The Last Obscura Painting

Level by tombraiderluka (Luka Ivanovic)

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start in a dark castle room, so light a flare and step forward over the edge and let Lara to slide down the slope into a basement with water. Swim SW and pull an underwater lever, this will open a gate somewhere. While two crocodiles chase you swim over the shallow water, collect a small medipack and reach the north wall. Pull up, climb the next wall and follow the blades passage. Once at the courtyard get a small medipack from the east short block, head west and by using the crack reach the top of the left column (in one crack you can get some flares). Throw the switch to open a gate in the basement and go back over there. First pull down a jumpswitch on the left column to turn off fire in the east alcove. Swim over there for throwing a timed switch to turn off fire at the west alcove. Quickly swim over there and pull the switch, then back to the courtyard and reach the top of the column again. Grab the rope and swing short over the column and throw there a switch, then search for Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo in one of the cracks and go back to the basement.

Swin into the east opened gate and pull an underwater lever and once again back to the courtyard (now you probably feel like a yo-yo). Reach the bottom of the pit and enter the opened gate, then pull down an upper jumpswitch on the west wall to open the next gate. Follow to the end and throw there a switch, then back up. Take the north opening gate and climb up the wall, you reach another part of the castle with two pools, one is empty. Jump and swim into a small opening, pull an underwater lever, then back to the courtyard. Enter the west opening gate and throw the switch, then back to the pools. Throw the switch on the south wall to open a gate in the second pool, swim inside and pull the lever. Now take the north opening gate and reach a new place.

Nice motorcycle ready for driving, but before you warm up the engine, pull a switch on the north wall. Kill two wolves and make your way back to the basement, find a new opening gate on the east wall. Pull inside for Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo and back here again. Climb the structure from the west side and find on the roof Guardian Key#1 and later pull aside the crate for more Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo. Now get on the motorcycle and start driving the south tunnel, pass two ramps and keep to the low bottom. Get off and look for Guardian Key#2 at the high alcove. Drive a little ways back and take the ramp, reach the upper ledge and once again get off, crawl into a short crawlspace for small medipack. Keep driving and pass two deep holes, in the end get off and climb the block. Note: The switch you are going to pull is timed and opens the trapdoor at the structure but the trick here is to reach it open without able to save even once all the way back. So, from now on take full gas and drive back over there.

Once you are near to the structure quickly get off, climb in and drop down the hole. Collect the Celtic Cross, then pull the switch to open the next gate and climb up the wall. Use the Celtic Cross to open the door and enter the castle. In the big room reach the far south wall and climb up until the crack, then backflip to grab the wall and climb up onto an upper ledge. Go west for Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo, back and climb up the column from the south side. Run and jump over to the chandelier and one more jump over to the next ledge, get the Guardian Key#3. Safety drop down and pull a tall jumpswitch from the south side of the column. Reach the floor and go south, open the chest and get the Guardian Key#4. Now that you have all four keys, reach the east side and use them at their receptacles to open a nearby gate. Then throw only the east switch and the left one on south wall, this will open a trapdoor in the middle room.

Light a flare and drop the hole into a dark basement with several cages with each cage holding an angry Yeti (fix the camera each time you need). Climb the west alcove for large medipack, then pull the south switch. Deal with three Yetis and later climb the NW opened cage, pull the switch to open other cage. Look at the north side and climb there, pull the switch and this will open the south gate in the passage. Follow it and climb to a place with three coulmns, pull a switch on the middle column and return to the dark basement, killing a Yeti on your way. Climb the NE cage for Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo. Return back to columns place and climb the south wall, backflip onto the first column and save. Time the spikes and jump from ledge to ledge to reach the north ledge and pull there a timed switch that will open the south gate. Run over there and follow up the stairs, collect a samll medipack and flares, then kill the first Yeti you meet.

Follow the passage and soon you find a crate blocking your way. Push it forward three times to enter a small maze. First go west and find Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo, go back and follow the passage, turn north and kill the Yeti. Search the crate and push it once, find a switch and throw it, go back and go forward to find the gate you opened. Enter and turn around, jump up to grab the high wall and climb about halfway. Backflip into an alcove and jump forward, grab the wall and keep climbing. Once again backflip into another alcove, turn around and climb up the wall. Backflip into the alcove and jump NE, climb up and reach the final place. From here you can see the start of the level. However, pull the jumpswitch to turn off the fire in the alcove and get Secret Grenadegun Flash Ammo, then pick up the Obscura Painting and your mission is completed.