Pictures in the Dark


Level by B. Howaito (June, 2009)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



The level starts with a flyby of a desert area and beetles pouring from a hole in the ground. You start as Lara in a tunnel. Run south and then east. You are in the outside area in the rain. Continue east over the hills to a cliff. Jump off the cliff and into the water below. Many beetles should follow you into the water. If beetles land on the ground, lure them into the water. Otherwise, they follow you into the level.


Get onto the ground and go east. Follow the cave north and into another cave in the north-east corner. Go north and pick up flares. Safety drop into a dark hole in the ground in the middle of the last cave. Land on a slope and slide down. Go east into a temple area and a door closes behind you. Run down the steps as the camera view changes. You arrive at a water pool with a fountainhead on the wall. Go south to pick up flares and notice a closed door in the south wall. There is another closed door in the north wall.


Dive into the water near the fountainhead and pick up flares. Swim through the underwater tunnel to the west. Surface in another cave. Pull up onto a south-west ledge and crouch down to pick up a small medipack. Go to the dark north-east corner and pick up the Pharos Knot off the ground. Return through the underwater tunnel to the first water pool. Pull up on the east ledge. Go north-east to place the Pharos Knot in the wall receptacle. The door opens in the north wall. Enter the open door and go north-west to the edge of a pit. Climb the wall down into a pit. Go south-east through a doorway.


You are on a ledge above another pit. Hop the blocks down to the bottom of the pit. The vases are empty. Go north to stand on a gray tile. You get a flyby of a door opening somewhere. Climb the blocks to get out of the pit. Return to the first pit and climb the wall. Go south back to the pool area. Notice an open door in the upper south wall. Dive into the pool and swim north.


Swim north and pick up a small medipack off the pool floor. Pull down an underwater lever on the north wall under another fountainhead. Swim back to the first pool and pull up. Enter the newly open door in the lower south wall. Enter a room and the camera view changes. Pull up through a hole in the ceiling. The camera view is still annoying. Go north to find the open door. Follow the side ledges north to an opening. Use two ropes to swing north and land on a ledge. The third rope was not necessary. Stand on a face tile. You get a cut scene of a door opening on the other side of the wall you are standing beside.


Drop into the water and swim north and west to pull up onto a ledge. Go north through the doorway. The camera view changes. Run up the steps and a door opens as you approach. Run over the bridge and though the open door from the cut scene. Go to the end of the tunnel and climb a block. Pull up into a crawl space in the north wall. Crawl to the end and stand up. Go east down the blocks and drop into a room with a water pool on the ceiling.  Note from Moderator:  This appears at first glance to be a misprint, but "a water pool on the ceiling" is exactly what it is.  In the north wall is a closed door. Climb the structure in the middle of the room.


It is possible to climb to the top and jump up into the water. But do not do it or you can be stuck.  Note from Moderator:  Save first and try it, just for fun.  Near the middle height of the structure, do a triangular run and jump to grab the south ledge. Go south and drop into a hole in the dark floor. Follow the tunnel east to a small room. Jump over the water and ignore the wall ladder for now. Go to the north-west corner and jump up to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right and pull up into an alcove. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing south. Drop onto a ledge and pick up the Hathor Effigy. Safety drop to the ground and now climb that west wall ladder. Shimmy to the right at the top and release. Go east and stand on a pink tile. You get a cut scene of the door opening in the room with the structure.


Return west and climb a second wall ladder around the corner. Shimmy to the right at the top. Use the floor lever and the door opens in the west wall. Go through the door and you face the pool. You cannot swim down to the floor below. Go around the pool and enter the tunnel in the west wall. Jump over the spike trap. Then back flip to avoid a rolling spike ball. Do these same jumps over the next two spike traps. Jump over the last spike trap and climb the block. Run off to the side to avoid another rolling spike ball.  Note from Moderator:  Or simply stay put, and the spike ball will veer aside and miss you.  Continue up the blocks and pick up the Ornate Handle. Go down the blocks and jump the spike traps again. Return to the pool area.


Go south to a room with a yellow floor and a platform with a moveable tower. If you push the tower onto the east face tile, you catch fire. Do not do it yet.  Push the tower onto the west face tile. You get a cut scene and notice that the yellow floor is gone in front of the platform. Push the tower onto the north face tile. Nothing is seen to happen. Push the tower onto the east face tile. Nothing is seen to happen. But the tile is now safe. Safety drop into the room below and go north. Jump back to the structure and get down to the floor. Enter the open door in the north.


