Levels by Kurtis14


Walkthrough by Josť




Slide down the ramps and prepare your fingers to press the sprint key when necessary to escape from the spiked balls behind you. In the final ramp you'll have to time a final jump (with grab) to surpass the pit where the balls will drop and not collide with the wall-ceiling above the pit. Once you're safe in the room with the octagonal door (exit), pull two levers in E side of the room to open a door in NW corner and another door at the bottom of the water hole. Go NW and slide down the ramp. In the next room shoot the enemy and pick up the Hand of the Gods from the central pedestal, jumping back quickly to avoid the falling spiked balls (in a NW-NE-SE-SW direction). Place the star in its receptacle in N wall to open the door and in the next room jump right to pick up the shotgun shells, climb the N platform and walk to the SW corner to do a standing jump to the next ledge (timing the fire below). Climb the ladder and jump back to the ledge behind; jump to the monkeyswing and advance to the next ledge; do a running jump E to reach the next ledge and climb the ladder from its right side; once up, slide and pick up the uzis from the flat ledge. Continue sliding down the next ramp (no jump at the end) and in the next room watch the flyby.


Climb the ladder, slide, jump and grab an invisible ledge in front of you. Use the binoculars or flares to see the next invisible ledges in front of you: one at your left and another at your right. Jump on those ledges to finally grab the monkeyswing and reach the far NW ledge, timing the fire on your way. Pick up the small medipack in this ledge. Run off the N side of this ledge to land at the bottom of the stairs below losing a lot of health and shoot two more enemies. Go up the stairs and left (W) to pick up The Hand of the Gods and the revolver. Quickly run back to the stairs and through the other corridor (E), this time to a room with a pool where you'll get rid of the wraiths and pick up some flares. Use the Hand to open the door and take a running jump to the stairs in front of you. Look to the ceiling to know the safe way through these dangerous waters and advance to the end of the room. Go up the next stairs to the top, picking up the small medipack on your way.


In the next room run and jump left or right to avoid all the spiked balls appearing ahead and at your back. Return to the entrance of this room to pick up The Hand of the Gods and trespass the grey texture wall with the face to discover SECRET #1: grenade ammo and the grenade gun itself. Return to the room and before you advance to the central pedestal, turn around and explore the openings above the entrance where the spiked balls surged to find another The Hand of the Gods. Now go to the pedestal in the center of the room and situate Lara facing it diagonally (SW, SE, NW or NE); pick up the Charger (Eye Piece) and immediately do a single jump back to avoid more spiked balls. Run down the S ramp with another spiked ball stepping on your heels and climb the ladder. In this room there are four hostile winged women (knights) so use your preferred technique to dispose of them. Use the Hands to open the door and in the next corridor return to the junction to avoid another spiked ball. Continue up and when you see the next spiked ball sprint to a niche in the right side (if you return to the entrance of this corridor, the ball will be stuck in a corner and you'll have to reload).


Put an eye on the health bar and drop through the hole to land in the water hole in the beginning room. Dive and at the bottom a door closes behind you. You are now in an underwater maze. Swim left (S) and always to your left to find an air hole in the ceiling where you can take a breath. Explore the maze to find some flares near the N wall. Return to the air hole and go the first to the left (N) to the end and turn left (W) to the end too to find another The Hand of the Gods. From here swim always to your right to find an open door which closes behind you. You're now in a big room where you'll have to raise the level of the waters to the very top where the trapdoors of the flyby are. Let's go.


Climb the high E pillar helping you with the slope behind and jump to grab the edge of the next pillar with the fire; shimmy to the other side and hoist up in one of the corners, turn around and jump to the next ledge. Jump to the ledge with the ladder and climb almost to the top; jump back with twist to grab the edge of the ledge behind. Hoist up and go to the next ledge to place the Hand in its receptacle in S wall. The water raises below you; jump into the water and pull the underwater switch near the SE corner to deactivate the spikes in the stairs up. Also a door is open in S wall so swim there to get the next The Hand of the Gods. Go out of the water using the E ledge and in the next room pick up another The Hand of the Gods. Go back out of this room, up the E stairs and jump to the N ledge. Use a Hand to raise again the level of the waters; there is an open door in W wall too; go there to pick up another The Hand of the Gods, go out and swim to the SW corner. Use the ledges around the room in an anticlockwise direction (pick up the shotgun shells) to finally place another Hand high up in the NW corner; this opens another door in W wall. Go there to get a last The Hand of the Gods and dive to the bottom of the main room where a new door is open in NW corner. Place the Hands to open the next underwater door and you are now in a room with many underwater switches and some grated doors. Return to the previous room with air when needed.


