The Secrets of Nepal. 8 secrets.

Debut-levels by Wayne Scales.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Level 1 – The Base.

The Tech Key.

Go forward and open the trapdoor. Go down and go E over a frozen lake. Coming to the next pool with the islands go left and be careful. Just after the flyby of the Base, better stop before where the snow changes into ice.
Jump to the most left hand side of the frozen waterfall, jump up and you are safe on that rock (or just slide and Lara will get onto the block).
Safety drop down and go the left (NE), jump up the snowy hills to get onto the balcony. Shoot the guy to get his Tech Key.

Tech Base.

Get down, go to the front and open the door. Go in and left and the climb ladder, go into the water there to get some Flares, climb out fast as the water is not too healthy and then head into the corridor N.
Almost at the end go left and find a Medipack behind a big pipe. Go E and open a door with a button.
Go into this machine room and proceed to a pit. Take a running jump SW to get into that crawlspace. Follow through and save as you have to jump up to a monkey bar to pass the electric wires to the right and one more, further down.

Timed Block.

At the next pool, there is a lever on the left, pull it and jump the submerged platforms in the deadly water to get on that raised block in the far corner.
Best way to do it to flip the lever, hop back and turn Lara left a bit so she faces the ledge on the left. Take a running jump and another one with a curve to the ledge on the right. From there, take a standing jump plus grab, pull up then roll and a running jump with a curve to the left to grab the ledge up.

There are four jump levers around this pillar that opens the door N (use the sloped sides to backflip and jump to the levers).
In the next room is a contraption S, pull that away from the door there and put it under the pipe at the W wall. Use the button on the same wall and enter the now open door.
Lower yourself down in the hole in the floor, use the button N and the button W to get out. Swim over the now filled pit and save in front of the conveyer belt. You have to get up to a ledge E almost at the end of the belt. So jump on the conveyor, slide and jump up forwards to grab that ledge above.

Go S to the next room, shoot the cover and flip the switch (an explosion takes place in a pit and drains it), go N and on the left you can open the door with the button. Jump down and over the conveyer belt, swim back W through the pit. Go back to the entrance of the base and find the opening in the floor there. First take note of that green radar screen and write down the code on it: 6492. Then climb down the ladder to the wind tunnel room.

Go S and jump to the corner left and then jump to grab up to the ledge there. Jump the ledges to the other side and climb higher, watch out as Lara gets a sort of lift while jumping from the wind in this wind tunnel room. Jump to the N wall and back again to the small ledge SE.

Open the door with the code by punching in the numbers (arrow keys + Ctrl) and close with the
* button. The # button is to clear numbers.

Kill the guard and in the room are some arrows to the left. Open the door to the next room and on the block left are a Crossbow and a Lasersight.

Use those to shoot the small crates on the floor to obtain the Computer Disk.

Put that into the Terminal NW and watch the flyby.

Lara "The temple isn't far from here, I’d better hurry up, it's getting colder"

Leave and jump down through the wind tunnel room, climb the ladder and go W, out the door and around the building NE and climb the icy rocks again to get again up the balcony. Jump via the crate on the roof and up the ice there to get into that opening W. Open the chest and get the Crystal in there, as Secret #1. Make your way to the ground floor and to the NW corner to climb up to the top of the frozen waterfall again.

A Torch for the Crowbar.

Jump SW and then W to get on safe ground, go onwards to the pool.
Look for that brown wooden panel S in the pool, shoot it and swim through, follow up to a room with Torches. Take one and jump up SW, then N and a hop up E from the highest part. Down SE and run out onto the island below. Walk SE and from here you can run a bit into the shallow water so you can jump SE and reach the other side. Go SW to the frozen waterfall, jump left onto the ice and slide to jump onto the rock. Save and then throw the Torch down, watch where it lands. Drop backwards from the rock and do safety drops down to where the Torch is, light it on the barrel near the house.

Make your way back up the frozen waterfall by jumping up the NW corner and go jump to that island from the same corner, jump to the next island and then to the cave N. Go down but not into that hole in the floor. Jump up in the NE corner to another small cave. Stand against the last ridge E and jump up, then hit the #1 key to draw pistols and Lara should drop the Torch on the higher floor, climb up, go get it and throw it in the oil spill on the icy floor in the small cave. Go down into the hole and pull that skeleton off the Crowbar.

