Go right around the corner to the end and backflip off. Go into the passage and to the E end of the floor. Jump left around the corner to the small ledge and grab up W. Shimmy left to a Medipack and then use the wheel to get the third beam into place. From one of the openings in the floor N, drop down one floor and from next to the beam a run jump to get onto the central structure. On the E side of the blue pyramid is a chain, use it and watch the flyby. Go up to the block and pick up the Skribblerz Stone, blocks lower on ground floor and the level ends.