I don't know very well how the switches work in this room, so I'm going to explain how I did the best I can. The high switch in W wall between the columns is to open the exit door in the main water room you came from so you can pull it now if you want and pick up the nearby flares. In the center of the room there are seven underwater switches: four in the higher level, two in the middle level and one in the lower level. The S switch in the middle level can't be pulled first so I pulled the other switches first and left this one for the last. Once all seven switches are pulled (even before) a door is open in SW corner. Dive there and pull another switch to open a door in W wall. Inside there are two new switches; opening two next doors in W wall; the right door is a trap so don't go there but to the left door. Pick up a large medipack and pull another switch there to open the door in N wall. Pull another switch to open the last door in E wall but don't go there yet; first return to the room with air to take a long breath. Go through the last door to pull a last switch and return to the room with "air". Well... there was air before but now it's full of water so return to the main room and swim to the top where the trapdoors are opened now and in this new room you can pick up the second Charger (Eye piece) and a large medipack.


Now you have to return to the room with the octagonal door, but there is a problem: the second exit door (next to the beginning room) is closed. Dive all the way back to the room with many switches and pull the switch in the SW corner of the middle level to open that second exit door (perhaps you can open it with another of the switches too). Return to the main room for air and from here to the underwater maze (there's an underwater door there I couldn't open).Note from Moderator:See Harry's tip in the next paragraph.


Josť mentioned a closed gate in the water maze that Lara could not open. In the ceiling in front of the gate is a fancy tile. Swim through the fancy tile and follow an underwater tunnel into the room. Pick up a crossbow for SECRET #2. There is much crossbow ammo and a laser sight in the corner. Swim to the gate and it opens so you can swim back for air. It may take two trips to get everything.


Now look for the way to return to the initial room. Combine the pieces to open the octagonal door and enter to jump to the next level.





Advance until you find a pedestal with a blue object to get rid of the wraiths. Retrace your steps a bit and look for the jumpswitch near the corner to open the trapdoor. Go inside the crawlspace there using the ladders to pick up the crowbar. Return up and open the white crowbar door N. Jump to the ledge to your left below, pull the jumpswitch and quickly jump to the rope and swing to the N opening. The door opens for you; advance and observe the flyby. Once the camera is restored, sprint to the end and roll there, jump back over the slope and jump again to the next corridor, jump over the blade and at the end do the same manoeuvre, roll, jump and jump to the next corridor. Run and, if you're lucky, you'll not wait too much for the fire (you can also save in front of it and reload) and run to the door before the spiked ball smashes you.


Open the next crowbar door and in the new room shoot the vases to get shotgun shells and the shotgun itself. Press Ctrl to open the W golden doors and go up to the second floor. Move the column to the dark tile in E wall (really it's a trapdoor) and open the nearby door. Up to the third floor and move another four columns over another four dark trapdoors. Climb the rope in S wall to the fourth floor, notice where the pedestal is to kill the wraiths and pull the jumpswitch to open the trapdoors but also release a Hammer God in the floor below. Go there and to the doors from where he appeared. Enter and time the spikes and the blades to jump to the NE corner where the jumpswitch is (there is a safe white tile without spikes to help). Be sure that the Hammer God is inside this room before you pull the jumpswitch so he stays locked here. Pulling the jumpswitch also opens a door behind you; go there and pick up the Bronze Orb.


