The Last Day In Fayyum

Level by dennis16

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin in a jungle area. Head forward and look for a triangle hole on the ground (you drop down there later). Go west and you reach a deep place, back and go north, climb the ledge and pull back the block. Crawl and exit to a small courtyard. First jump into the water, find an underwater lever and pull it. Climb out, kill the dogs and look for a hidden block in the west wall. Pull/push it onto the marked floor, climb onto the raising block and jump to the south ledge. Grab the wall and shimmy left to the next ledge. Run/jump to the north ledge and throw the switch, you get a screenshot of burning can somewhere. Look back (south ledge) and you see a block raised, reach it and press the switch. Exit the south opening gate to the ledge, run/jump to the west block, grab the upper ledge. Run/jump east, grab the ledge and shimmy around, climb into an opening alcove for a Secret (Golden Skull).

Go back to where you saw the triangle hole on the ground. Drop underground and find an opened door, enter inside and get the Torch. Head NE, enter the short pasage and light your torch. Then light all four wall torches on the column outside, pick up a small medipack and drop into the nearby (north) opening wooden trapdoor. Trigger and pass a teeth door and throw the switch to open a door. Go back outside and go north, then crawl, climb the block and the upper ledge. Climb south, crawl and slide. Head west, find the opened door, enter and drop down the hole to the other side of the underground. Follow to an open area and head south, drop down the hole and flip the switch to open a tall door. Back and go east, kill two hornets, proceed NE and find shotgun ammo in the bushes. Back and climb the block, climb the opened door into an upper place and get from the pedestal the Sun Ankh. Kill two dogs, then get the flares and leave the place. Head west and look for a high opening. Save and jump inside, slide roll/backflip over the spikes onto a sloped block and quickly jump forward to grab the ladder. Climb up and throw the switch, take east and safety drop back to the ground.

Head SE, enter the opened gate and reach a new place. Kill two dogs, head south and climb the block, pull onto an upper ledge. Run/jump into the south alcove, shoot there a vase and watch for the poisonous darts. Jump back to the ledge and take a running jump to the north ledge. Run/jump toward the sloped block, quickly jump to the east slope then to the north slope and finish onto the east ledge. Press the switch to open a gate, drop onto a high grate floor and kill the bats, go north behind the corner and use hand in the tiny hole for a medipack. Drop down, go west and use hand in the tiny hole to raise a block. Climb the raising block, pull up onto an upper ledge and follow it. Slide down, trigger two moving blades and watch the poisonous darts, then use the rope across the spiked hole. Shoot the blocking wood, pass the teeth door and follow the passage, pass another teeth door and jump over the pedestal, get the Sun Board. Drop to the ground and go east, use the Sun Board in the right receptacle to turn off the fire and the Sun Ankh in the left receptacle to open a gate.

Once in the huge place you'll trigger a flyby. Head to the NW corner for shotgun ammo, then make your way to the SE corner for extra shotgun ammo. Reach the upper balcony and shoot there two vases and get a large medipack and shotgun ammo. Head east as far as you can and look for a ladder on the south wall. Climb up and do a backflip onto a square, pull the chain to raise a block, then get the Shotgun from the SE corner. Climb the north raised block and use hand in the tiny hole to open a wooden trapdoor not far from you. Head south and you'll find it, drop into an underground room. First shoot the wood in the west crawlspace, then climb and crawl into a room, flip there a switch and watch the flyby. Head south and kill a crocodile, then climb up the sand, jump/grab the ledge, then grab the south upper ledge. Monkeyswing to the west ledge and pull up to the upper room. Throw a timed switch, run and stand on the raised tile and pull up to the place above.

Notice the burning pedestal!! Follow down the south tunnel and drop down to a small canyon, climb the middle rock and jump to the east rock. Take a running/jump NE over the canyon wall and get a Small Waterskin. Head west and find water to fill your waterskin, get the flares, then climb the short rock and pull back up to the tunnel. Stand facing south the burning pedestal and use your waterskin to turn off the fire and get the Crowbar. Use it to open the east gate and fall into a pool with two crocodiles. Pull the underwater lever and climb out west. Take from the pedestal the Cinerary Vase, then reach the east opened door and enter a new place. First pull the little hippo back onto the marked tile, then climb the north raising block and pull a jumpswitch. Head south and pull into the opening, crawl to the other side and drop down, take from the pedestal the Blue Crystal. Back to the first room and place the crystal on the south receptacle. Jump into the pool and swim to the east opening alcove, pull there an underwater lever to flood this place with water. Swim south and surface, then pull west into an alcove for a Secret (Golden Skull). Swim back to the pool and up the tunnel to find the exit hole. Once at the huge place, deal with two giant mutations and two harpies. Reach again the high square and place the Cinerary Vase in the east receptacle. Back down and reach the east opened gate.

Slide/grab a tall column that's standing in the river. Run/jump to the north column, then jump west, grab the crack and shimmy left to reach an extra Secret (Golden Skull). Jump into the river and swim forward (but not much) and look for an underwater lever right under the south waterfall. Pull it and swim north (but once again not much) and climb up west. Reach the south block and do a monkeyswing to cross the river west. Crawl into a cave and look for a hidden block in the south wall. Push it inside and pull the lever to open double gates further in the river. Swim and reach a nice lagoon, dive to the bottom and pick up a small medipack, then pull out west and catch a short flyby. Go south and look for a block in the west wall, push it inside and take from the pedestal the Golden Key. Back and climb a short trunk, do a monkeyswing, drop/grab the next trunk and shimmy. Crawl into a crawlspace, then slide onto a breakable tile and fall to a pool with a crocodile. Quickly pull two underwater levers and swim back to the lagoon. Swim east, climb the block and run/jump to the south block, collect the Golden Key. Swim back to the west and climb out, use both keys at their keyholes to open a gate. Climb the north ladder, then run/jump south and reach the opened gate and this will be the end.