Akakor - The City Of Gold

Level by Vinipeix

Walkthrough by dmdibl

Note: this walkthrough is incomplete, as the level cannot be finished due to technical issues. I wasn't motivated to continue searching. In this level the revolver is weak, more like crossbow normal ammo. It cannot shoot demons or break grates, so pistols are the weapon of choice.

Starting Blue Pyramid

Run forward to the blue pyramid. Drop the torch. Combine revolver and laser sight, turn around, and shoot the east high grid encircling the room above Lara's head. The shootable grid looks different. Pull up into the high crawlspace opened up. Crawl left or right, find three side branches. Go to the end of each, shoot the junction box, and pull the switch. Get back out of the crawlspace.

Lost Ark

From the blue pyramid, go straight north. Inside the door on the left are the pistols. Shoot the glass, take the pistols. Now use the pistols to shoot glass for the spear (crowbar). The two storage cabinets on the west wall each hold a small medipack. To open them stand a pace away from the doors and press Ctrl. There are two things to note in this room. There are spare torches here in case Lara ever needs one. In the NE corner there is a sort of Lost Ark of the Covenant. This is a retextured owl statue, good for destroying wraiths, so remember where it is.

Blue Plug

Head out the door and take an immediate right. Lara may note a spiral transporter, but it is currently inoperative. Go straight to the end of the passage, and make a right. The noise you hear is a little demon. Lara may shoot him with pistols at any time. For now open the trapdoor at Lara's feet. Drop down. Pick up the blue plug in the NE, get back out. Shoot the demon if Lara hasn't already done so. Run back E, and go back to the starting blue pyramid.

This time go west. Keep to the left after the double doors, and find a crowbar door in the S wall. Open it. The receptacle for the blue plug is straight ahead, so place it. This opens a door N, behind Lara. Go around the glass case and find the door, draw pistols, enter, and shoot the mutant creature.

A wraith shows up, so run back to the Lost Ark noted earlier. Lara only needs to guide the wraith to the Ark. She doesn't need to stand by it, taking damage, but can stand back away from it and let the wraith spiral in and destroy itself. That done, return to where Lara shot the creature. Step just inside a large room with a big tree to the left. At the entrance is a Magnetic Card lying on the ground. Pick it up.

(Note: in the passageway that Lara came through into this room, there is a grate, and inside it is a glowing crystal. Lara can shoot and shatter the crystal here and elsewhere. As far as I know this action is meaningless.)

Big Tree Room

Jump over the fence to the tree. To the west of the tree, in the foliage on the ground, is a key. Use the key in the SE corner keyhole. Enter the opened door, go right, and pick up a Part 2 of an Ocular from between the machinery. Go out of the room and left. Note that Lara is running over two raising blocks, which will be triggered later. At this point look to the right, and spot the door in the far corner with the fire beside it. That is the object of the next timed run.

Go to the glass door, and find the slot right for the magnetic card. Insert card and enter. Inside, left raised alcove, is a glowing button for a timed run. We'll get to that soon. Lara goes down the stairs to a jail. There is nothing here. Check Lara's inventory.

Jail For Cog Wheel

Have Lara walk down the right side of the jail, against the bars. She walks by a blue structure on her left. She can see a prisoner through the bars on her right. At about this point the monitor screen should go momentarily black. That was the trigger tile. Check Lara's inventory again and she should now have a cog wheel (Engrenagem). Exit the jail, go up the stairs, and at the top jump up to the timed button.

Timed Run

Save here. If Lara ever needs to reset the timed button she will need to press it once to reset, then a second press to initiate the timed run. It is easier just to restore a save game.

Hit the button, roll. Do NOT slide down the slope. Take a step and make an angled jump right. Out the door, sharp left jump over the fence, run across. Avoid jumping from the high grass mound or Lara will hit her head. Jump over the fence and use the sprint key to take Lara through the open door.