Jump back out and go down to the pit W, save at the waterhole and dive in, swim N and climb out quick.

Get Secret #2, the Ancient Nepalese Book from the chest.

Go back and up to the cave with the pool S, from the second island again a jump to get to the E side and go E into that big cave.

Walk up into the NE corner and grab the crack up N, shimmy left to an alcove, turn SW and jump to grab the ledge up there. Go to the swing poles W and stand about 2 steps back from the edge. Stand jump to the first, just keep holding Ctrl and swing over to the other side, grabbing the ledge. Jump and grab to the left corner of that block E and go up to grab the monkey climb above. Go over to the other side and to the right, drop on the block, turn around and grab up to the ledge above the monkey climb. Follow to the S and left into the passage, open the icy crowbar door and go to a pushable cage. Push it off the ledge onto the ice below and the ice will break. Go into the N end of the passage and hang out of the opening, shimmy left and drop onto the slanted snow below to land near the pool.

Dive in and swim into the NE side tunnel and up W. Open the chest and get Secret #3, the Nepalese Token. Swim back and better get out of the cold water E, near the cage. Go over to the SW side of the pool, hop backwards into the water and swim into the tunnel W, follow through.

Put on your Snow boots.

Climb out quickly and follow the tunnel to an icy cave. Jump up to a block NE and face E to jump to grab the higher ground there. From here you can see a ladder SW, go SW along the triangular ledges and save, then take a run jump with a left curve (no Ctrl), just hitting the slanted snow and slide/jump onto the ledge W. Jump now to the NW towards that tree. Turn left, climb that ladder S and go up to the next level of the cave.

Jump over N to grab the crack E and go right around corners till you can pull up again. Jump over to the S and from the mound SE you can grab up to the ridge up S. Shimmy to the right and pull up to backflip. Go jumping up the N side and head E along that side to the large canyon, follow S to the broken bridge.

The Broken Bridge.

You can jump the platforms to get across to the other side.

There is a little shortcut however;

Go up the snow hill left of the bridge and head S so you can jump with a long left curved jump to a ledge there. Now you have to go W, stand on the corner close to that break ledge and stand jump to grab it, hang on the right hand corner and pull up to do a run jump diagonally to the next, two running jumps and then a stand jump followed by a last running jump to get to the safe ground. When moving on a Bengal tiger will come out of a cave, shoot it and go to the SW corner of the canyon to get Secret #4, the Nepalese Money. Go back E a bit and to the right to the cave there.

Go in there and onto that rock in the middle. Jump SE and grab up W and follow through to a frozen pool. Go right around the rock and into a crawlspace to get Secret #5, the Buddha Talisman. Go out and straight S, walk up to the edge where the ice is broken and run jump to grab that crawlspace. Follow through and a sign of falling rocks is shown. Go around the corner to the W side.

Deadly Slopes.

Run and jump to the left onto the slanted side of that slope and slide down to a ledge, have a look down the cave and spot the pillars there. Save here and run off the ledge, jump again to get lined up for that first pillar and try to jump and grab it. (Save) Pull up and start jumping the pillars, aiming to the left side so you can jump left onto the pillar in the back, jump left again and make it to that lower cave entrance.

Face down the cave, standing in the middle and walk till you hear boulders coming, after the one left of you passed you can sidejump left and follow the rest of the boulders down. Drop into the opening caused by the boulder and follow through to where the level ends with a flyby of the Temple…

Lara: "Oh my, there it is, the ancient Potala Temple, this place is older than the pyramids"

Level 2 – The Potala Temple.

The Scroll of Death.

Shoot the vase NW to get the Medipack, then follow the passage past a trapdoor, get the Flares to the left and proceed up a set of stairs leading to the Scroll of Death (Examine it; South: Grand Library – North: The Hall of Mirrors and Dark Chambers). When you pick it up, the door down S opens up.

South: The Grand Library.

Go in and open a wooden trapdoor, drop in and follow into a kind of library, the gate drops shut. Straight S are more Flares and there is a

small medipack in the S side bookcase. In the SE corner is a lever, which will raise the block in the middle of the room. Climb that and open the hatch above to climb up to the passage. Follow into a large hall where Wraiths will attack. Sprint straight through the opening on the other side and go right into the water. Climb out and shoot a vase S to get 2x Flares. Go back to the Library.

