Levels by Michele Flena, aka Mikki


Walkthrough by Josť


[Note:] To save time I'll not mention the enemies and the pickups; only the essential pickups (coins, keys...) will be considered. [End note]






After the views go up the stairs to the main courtyard and left (S) to the area with four pushable items. It's easy to move the items over their corresponding tiles to see a camera shot of a door opening near the beginning. Go there and pick up the first Miniatura Lara from the pedestal. Also take a look on the computer near the window to see an image of three switches, the left is black and the other two are yellow; this means that you have to pull only the left switch anywhere (for later). Return to the main courtyard.




Go to the right side (N) and see another area with pushables, but this time it will not be so easy. Where to place them? Turn left (E) and look for a sneaky trapdoor in the grass behind the most N tree. Open it and go down the stairs to a room with computers showing the level editor. Look to the ceiling to see where you have to place the pushables above. Also there are three switches in N wall, but you already know what to do: pull only the left switch. Return up and move the pushables over their respective tiles to open another door near the beginning. Go there and also take a look on the computer near the window to see an image of three switches, the left is yellow and the other two are black; this means that you have to pull the middle and right switches anywhere (for later). Return to the main courtyard.




Go to the N fountain and open the underwater door at the bottom, in the middle of the N wall, for SECRET #1. Return to the main courtyard and jump to shoot the yellow part of the streetlamps to open the WC door. Go there (NE) and shoot the trash can to get the lasersight. In the first door to your right there is another trash can with the revolver. In this room look up SW to see a different texture in the ceiling; shoot it with revolver + lasersight and climb. Continue to a room where you'll get a flyby showing you a blue gem. Run N and to the right to pull a switch, return S to the entrance and climb onto the raised block, shoot the grate SW and go into the crawlspace to pull another switch and raise two more blocks outside. Climb the yellow one, shoot the grate and enter to pull another switch. Return outside, climb the SE block, shoot the grate and go inside to pull another switch. Go outside, jump onto the high white and red block and shoot the last grate; inside there is another switch, pull it and turn right to see the cut blue lines in the wall: there's a moveable block; push it to the very end to get SECRET #2 and pull another switch inside, too. Go outside to see that a new block has raised in the corner, and the way to the gem is now clear, but the other blocks have lowered so you'll have to begin to pull the switches again to raise them: first N switch, SW crawlspace, NW crawlspace and SE crawlspace; then you can use the blocks to finally get the Gemma Azzurra in the high niche in N wall.




Return to the main courtyard and place the gem in its receptacle (one of the E alcoves). In this room there are three big dices and six switches. I don't know very well what's the hint there, but the dice which is alone in SE corner has in its lateral faces the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5, so pull those four switches to open the door and get the third Miniatura Lara. Go behind the pedestal, turn around and look up to discover a high jumpswitch. Pull it to open a door in the games room.




Go there and just over the trash can there is a trapdoor; open it and climb to get SECRET #3. Return and shoot the electrical box near the computer, pull the switch to see a screenshot of the pool outside. Go there (S) and swim through the open door and to a room with three switches. Do you remember the second combination? Pull the center and right switches to open a (tweety) door outside. Go there (SW) and up to a small hall with a TV. Press the button if you want to see an animation and shoot the poster in NW corner to get SECRET #4. Continue to a room full of poker card symbols and several switches. Take a look to the N faces of the row of blocks in front of the switches: in two blocks the texture is the same as the switch, but in the other three the texture is different. Pull the switches with different textures to open the door (from left to right: the 2nd, the 4th and the 5th) and get the last Miniatura Lara. Go to the very beginning of the level and place the Miniature Laras to jump to the next level.







Go straight ahead to the flags gallery and run W to the end; there is a hall with big flags in the walls and an Europe map in the ceiling. Take a look to the map in the ceiling to see that there are four countries marked with a "X" sign; they are: Ireland, France, Germany and Romania. Take notice of these countries and go back to the entrance of the gallery and take the left stairs (S); go around the first corner and from the second corner turn around and look up to discover an high opening; the blue wall is climbable, go up to get SECRET #5. Return to the stairs and go up to the top of the stairs. Here there are 11 tiles with flags; you must step over the flags of the countries marked in the previous Europe map:


Ireland: vertical bars - green, white & orange.

France: vertical bars - blue, white & red.

Germany: horizontal bars - black, red & orange.

Romania: vertical bars - blue, yellow & red.