Return to the jumpswitch and time the spikes and the blades again to cross to the other side where the beast is. Go through the opening in right side near the doors and drop into the hole; light a flare to get oriented and continue to the ramp behind the beast. Now you must go all the way back up to the fourth floor where the pedestal is to get rid of the wraith. Now return to the 2nd floor and move the columns over the grey tiles: the one next to the W door to the S tile, the one in the NW corner on the W tile, the one next to the E door on the N tile and the last one on the remaining tile E. Now go to the first floor and move the column over the marked tile in fromt of the closed door in W wall to open it. Continue pushing the column to the end to hear a door opening. That door is in the W wall in 3rd floor so go there to a room with two giant gladiators.


You can shoot and kill the gladiators with a single shot of your shotgun when they're going to attack with his swords, but it's not so easy sometimes. It's difficult but possible to steal the Silver Orb from the pedestal and escape using the rope in the other side. Look to the mirror to see where the spiked tiles are too. Anyway, take the Orb and use the rope to get out of this room. In the next dark room jump to grab the rope and swing to the ladder (before, you can swing to the high W ledge to pick up uzi clips and return, the spike ball stays quiet); climb and in the next room with a spiked corridor you need to jump over the brown sloped tiles to open the next door. First jump over the two tiles in the first section with curves left or right in midair and in the 2nd and 3rd tiles the spikes retract forever, giving you some breath in this tricky task. Jump over the 3rd tile in the next section to open the door.


In this room pick up the Golden Orb, shotgun shells and a large medipack (in time!) and a door opens in S wall. Climb the ledges and slide down the ramp to the dark room with the rope (flares are useless here). Move on blindly and when you are on a ledge with spikes retracted overlooking the dark room turn around and hurt your eyes trying to discover an impossible-to-see dark jumpswitch in the darkness behind you just above the entrance (many thanks, Vimmers!!!). Pull it to open a trapdoor in the room where the golden orb was; take a running jump to grab the rope again and return there via the ladder and the corridor with spikes. In front of you is the open trapdoor, drop and slide down the ramp to return to the 1st floor. Place the orbs in the hands to open a trapdoor in the center of the pool.


Jump there and pull the underwater switch to see a screenshot of an alcove somewhere. This alcove is just where you picked up the first orb a long time ago so go back to the 3rd floor (there are spiked bags in the entrances now), the green doors are opened again and the Hammer God is released. Time the spikes and the blades again and jump to the opening in NE corner like you did before, to the alcove and pull the jumpswitch there. Return all the way back to the 1st floor, timing the spikes and the blades again and avoiding the annoying god; jump into the pool and dive to leave this dangerous place.





Continue diving and at the end pull the underwater switch to open the trapdoor above. Try to avoid the blade going up at the very SW corner and pick up a small medipack and shotgun shells in the pool. Pull the switches in the next corridor to open the door and in the next room approach the E ledge to watch the flyby. This task seems difficult but it's not too hard. You have to be fast, because the exit door in the N side of the room is timed and it will close in few seconds. Jump onto the first trapdoor when it begins to raise and quickly to the second; from here you can jump to the centre of the central stone tile with the blades and you are safe here (only the small blades can hurt you). Forget the large medipack, the door closes quickly. Don't use the trapdoors to your left; a single jump to the first one to your right, another single jump to the next and without stopping a running jump to the door. Slide down a ramp and fall through another trapdoor into a room with spiked walls.


Press the button to the right of the closed door and quickly return to the central trapdoor; drop, roll and run to the opening before you're impaled by more spikes. Press another button and quickly return to the SW corner of the raising platform; once up, go to the open door. Go up the ramp avoiding three spike balls and pull the switch at the top to open the door. In front of you there is a red opening, go there to pick up a large medipack and jump into the water to pick up a shotgun at the bottom. Follow the path to the N and shoot a dino (at last I can give an use to the grenade gun!). When the flyby stops, prepare the revolver or the shotgun to shoot the chests of the T-Rexs. When you go to the place where they came from, a trapdoor opens behind you, under the N cascade (under the W cascade there are shotgun shells).