The third chamber on the N side has a book switch on the N wall, the SE chamber has Secret #6, the Library Piece lying on the floor in front of the book case NE. Go back to the fountain room E and a gate opened SE. Time the Hammers and get through to the other side, in the next room behind the first pillar on your right (face N) is a lever, throw it to raise a block E. Now go to the pillar N of this lever and push the lower part of it away so you can pick up Secret #7, an Old Silver Ring. Climb the raised block E and use the jump lever on the pillar. The gate opened E, go in and come to another lever that will show the second gate in the Fountain room opening up. Go back to the room with the pillars and left (S) into the passage, follow through a small room into the next and in that second room is a lever up NE. Use the lever to open the exit to the Fountain room.

Go into the gate NE and up a ladder and a ridge to a room with slanted beams. Pick up some Flares in the NW corner and more Flares on the ledge SE. Several vases here, the one SW holds the Uzis. On the E wall is a jump lever, use it and ropes will appear in the room. Jump up to the ledge S and from there to the longest rope. Go up about 5 grabs from the end, swing once and then jump to grab the short rope. Go up and turn around, swing a bit and jump to grab into the passage. Up there is a symbol, step on it and get back down the rope, drop to the floor and find 3 more symbols in the room, one on a ledge NW and 2 along the E wall. The gate in the W wall opens up. Go in and come to the first floor of the Library. Jump left into the rooms on the side and proceed to where you’ll find the Grenade gun to the left. In the second left are Flares. In the end to the right you can jump and grab over to the N side. Nothing to be found here, so go into that passage N and follow through to an old rusty grate; shoot it with the Grenade gun and follow down to the Dark Hall.

The Dark Hall, an Invisible Music Scroll.

There are 4 vases you can shoot, but only the one NW is of interest as it contains a small medipack. Find an opening in the NE, N wall and in that room is a lever on the W wall. It will bring up a block near the entrance, hop back and climb the block, then that column, jump the columns to the last one N and use the jump lever up W.

Run with a grab down from the N side and land in a niche with a lever. Use it and watch what happens, ledges in the pool of the Dark Hall become safe, as they were deadly before. Go back to the Dark Hall and to the central pillar, on the ledges are some Uzi ammo and the Invisible Music Scroll.

Now get behind that big SE pillar and onto the raising block there. Grab up S and jump to the flat ledge S. Then jump NW onto the slanted block, slide down and hang, shimmy to the left end. You can see a flat ledge left of the pillar. Pull up and do a backflip, slide down far and jump with a bit of a left curve so you can grab that ledge.

Hop to the next ledge and on the central pillar a Blade starts turning. Jump to the left hand ledge on that pillar when the Blade passes (there’s a wide and a narrow opening between the 2 Blades) and hop NW to the next one, then a running jump to get to the ledge at the NW big pillar. Again a jump NW to a ledge behind the pillar and look for the ledge on the N wall, it’s too far for a straight jump, so jump N onto the slanted block, slide and jump to the one on the pillar and slide to jump to that ledge. Jump to the block E and then E to the ledge down under an opening in the N wall. Get in there and follow to the end, turn around and grab up to the passage above leading out to the Dark Hall again. Jump W and then S, then jump onto that central platform. Place the Music Scroll and watch what happens.

Safety drop from the S side of the platform into the water below, climb out and go to an opened gate E. Go in and follow through to get back to the start of the level, go forward up the stairs and find the doors on the N side opened.

North: The Hall of Mirrors and Dark Chambers.

Go in and open the trapdoor, through the passage and stop as soon as the gate drops shut behind you, face E along the moving blocks and hop over the lower side of that slanted block to get to the jump lever on the S wall. It will open a gate NE. Turn around and you see a medipack there. First jump to the E side and then you can get to the Medipack and Flares. Get back to the open gate, run past those statues and stop immediately after the last, there’s a deadly pit to the right, jump over and proceed.

Big Hall with the Knights.

On the central island are 4 blocks, move the ones on the N side inwards so they are on raising blocks (the ones S have to be moved outwards onto marked tiles).