Stepping over these four flags a door opens somewhere. Go through the corridor in W wall to find the open door. But don't go inside yet; go down the stairs to your left to discover a crawlspace near the first corners; climb to get the first Sfera D'oro. Return to the open door and drop into the Control Room; shoot the boxes and pull all three switches to open some doors outside. (I think the switch behind the grey box opens the door for a secret in the room with the small boats and the ramps, but I'm not sure).




Go out of this room and to the right to the tiro al versaglio area. Shoot the grate in the corner to your right and go into the crawlspace. In the other side you can shoot the swinging balls to open a trapdoor and get SECRET #6. Return up and go to the SW corner to discover another crawlspace. Don't go there yet, behind is a closed trapdoor. Return to the entrance of the room where the wall switch is and pull it to open the timed trapdoor behind the second crawlspace. Quickly go to the first crawlspace and use the "Alt" key to go out; run to the other crawlspace and be sure that you have full health, use the "Alt" key again and when you touch the ramp immediately jump with twist to land on the border of the breakable tile below; quickly take a standing jump to grab the next safe ledge. Now use the revolver + sight to shoot the very centre of the targets in the wall (if you shoot another place Lara will die) and drop to the now safe floor to pick up the first Gettone Pungibol.




Run up the long staircase to a sort of trophy room. At the end of the corridor in SW corner there is a big poster of Lara. The bottom part is really a moveable block. Pull it twice and go behind it to pick up the Crowbar. Now move the block to the SW corner of the room where the trophy with the poster of young Lara is, and climb to its top to get the Gemma Azzurra and the Piantina Labirinto. Go to the outside right balcony, shoot the left side of the fence and shoot the central side of the fence in the front building, too. Take a running jump there to get the second Gettone Pungibol. Safety drop to ground floor.




Go N and this time to the autoscontro area. Go N to a small garden and left into the red building. In the right side of the corridor there are small openings with pictures of fishes; climb the last one to discover an opening to your left; drop from the other side in a small room with a water hole. Just left of this hole is a moveable block; push it twice to reveal a switch; pull it once W and go through the passage to get SECRET #7. Pull the switch to open a trapdoor in the aquarium. Jump into the water hole and swim into the aquarium to get the second Sfera D'oro and the Paperone Key thrown anywhere in the floor. Return for air to the water hole. Swim back to the aquarium and pull the underwater switch in the SW corner to open another nearby trapdoor and dive there, continue through the underwater passage until the end (always to the left) and pull another underwater lever at the end and emerge in a small pool outside, creating a shortcut for later.




Go inside the red building again but this time up the stairs near the entrance. In this new room you must step over the tiles with the Flintstones characters. The central pillar is moveable; push it to discover the last character and step to open the door. Jump over the corner tile on the electrified roof and take a look down at the safe tiles you can jump to reach the corner tile in the other side. Go jumping over the safe tiles to reach the SW corner and pick up the third Gettone Pungibol. Safety drop to ground floor.




Return to the small garden and use the crowbar to open the door in the green building. Pick up the Minnie Key from the pedestal and open the yellow ceiling trapdoor near the W wall. Climb and follow the path to a room with a sort of small boats and ramps. Jump over the boat in the very right side, slide down the ramp and jump at the end to grab the orange wall. Shimmy right and around the corner, climb down a bit and shimmy left to reach the window sill with the Gettone Pungibol. Pick it up and also look to your left to spot an open door between the ramps. Jump into the water; open the N blue underwater door and return to the pool in the small garden. If you want another secret you can return to this room with the ramps, slide over the very left one this time and jump with a left curve near the end to find the door you spotted when picking up the last coin and get SECRET #8.




Now go to the SW corner of this autocontro area and use the gem to open the labyrinth of the dead. You already have a map of this labyrinth, don't you? Well, first of all, if you can get the last secret in this level, you'll have to waste some medipacks, 'cause when you pick up the coin and the labyrinth is safe, and you can go to the secret alcove and pick up the goodie, but in my game the secret didn't count in my inventory. It's your choice. To get the secret go straight S in the first junction, turn left in the corner and sprint straight W all the way to the very end; turn right, advance a bit and to your left is the alcove with SECRET #9. Quickly get back and use the map to reach the exit of the labyrinth and pick up the fifth Gettone Pungibol. When you pick it up the labyrinth is now safe, and you can return to the exit with tranquility, using the map again. If you don't want the secret, simply use the map to get the coin and return outside.