Go right and press the button. I'm not sure, but maybe this only opens the door again in case it has closed. Sometimes the door stays open, but press the button anyway just in case it does something. Go back toward the door and walk through the wall to its right. (Yeah, I know.) Turn around and shoot the growling demon.

Secret Area

There are four receptacles here for secret objects. Pull back the right shelves. Shoot the low grate, crawl inside, and shoot two more grates. Crawl ahead and around the corner. There is a timed button here. Lara can press it, roll, run into the next room where the grates fell, jump forward on the slope and backflip up just as the timed grates close. There is another timed button here so that Lara can get out again. There is a shaft upward. Walk Lara into the corner, at the highest point of the floor. Press against the left wall and press Ctrl. Lara should jump up and grab. Shimmy around, pull up, and take the secret "Chave Estrela" from the wall with the crowbar.

Drop down, use the button--Lara will probably need to press it twice. Crawl out, go through the walk-through wall, left at the big tree to exit this room, run down the passageway to the starting blue pyramid. While you're here pick up the revolver ammo on the SW glowing pedestal. Take the south passage to the end and drop into the hole.

South Passageway

Go east into a small room, make an immediate right to pick up a bunch of keys. The green water is deadly. To the east see an object on a pedestal. Pull out the moveable block that seems to merge with the wall (light a flare if you need to). Pull it out twice. Move Lara left, press her back to the wall, and uses Ctrl to have her enter the block and get to the side of it. Push the block into the alcove where the keys were, to get it out of the way.

Get out of this tiny room, and go down the stairs, and right. Here is a glass door with rubble against it. Lara's presence should attract the attention of a wraith. So run back up the stairs, pull out of the hole, run back to the starting blue pyramid and keep going straight to the Lost Ark. Let the wraith destroy itself.

Go back to where Lara attracted the wraith. Go down the stairs on the west side. Then turn left and enter the south doorway. (There is nothing west along the glass greenhouses.) Go around the central column to find and press a button. A screenshot shows a glass door opening back in the area where Lara attracted the wraith.

For now go west. Once through the doorway, turn left and press a button to open a trapdoor inside the end greenhouse. Continue west, roll and shoot a growling demon. In an alcove to the north is a needed blue bottle--this is a trap. If Lara enters the alcove a force field activates, Lara floats in air while all the oxygen is removed from the chamber. Lara will have to get this pickup in another place. For now, go to the storage cabinets on the south wall.

The Ocular. An Extra Piece?

Lara gets a piece of the ocular and a large medipack from the first cabinet. If she continues she will get the same pickups from the second cabinet, but only one ocular piece will remain in inventory--the second piece will disappear. It isn't clear if this is important, but to be safe get the first pickups. Then combine the two pieces of ocular in Lara's inventory to make a complete Disco Ocular. Now take the pickups from the second cabinet, and that ocular piece won't disappear.

Exit back to the greenhouses, and climb the east wall ladder. Press the button to open the door back to the main south passage. Turn around and go west to spot the line of three glass trapdoors, and adjacent buttons for each of them. Press the first button that Lara comes to--this opens the trapdoor at the end. Lara can continue to press the remaining two buttons, as they light up green, but this doesn't seem to do anything. She can also shoot a crystal up in the corner of the end wall, but this may not do anything, either.

Drop down in the end trapdoor and shoot the little demon. Find the open trapdoor NE.

Red Beetles Galore

It is critical that no red beetles escape from the greenhouses or they will mercilessly plague Lara the rest of the game. Save the game in case this section needs to be repeated.

Crawl through to the next chamber. Hop out, and a few paces south spot a cog wheel. As Lara approaches it red beetles show up. Grab the cog wheel. Drop back into the lower crawlspace. Don't even try to crawl. It won't work and the beetles will start to feed. Instead put Lara into a crouch and press the sprint key to do a crawlspace roll. This takes Lara through a kind of invisible barrier. Jump out in the end chamber. Exit through the ceiling trapdoor (don't use the ground door or the beetles will follow) and head east.