Follow the tunnel to a large room. Ignore the gunwoman below on the floor for now. Run and jump north onto a platform.  Run up the steps at the north wall. Run and jump to the south roof and pick up flares. Run and jump into the upper openings in the north wall. Search the tunnel behind them to pick up two small medipacks, crossbow, blue shotgun shells, crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, red shotgun shells, shotgun, flares, grenade gun, and grenade normal ammo.


Go back to the middle and drop onto the steps again. Enter the lower south wall openings. Follow the tunnel east and to the left to climb down a wall ladder. Follow the bottom tunnel west and down some steps in a tunnel. You finally reach the ground floor. Shoot a strange looking gunwoman who has Lara's face and an invisible chest. Sometimes the head would also disappear. You may meet that gunwoman in the tunnel on the way to ground floor. Go to the south-east corner and pull back the column. Follow a corner triangular crawl space. Stand up in a large room for secret #1. The secret count states 68. Go north-east to pick up flares next to the steps. Go up the steps to the east wall and pick up Uzi's and two Uzi ammo. Crawl back to the earlier room. You hear the secret sound again and the secret count states 152.  Note from Moderator:  My count showed 231 and 81 respectively, so it must be some random thing.


Ignore the water pools. The smaller one is a pit trap. Go up the steps and follow the tunnels to the wall ladder. Climb the wall ladder and back flip to the upper tunnel.  Go west and south to jump back to the platform. Run and jump south and into the tunnel again. Follow the tunnel to the room with the structure. Climb the west wall blocks and go back through the crawl space. Go west to return to the room with the bridge. Drop into the water and pull up on the east ledge. The vases are empty. Go north through the doorway.


Follow the tunnel to two closed doors. The north tunnel is blocked by sand. Pick up flares and combine the pieces to make the Portal Guardian. Use it to open the east door. Enter the open door and just follow the tunnel to a room with a waterfall. Pull up into the east wall corner crawl space. Crawl through and drop onto a ledge. The vases are empty but go south to pick up flares. The room below has a deadly fire trap floor. Jump east to a small ledge and then east onto the far ledge. Follow the east tunnel and pick up the Pharos Pillar from the ground. Jump over the deadly pit and follow the crawl space and the tunnel back to the other closed door.


Use the Pharos Pillar to open the door in the west wall. Follow the tunnel to a room with a pool and a bird statue on a ledge above it. Dive into the water and swim down and to the west. Swim past a face button on a wall. Swim to the end and surface. Pull up onto the west ledge. Enter the doorway in the north-west corner. Shoot a strange gunwoman and follow the tunnel. Shoot another three gunwomen and enter a large room. Shoot two gunwomen. Get into the water trench and push the moveable tower to the south end. You gate a cut scene showing that the underwater tunnel is now dry. Follow the tunnel back to the dry pit and dry underwater tunnel.


Drop into the pit and see the closed door. Follow the tunnel back to the face button. Push the face button and return to now open door. Run and jump next to the south wall to get into the door. Follow the tunnel to a room with the camera view changes. Run up the steps and pick up the Horseman's Gem. You get a flyby of the door where you entered this area. A wraith starts to fly around you. Quickly exit the room and run east. Go past the face button to the end. Stand jump the slopes and pull up out of the pit. Pull up onto the ledge over the dry pit and crouch near the bird statue until the wraith explodes. Go south-east to exit this area.


The north tunnel is now open. Go north to a pit. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the pit. You enter a large cave. Go west and shoot four gunwomen. Continue west and place the Horseman's gem in the receptacle on the west wall next to a column. The door between the columns opens. Enter the door and follow the tunnel to a pit. Grab the east wall crevice and shimmy left and over the pit. Drop on a ledge before a water hole. Dive into the water and pick up flares from the south-east corner. Pull up onto the ledge above you in that corner.


Climb the wall ladder and pull up into a trench. Go up the steps. Follow the steps upwards and into another tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a large open area and shoot three gunwomen. This was difficult because of the fixed camera view. Go east into the rain and towards a castle. Go to the left behind the hills and shoot three gunwomen. Continue east and shoot two gunwomen hiding behind a wall. Go up the steps and shoot the Lara guard. This was different than the regular gunwomen. Continue up the steps to reach a water pool. Dive into the water and swim east to end the level.