Now that you have the five coins, you can use them in the green punching-ball machines surrounding the area and watch the cutscene. Go into the cars platform and pick up the Topolino Key. Now it's time to use those golden balls you have had for some time in your inventory, so return to the beginning of the level where the entrance to the flags gallery is and this time go S; place the balls in the hands to open the door and enter. Notice the trapdoor at the bottom of the stairs, right side, for later. Go up the stairs, face the ramp and save your game.




Slide from the right side and at the end jump over the deadly tiles; walk over the breakable tiles and turn right over the safe floor; drop, grab the edge and wait for the spiked wall to pass over you; hoist up, pull the switch to open the door and make your way to avoid the smashing spiked walls in the next room. Now you are in a room with many swinging boxes and battering rams. You must pull four switches in the alcoves to open the door. To do this, you can help yourself by stepping over the tiles with the poker cards symbols; doing this a trapdoor raises in front of each of the alcoves, but they're timed. The SE and NW ones are easy, and you don't need the help of the trapdoors, but the other two are not so easy. To do this, I stepped over the tile with the signs and took a running jump to the very right side of the trapdoors, wait for the right moment to enter into the alcove, pull the switch and turn right and take a long running jump with grab to the central ledges with the swinging boxes. To move yourself through this central ledge you can grab the edges and shimmy left or right if you want. When all four switches are pulled, the door opens and you can go there and pick up the Paperino Key.




Perhaps you've noticed a different texture in the SW alcove when pulling the switch; it's not a wall but a moveable block. Return there and push the block to exit this room. One of the levers in this new room is to raise a trapdoor in the previous room (to make easier the jump) and the other is to open the exit door. Now go to the right side of the white stairs and open the yellow trapdoor (facing E), climb down the ladder and in the next room use your keys to jump to the next level.







In the S wall there is a cage without a monster; the bottom part is moveable so, pull it four times so you can climb to the ledge where the first enemy was and find SECRET #10 behind a crawlspace. Return to the main room and use the binoculars to discover 6 moveable blocks in the green W wall (they have a green square in the texture); three in the floor, two in a second level and one in a third level. Move two of the blocks from the floor under the two blocks in second level; now with the helping of the third block move the left block in second level outside the wall. Now place this third floor block between the other two and under the highest block in third level. Now you need the transparent block you left in the other side of the room so, bring it and place it so you can move the other block in second level outside the wall. Go to the room behind the green wall and push this second block over the transparent block. Now you have two free blocks in the floor and it's easy to manoeuvre them so you can move this last block in second level in front of the other one, taking it perpendicular to the wall. Finally climb and drag the upper block in third level outside the wall, climb it and jump to the ledges of the room above.




This is a very simple puzzle (but perhaps only for the persons who have studied music like me). In the N and S walls there are staves over the doors with five notes you can read. The notes are: LA FA MI DO SOL. Jump over the tiles in N and S sides in this order to open the N and S doors. Go through the open door in N wall and pull the lever. Go back to the central platform and jump to the S open door; go to the left corridor and climb the red ledges to find SECRET #11. Go back down and pull the floor lever to activate the teleporter in the central platform. Go there to jump to an upper level.




Now you have to be fast. Turn around and run through the N opening, but it's a timed run so, you have to sprint right and left around the corners before the fires are active; if you don't get it you'll have to reload a previous savegame and try it again. Once in the other side open the door in E wall (there's a high switch I couldn't reach) and in this room jump onto the windows sill SE to pull a switch and open the door outside. Go W through the open door and through a black corridor to the next room. Turn around and drop, grab the edge, drop again and grab the edge below; hoist up and get SECRET #12. Pull the switch to open the trapdoor which leads you to the previous corridor.




Approach to the border and use your binoculars to see where the invisible ledges are. Jump over those ledges to finally reach the high opening in W wall. Advance a bit to see a flyby of the ultimate areas in this game.




Jump over the floating ledges to reach the central platform; shoot the demigods and go left to the blue grated door; look through the door to see what switches you must pull (green circles) from left to right: the first, the second and the fourth. The door opens and you can pull the lever inside. Turn around and go W to the other side of the platform, jump and go to the very end ledges; look again through the door to see what switches you must pull (green circles) from left to right: the first, the third and the fourth. The door opens and you can pull the other lever inside. Return to the central platform and go right (N); enter into the last room and pick up the book to see the last flybys and cutscenes and finish this fantastic adventure.


July - 26 - 2009.