Three Cog Wheels

Lara can drop down where the ladder is. Go east and left to find the open glass door. Enter and circle around right to a cog mechanism. At the right end is the third cog wheel lying on the ground. Get it. Start at the left side of the cog wheel mechanism, and place two cog wheels. This will open the door in the NE corner. (Should Lara place the third cog wheel anyway? Maybe it is sort of a souvenir.)

Run toward the door. There is a hammer inside waiting to smash into Lara. Carefully edge inside at the right side. Go right to a radar screen. Examine this, and notice there is a keyhole on the left side. Center Lara at the screen, step a pace back, and use Ctrl to use the bunch of keys.

Blue Bottle Receptacle

Turn around and look up. On the upper ledge there are two gate doors, and the right one has just opened. Go east, just around the corner, and pull out the moveable block twice (use a flare if needed). Get around to the opposite side, and notice that where the push block was there is a receptacle for that blue bottle that Lara couldn't get. Push the block north against the pillar, then push it west twice so that it is in front of the high alcove.

Lara can do more here, including placing the Ocular, but she gets into trouble with an endless looping fly-by. There is something else that Lara did when she placed the cog wheels, or when she entered this room, or maybe when she used the key on the radar screen. Blocks raised back in the big tree room.

Back to Big Tree Room

Exit carefully, a reverse procedure of when Lara entered. Up the stairs, out of the hole, to the starting blue pyramid and PICK UP THE TORCH where Lara left it. Go west, around and to the big tree, past it, and hop on the raised blocks. Hop up to the ledge. Fight the camera angle and walk Lara around to the other side of the room and exit. Go right to where camera is restored and drop the torch. Turn around, see two doors at the end of the hall west. Go there and inside.

Aquarium for Card

To the right of the blue structure, near the aquarium glass, find a Magnetic Card on the floor. There is nothing else here, but explore the room until you spot the blue bottle in the corner of the second aquarium. Of course there is a Sea Hag in with the bottle, but now you know where to get it.

More Keys

Go back to where Lara left the torch, beyond the hallway lined with beds. Find and open a door on the right. Go through the bathroom, into the showers, find the key and shoot the little demon. Go outside and right.

In the big room, on the left (north) is a slot for the magnetic card. Gain entry. Inside, right on the east wall, two storage cabinets each hold a key. Now Lara has three.

Crawlspace to Upper Level

Go back outside and right, find the south hallway lined on both sides with beds. Go to the end, draw pistols, and jump up and down shooting to break the grates. (The revolver may fail to break the grates here.)

Pull inside the crawlspace, go east until Lara can stand. Use two keys in the mechanisms on the right wall. Have Lara stand slightly to the left of the keyhole for her to use the keys. Continue down the crawlspace to the end, stand, and note that a trapdoor slid back. Climb up, crawl to the grates, crouch, and shoot them with pistols. Get out.

Computer Disk

Go right to the SE pillar. Behind it find a ceiling trapdoor. Lara can jump up and pull it down. Now there is an invisible pillar underneath the trapdoor, so Lara can't get near it. (I think there was a secret here, but Lara can't get it.)

So return to the crawlspace, continue into the hallway, and open the door. Search the storage cabinet by the door for a Computer Access Disk and a paper, "Pedaco de Papel." If Lara approaches the other side of the room it will trigger a Fire Wraith. It seems better to exit by the same door and go around left, counterclockwise, to find the computer terminal against the wall, and insert the access disk. All large east doors are now open, on all levels, including the door at the bottom starting level. Lara can go east and open up the smaller door on the right inside, for a ladder to all three levels. (Beside the small door, in the corner of the glass enclosure, there is a push block, but I could find no use for it. It doesn't help with that ceiling trapdoor.)