Now move the 2 S side blocks onto the marked tiles and 2 raising blocks on top of the central island will lower. In the pool, the N side is an underwater gate; over the gate you can see a symbol. Jump back to the outer area of the hall and run a full circle around the pillars as on each corner a trigger tile (symbol) has to be triggered and the underwater gate N will open up.

Swim in and use the lever to raise the pushblocks up to the top of the central island. Go to the blocks on the S side of the island and jump toward that jump lever on the pillar S. Swim to a lowered block in the NW corner of the pool to get Secret # 8, the St Anger. Get out of the water and climb the block to get on top of the island.

Move the pushblocks to the marked tiles E and W and some of the Knight statues will explode. Get down to the outer area of the Hall and go to the NW corner, N wall where the statues are gone, open a wooden trapdoor there and go down to operate the lever raising a platform up in the Hall.

Climb out and go SE, S wall to get a small medipack. Then go to the SW corner S wall and open the hatch. Drop in and go into the small room, face E and grab up to the crack in the pillar SE. Go right against the wall and use the new move (Alt+up) to jump to the crack above, go left around the corner to the middle of that side and only use the down arrow to let Lara jump off the pillar and grab the jump lever (another platform moves). Grab up to the lower crack again from the same side as before and go against the right hand wall. This time, holding Ctrl, just hit the down arrow and Lara will grab the ledge behind, do not pull up but just go shimmy around the corners to the other side. Hit the down arrow and Lara will jump into a niche with a small medipack in a chest.

To the Top, the Horsemen.

Go back to the Big Hall and climb the central island, get onto the block E and jump to the ledge NE. From there, go over the wooden platforms to the higher one of the platforms SW

Go stand on the middle of the N side, facing N and grab up to the block above (monkeyswing). Monkey climb to the end then hit Alt and up and Lara will turn around and jump up to the top of the block, grab the edge and better save.

Pull up and backflip, keep jumping the block and steer left in the end to get to the last block from which you can jump and grab a ladder. It is OK if you can’t grab the ladder as long as you land on a wooden platform below it, you can then grab the ladder and climb up. Go up all the way and backflip off onto a platform. Jump the platforms to get onto the Top floor

There are 4 horse statues there, oh boy…

Go to the N and get the Revolver- and Uzi ammo from the pedestals. Climb the ledge behind the pedestals and get the Flares and a Medipack. Then go to the far NW corner of the Hall, look up SE to find a ledge on the pillar there, climb up onto the ledge and grab the crack up S, go right around the corner and jump backwards (down key) into the passage in the wall. Follow in and shoot the vase to get the Revolver, then pull a lever and watch the Horsemen come alive. A gate also opened down in the Big Hall.

The 4 Gems.

How I did this: I went back up onto that ledge where the Medipack was (behind the pedestals S) and kept shooting them with pistols till they were all 4 off their horses. Then I went down and shot them point blank with the Revolver (I realized only later we got a whole bunch of ammo with that Revolver, because the ammo on the pedestal will re-appear when you run out) Collect the 4 Gems dropped by the Horsemen.

Go to the NE corner of the Hall and up into an opening there, follow through, down 2 ladders and a set of stairs to come to one of the levels of the Hall, make a complete round around the room and throw 2 levers (S and N) and collect a Medipack (W). 2 blocks now went up under the receptacles for the Gems.

A Torch.

Get down to the ground floor (I jumped to one of the wooden platforms and then down into the water below), go to the opened gate in the E wall and grab a Torch from the pedestal inside, ignite it on the flame on the floor and go out to the central island to ignite the 2 scones there. The last 2 blocks under the receptacles went up too, you can leave the torch here.

Place the 4 Gems E and W and a big gate opens up in the N wall (NE). Go in and down the hole.

The Hall of Mirrors.

W of where you drop down are Flares. Go S and to the right at the first opening, the camera will change, but you can see Lara in front of a symbol on the pillar. Push the symbol and watch what happens. A block raised in the room, head W and climb the block. Face W, sidestep to the left side and back as far as possible to jump with grab an invisible ledge up SW (you can see it in the mirror S and use a flare so you can easily spot it).