Go there and to the end of the underwater tunnel to pull an underwater switch (pull it two times or the trapdoor will close when you approach to the still closed big double doors and you'll get stuck). (Many thanks, Scottie!). Return outside and enter into the temple. Open the E doors pressing Ctrl and continue to a room with a wheel-switch. Pull it several times to open the door behind you; enter and pull the wall switch in the corridor. It's timed, so hurry up the rusty stairs to that timed door. Kill the dino and in this room with the grated floor climb the E ladder; enter the E room jumping the blade and avoiding a lot of blade traps in many floor tiles of this room, the hanging blade balls and the grey tiles with fire traps, too. Advance carefully only over the sandy tiles to the other side of the room and finally get the Metal Goddess. Return to the room with the grated floor.


This time jump to the N ledge; in this room you'll have to enter sprinting and continue sprinting almost to the end where you'll have to release the sprint key and jump before you collide with the ledge. Pick up the Metal Disk and revolver ammo from the SE corner. Return between the spikes to the previous room (if you think the way between the spikes is too narrow, you can save and reload a savegame after you pick up the disk and the spiked walls will be more separate). Now return to the ladder and climb to the top. Jump to the central floating ledge, combine the disk with the goddess to get the Metallic Statue and place it to open a doors somewhere under the grated floor. Return to the E ledge and climb the E ladder to get flares on the ledge above.


Now return all the way back to the bottom of this room using the ladders, but beware 'cause the grated floor is now electrified so you must land on the wooden ledge to your right. From here a running jump with a left curve to the next W wooden ledge and climb down a new ladder to the very bottom where the artifact is. The grey tiles in this room are electrified too, so take care and go through the W open doors. Return to the entrance of the temple; there's a new open door to your left (S) behind the pillar. Pull the switch there and return to the room with the artifact; pick it up now (it's called "Charger") and the doors in E wall open. Go there to finish this level.





After the flyby advance and go always to the left and directly W until you find a kind of bridge made with breakable tiles. Follow the bridge to the very end to find SECRET #3: a large medipack. Approach the edge, turn SE and look down to spot a water hole between the spikes. Jump there and follow the underwater tunnel, opening two doors on your way, to finally emerge in a small cave with plants. There's an opening in N wall; slide down the ramp and watch the flyby. Now you must run over the breakable tiles, avoiding the swinging blades on your way, and jump at the very end border of this bridge to grab the opening ahead. If you can't get it, I think you must reload and try again. There's an alternative way to do this task: drop and grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy all the way N to the beginning of the last breakable tile; hoist up and run with a left or right curve to do the jump.


When you're going to pick up the item from the pedestal face S first 'cause there's a ramp with a boulder at its top prepared to smash you. So, pick up the Blue Crystal, drop, run S and slide jumping at the end with a left or right curve to avoid the rolling boulder. Shoot the crocodiles and go the far SW corner; press the button in the alcove to open the door and time the moving walls; at the end take care of the blades and jump quickly into the S opening. In this small corridor duck facing N and advance backwards; when the blades have passed, stand up and run N to the entrance and left or right to avoid another boulder. Return to the corridor and in the first junction beware of more blades. Continue through the greenish passage and avoid more blades. Climb the E passage and... (you can suppose it) more blades! This time they are circular blade traps; pass the traps, climb the ladder at the end of the passage, cross the door and an elevator ledge will take you to the labyrinth again.


Now, take the second to your left and go always to your left until you eventually found a corridor with another blade trap; crawl to avoid it and at the end there is a pedestal with a Green Crystal. From here continue always to your left to find a button in a dead end. Press it and continue always to your left (when you reach a dead end turn around and continue always left) until you find the door you've opened. You can explore this E area of the labyrinth to find shotgun shells and a small and a large medipack if you want. Place the green crystal to open the door and in the next room place the blue crystal to crash the floor. Jump into the water and the current takes you N. Continue sliding down a long cataract and at the bottom advance E arriving at a huge canyon.


Climb the S rocks to find a friendly soldier, but unfortunately you'll have to kill him to get the Red Key he has and you need. Continue up the rocky path W and go right to use the key, giving you access to a quad bike. It's difficult to mount it; try to do it from its S side and between the seat and the back wheel. Drive through the S narrow passage and follow the path, killing a lot of soldiers on your way. Get speed when you drive up the E passage so you can jump the pit at the top and finish this adventure.


June - 02 - 2009