Fire Wraith Chase

Now go back to the right hallway, open that door, and go into the north side of the room. Standing by the machine triggers a Fire Wraith. Run out and back east. Lara needs to get down to the second floor, by whatever method you prefer. Go to the right and go down the ladder. Or Lara can run straight and jump to the chain (rope). Wait a moment for her to steady herself, then slide to the bottom of the rope. Turn around, swing once, and jump to land in the second floor opening. Sprint all the way west down the hallway to the doors at the end, turn right, and right again. Run to stand up against the wall of the aquarium. The Fire Wraith, in pursuit, will glide past Lara, into the water, and destroy itself.

Torch to Top Level

Return to the hallway and find the dropped torch. Carry it east and into the big door, use the blocks to jump up to the third level. Lara had trouble jumping into the opening without bumping her head. It is easiest just to run at the corner into the doorway to get inside. Immediately go right, north. Find a contraption on the wall with a floor pipe sticking out. Light this with the torch. The nearby door opens. Go inside.

By the blue structure there is a spare torch lying on the ground as Lara will soon lose her torch. The spare torch can be lit on that floor pipe. I never found a use for a spare torch. In the NE corner there is a red kick door. Lara is prevented from approaching this by an invisible block, so ignore it. From the entrance go left, find the smooth patch of ice with black marks in the middle of it. Light the black area with the torch.

Sea Hag for Blue Bottle

The ice vanishes and Lara falls into the water, the torch drifting to the bottle of the pool. Climb back out, shoot the Sea Hag, then dive back in and retrieve the blue bottle from the far corner. Or, since the Sea Hag seems to do little damage, just swim over and get the blue bottle, come back and climb up on the block and get out of the pool.

Impossible Secret

The next parts are a problem. If Lara goes west the two fires will go out as she approaches. All the way west she can say hello to the big fish. His name is Harold. On the west wall, to the right, is a secret item, but it is placed even with the floor. It is impossible for Lara to take with the crowbar. Lara can dive into the pool but there is nothing in it. When she tries to climb out the game may crash if she pulls out in front of the secret item.

A Curious Button

So there is no reason for Lara to go all the way west, and contend with jumping over the fire on her return. From the pool with the Sea Hag she can go west and right to push a button. It isn't clear what this does. Don't press it more than once.

When replaying the game for this walkthrough, I experienced major problems after experimenting with this button. The screen froze when Lara returned to the area of the starting blue pyramid. The computer needed a hard reboot. It may have been due to pressing this button more than once. And what does this button do? In the main room with the transparent floor there are doors to open west, leading to an alien command center. These remain shut.

Return to Blue Bottle Receptacle

After getting the blue bottle, Lara goes out of this area, left into the glass enclosure, opens the small door, descends the east ladder to the bottom level and opens the door to exit there. From the starting blue pyramid go south, take the right side door. Drop down the ladder. Go east and left to the open glass door leading to the cog wheel mechanism. Cross the room diagonally to the hammer door in the NE corner--remember to edge in carefully on the right side.

Go right past the push block and place the blue bottle in the receptacle. See blue current emanating outward. This opens a door in the NE corner of this room.

Locked Pushables

Go to that NE corner and see two pushable objects, one behind the other. Look right and see the glowing red tiles for placing the objects. Lara will go into a stance to pull the object out of its alcove, but the object can't be moved. It won't cross the floor seam.

At this point most players quit the game. Well, okay, so the game has a few problems.

Endless Fly-by Loop

Lara can return to the push block she placed in front of the high alcove. Jump onto that push block. Run and jump to the right side of the high alcove (the left side is still protected by an invisible block). Turn around and notice a high grating near the ceiling. Run and jump and grab it, pull up. Lara will have to crouch to pick up a circuit board on the right side, in the angle near the ceiling. Safety drop down to the floor.

Again jump to the push block and then to the high alcove. At the right open door, Lara can place the circuit board. That done, the door opens across this ledge. Lara can stand in front of the pedestal and place the Ocular. In my game this resulted in an endless fly-by in a repeating loop. There was no way to get out of the loop except by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get the Windows task manager. Find tomb4.exe in the task manager, click to stop the process, confirm.

It is possible that this game still needs a little work.