Climb up N onto a stone block. Jump to the beam E and walk N a bit, standjump onto the slanted ledge W and go up to the lever. Throw the lever to move the Knight statues over the bridge and a block will lower down on ground floor.

Get down to the ground floor and to the block N, find the now revealed lever on the pillar. After using it the Knight statues will come down and a gate opens up NW.

The Secret Key.

In this second room is a pushblock, near where you come in and to the right of it is a slanted block with a mark on it. Go to the W side of the room and right of that big vase. Pick up a Lasersight and Revolver you can only see in the mirror. Then step on the marked trigger tile next to you and the statues on the bridge above will move.

Now you can go up to the higher level by 2 routes;

-Turn around and walk straight E till you are under that pole. Grab up and hit the forward key till Lara swings, now release the forward key and just keep holding Ctrl and you will end up on a wooden platform.

-Or go back to the pushblock and move it W once and S twice, climb it and grab up to the wooden platform above.

Turn around and jump onto the ledge on the pillar, to the next and then up NW twice, turn S and go get the Secret Key. Get back to the wooden platform E and drop down onto that block you moved before. Open the gate in the NW corner with the Key you just got, use the lever inside to move the Knight statues again and go out of this passage.

Go left to the pusblock and now move it onto that marked tile (now greenish) near the N wall. A gate opens up. Go back up to the upper level and jump all the way to a ledge W from which you can jump into the opening in the W wall. Follow through to where the gate opened and step onto the marked trigger tile.

You’ll be taken back to that crossing at the start of the level where the W side doors are now open.

The Monastery.

Go into the large Hall and some warrior monks will come for you; they aren’t friendly, so shoot them. Go to those pedestals in the middle of the room and place the Ancient Nepalese Book on the red one and the Crystal on the blue pedestal.

The Nepalese Token goes on the brownish pedestal (face N) and the Buddha Talisman on the striped (face N).

A door opens in the N wall, place the Nepalese Money on the right hand pedestal, the Library piece goes on the left pedestal, the Old Silver Ring on the one in the middle, the door opens, go into a room that looks like an un-textured room, something level builders see daily. Pick up a small medipack and step on the pink trigger tile. The game freezes and you are praised for getting all of the secrets.

Well done, you’ve collected all the secrets in the game!

Press “Esc” to continue the adventure.

Go back to the big hall and head to the W wall. Turn around, spot the vase op on the ledge E and shoot it with the Crossbow to open a gate SW.

Go to the SW corner where a gate opened up, move the globe out and onto the nearby tile. Head back E where a block went up (SE). Climb it and get Lara to hang by her hands. Then hit Alt and she will jump up, grab the ledge above.

Jump W and to the third ledge to the left where you’ll find a sand like textured trigger tile. Step on it and go over the arches to the far NW where a second trigger tile is. A block goes up E, get over there and climb it. Hang from the S or N side and jump up to the ledge above, go E and do a banana jump around the pillar.

Jump from moving platform to moving platform and get to the top of the central ledge. Over the ledge is a big Bell, shoot it and a tune will be the hint that the door on ground level opened. To get back down I went to the N side of the room, jump to grab the red pillar E and shimmy right around the corner, drop/slide and grab the edge, then pull up and do a backflip/roll to grab the ledge at the raising block. Pull up and drop from the other side of the ledge to climb down the block to make a safety drop to the ground floor. Go W and through the opened gates, straight into a cave, and shoot the 2 thugs. One holds the Gold Key. Go back a bit and open the gate to the left with that key. Go in and watch the flyby, then go through the traps and about straight to the back where you have to turn around and climb up to the passage above. Follow through to the Hall of the Grail.

Hall of the Grail.

Take two steps back from the block with the bag and stand jump up to the for instance left side when the bag is left, then quickly take a step forward. Standjump and grab the edge of the next block with bag, shimmy around the corner and pull up on the safe side (or tap Alt). Jump to the floor and go up onto the block on the elevated floor. Grab up to the monkey swing and go to the E end. Hit Alt and up and grab the edge of the floor above. Go to the S side of the pillar and climb up the ladder, just keep holding the Ctrl and up key and Lara will grab the monkey swing, turn around and follow to the end where you can grab the edge of the floor above. Follow to the other side of the room and climb the block to grab the Holy Grail.

Lara: "Wow, what an adventure"