Level by Leif Melles (l.m.)


Walkthrough by Andzia9 and amplified by DJ Full


Choose which kind of game you want to play. If you want to play the hard part, then push a button under the Hard Game play sign. I advise you to search all cabinets, because there might be necessary things. Some doors lead to shortcut ways.


First, enter the hall and turn at once right. Enter the ďTV RoomĒ and pick up a first egg. Return to hall, or enter right opening, turn left and open double doors on right. Also you could notice earlier door with red key lock. Enter the fire room and look left. You can see egg, but it will explode. Enter at table and take a second egg. Lara should look at fireplace. You will see burning red key.


There is nothing to do now here, so letís go upstairs. Enter the middle opening and push button behind on left. Turn left again and you see opened double doors. Come back to hall, go to SW and push a button. The double doors open and also a railing has moved. Simply jump past the railings and enter a room. Go to SW window and pull down a jump switch. It will open a door right at the exit. It will be another shortcut. Exit by opened door and look left. You can see pedestal with egg. Move it back to previous room and to the end with opened doors and railings. Push it all the way to end, until it drops down.


Get back downstairs and push it to middle hall and to empty tile. You get cut scene with opening door near piano. So go there. Go upstairs and turn left. Enter a room with another exploding egg. Turn right and save at timed button. In hard version time is very short and I couldnít make it. So I turned game to easy version. But itís your decision which part you want to play. Anyway, push the button and run back to corridor and to opened double doors in middle.† Enter the bathroom to your left and notice a high shower.† Itís elevated for a reason Ė step on it and jump to pull open a masked trapdoor.† Climb inside the hole created for a piece of password and the first secret.† Note it down but donít tell anybody.† Get out with the first Golden Egg. Open double doors on right and search cabinet. Youíll find a revolver. The ammo is limited so be careful where you shoot. Exit and go right. Turn left, go to end and shoot small white vase. Take a third egg. You can go past stairs and open double doors, but they lead to corridor with piano. Go all the way downstairs, turn right and go to second alcove. Push well hidden button. [Note from Moderator: I never found this alcove or the button, but I was able to continue without doing so.] You are back in fire room. Shoot left picture and push a button. The fire will turn off, so enter there and pick up a key. Donít exit yet. Look at left opening and climb up ladder. Pick up the second secret and notice another sign Ė and note down like the first one.† Both are secret syllables of a password and youíí need to play illyaineís level from the same Easter season to find the third one.† All combined form a supersecret keyword to unlock some secret stuff these guys have put on their website. Go to door with red key lock and open it. Shoot a vase and pick up an ammo (you can check all the small vases in mansion, but not every one has something). Turn right and Lara will look at window near stove. Shoot it and exit outside.


Go left and all the way to end. In half way, view of camera will change. When you reach the end, Lara will look again at something. Itís a branch of tree which works like lever. Push it and trapdoor, which you passed earlier, will open. Go there and hop down. Take a fourth egg. Come back to tree branch and open a trapdoor with circle (just near branch) and jump to water. Pull underwater lever and swim to opened door. Swim all the way to end (you can pause for air at half way, but you cannot get out here) and take a Library Key at the end. The exit doors are now closed, but notice that on the left there is a new opening with an underwater lever. Pull it and a trapdoor up the closed door will open. Get out of the water and come back to main hall. Go all the way down and look for closed double doors with a key lock. Open it and enter the library. Shoot two cat statues and wall will lower down. Enter and turn right. Push button and you get cut scene with opening door upstairs. So come back all the way to timed doors (they are still open), downstairs (to pool with railings) and turn left to opened door. Shoot vase on right and pick up some ammo. Open the double doors and go all the way down.


In the room with two lighted torches look for an upper opening. Enter the puzzle room and look for a moveable block on the right. Pull it out and push it into the room with torches and under that opening. Go up and pick up a third secret. Come back to the puzzle room and pull out other two blocks on the right. Shoot the panel lock and pull down a switch. You get a cut scene with a tile in the puzzle room. I canít explain how to solve the puzzle, other than to say the eggs must go from their starting room corner to a destination tile which has the same corner marked. Some blocks can be moved. Just make it that, until all pedestals with eggs will be in upper tiles. Notice that some white blocks are lowered down or raised up. You must push and pull each pedestal on middle white tile. Walk on every colored tile down till block with pedestal will rise up. Move the blocks to make a way, then push and pull pedestals to every tile. On each time when a pedestal will be on upper tile, you get cut scene with door. Finally when you place last pedestal, the door will open. Go upstairs and take a fifth egg. You get a cut scene with moving bookcase. Go to end and open double doors. You are back at basement. Go back to library on main floor near front door and go behind moved bookcase. Pull down a switch and block will lower down in the same room. Go down there and take an Easter Bunny. Return to the main hall but donít place the item as it will finish the level.†


Itís time for the hardest secret.† Follow the N stairs and continue along the left railing to its very end.† Notice a switch you probably used before, but at the time you didnít have a weapon.† Look through the closest window and notice a very suspicious empty space outside.† Stylishly swan dive over the fence separating you from the glass and smash through it with the revolver.† The builder gives you a total completion praise for getting the fourth secret and, located respectively: to the right, some flares, to the left, the last Golden Egg.† Go back through the same window, the only destructible one of its kind.† Now the only thing left to do is place the Easter Bunny at the empty pedestal in the main hall. Enjoy a final cut scene.