Level by Skyler Ortega

Walkthrough by Andzia9


1. To back flip, simply press down button..

2. You can go to all rooms. I will only write which rooms you have to visit.

Go all the way to the main hall, and turn right. Leave second door for now. Go to third door. Go ahead and turn right. Go to the door at the end and open. You are in a big library. On the right side is a pedestal for later. Go to Lara's picture and see a jump switch on it. But you can't use it yet. Go up the stairs and enter the kitchen. Pull down the switch and see an opened picture. Come back to the main hall and to the first door (Laraís room). In the corridor find an opening on left (hard to see). Enter and pick up pistols.

Go back to the main hall. Ignore the other side of the balcony for now. Go downstairs and follow to the kitchen at the back. Shoot picture on the right (behind two walls). Enter opening and pick up first scion toy (secret).

You can go outside now, or later. For a shortcut come back to the room with two red tables and open the door at the right. Or go to the big main door. Just follow to a big yard with two small pools, jump into one of them and pick up the second scion toy.

When you've done that, come back to the kitchen downstairs and open the door behind the stone table. Enter and go straight to the gym hall. You can do exercises here if you want. Just follow the tracks to floor lever on window. Push it and follow to opened door ahead. Pull down a lever here and go to stage 2 near pool. Climb column to the top. Run, jump and grab to opened door. Take a crown. Come back to stage 1 again and to the column, but this time shimmy one left and back flip to monkey swing. Swing to the end and shoot the panel box. Use switch and safety drop down. Go stage 2 and climb column to top. Run, jump and catch rope. Swing to ledge ahead. Take the third scion toy.

Safety drop down and come back to the library room. Use the crown on pedestal. Now the picture is gone and you can use the jump switch. The wall near the pedestal has been moved. Go inside and take a book. Go down stairs, to the right and to the third door (from left). Use book (stand to face west side) on pedestal and enter opened door. You are in another kitchen. Go upstairs and at once turn left. Pick up hard-to-see pool room key. Come back to the other side of the main hall and open another door (near main door). Follow to blue key lock and use key on it. Enter the pool and go to ladder ahead. Climb it and use jump switch on right corner. Climb down and to previous side to see raising block. Climb to ledge and go to right. Pick up guest room key. You'll get a cut scene showing where to use it.

Go back to the main hall, upstairs, turn right and enter first door from left. You will see two doors. Open the door ahead and go outside. Turn left and go to the red key lock at the end. Use the key on it and enter guest room. On the left behind column is moving block. Push it and pull to tile on the right upper corner (between plant and column - but I donít know if this is necessary). Now go to lever which you saw while moving block, and pull it down. Youíll get cut scene of lowered block. Go back to corridor leading to pool and look for opening on right. Itís a little hard to see. Pull up and pick up flares. Enter the basement and pick up binoculars from left. Now follow corridor and pick up computer room key. Youíll get cut scene where to use it.

Again go upstairs, right and to the second door (use crawl position to get out to pool corridor). Use key and enter computer room. Pull the block from left and push it to the right column with button. Climb on block and push button. Enter opened door and take guest room key. Go upstairs and shoot two pictures on left. Climb the ladder to opening and pick up fourth scion toy. Exit to main hall and go to other side of balcony. Go to the third door. You can open second (previous door), but there is closed exit door. Use key on yellow key lock and enter to another guest room. Shoot panel behind right column and pull down switch. The wall behind bed will open. Itís a little tricky to get inside. Stand close to bed and side jump to left. You are in trophy room. You can go around, but there is nothing here. Push button, and they open door leading to previous corridor (second door from main hall). Enter and the level will end.