Level by Cain


Hi, my name is DJ Full and today I'll act like a Tomb Raider parody of Bear Grylls from "Ultimate Survival". I'll teach you how to survive in the most wild and extreme environments, having only a binoculars, a compass, and... pistols with infinite ammo.

-B-e-f-o-r-e- -y-o-u- -s-t-a-r-t-

Make sure the brightness of your monitor is set to 100%. It doesn't help, but provides good feeling that you made the darkness brighter.

In the end of the 1st level make sure you have at least 20 flares and 10 medipacks. But you should easily manage to do it.


N = North
E = East
R = Right
W = West
L = Left
S = South


1. Always keep at least 1 flare in your inventory.
2. Use the light of binoculars to watch open spaces.
3. Use the gunfire flash to make some light in cases when you don't need to light a flare.
4. Don't save when you are unsure if you should do it.
5. Replace script file with a working one when you pass the first level.
6. Master the special combos I described in the walkthrough.
P = pistols
GG = grenade gun
The word "shoot" refers to pistols and (in one case) to shotgun. The word "blow up" refers to grenade gun only.

Don't be afraid of the dark or of the length of my walkthru. Both of these things are not as scary as they seem to be. And the ingame action is fast:
Approximately 10 lines of a walkthrough = 5 minutes of a game

Min playing time: at about 1.5 hours.
Max playing time: at about 4 hours.
Min playing time with help of a walkthru: 1 hour.
Min playing time when writing a walkthru: 3 days and a night. Including a replay.

-L-e-v-e-l- -1-


Some kind of invisible helicopter drops Lara outside the castle, near the garden. There's a ladder behind her. Climb it and pick up a GG and a lot of ammo.

NOTE: You have 10 x normal and 24 x super ammo.

Jump down. When you step on the next square, a herd of giant eels will attack you from back and front. Blow'em up and proceed through the corridor, killing some raptors and a scottish warrior rather with P than with the GG. Watch out when leaving the corridor - they are eels waiting for you! Jump over some spike traps.
NOTE: These spikes can hurt you even if you're on the squares surrounding the trap! Don't come too close to them!

Kill another eel group. Now face some giant mummies and advance, blowing up some raptors. You should run out of super ammo now, so shoot another raptor in a standard P way.

NOTE: There is a shortcut here. I don't know if it is Cain's mistake or if he intended this, but I think both options are possible.

SHORTCUT: You can now turn S and find a ladder. It's used later in normal gameplay, but you can climb it to the top and jump down onto a platform with a switch. If you use this shortcut, don't look at the description of normal gameplay.

NORMAL GAMEPLAY: Advance N, then E and S to the very end of the garden. Look R - there's a ladder. Climb it to the top. Pick up GG ammo and draw the GG. Landing on a next platform activates eels on both ledges, so jump to the next ledge, shooting in the same time. This should kill the eels just after the activation. Now face the previous ledge and wipe the rest of eels out. Get to the pulley and open a way to a motorbike. Descend to ground level and return to a place where you killed the last raptor. Advance S and find another ladder on your right. Climb it, take a vehicle and return to the place where you killed the first eel group. Find a slope and drive up. Watch out when turning left to reach the platform. A sharp fragment of a block will stop you for a while, making an impression you can't pass it, but keep pressing accelerate button and you'll make it. Sometimes several tries are required. When you're on the top, pick up another megapack of GG ammo. Climb the highest point. It activates next herd of eels, which is a fine sight to see from up here. Never mind them and jump SW, landing on the top of a shrubbery. Now blow up the eels.

NOTE: If you wanna save ammo, switch targeting to Manual, duck, target the eels and shoot them with P, rapidly repeating pressing the action button.

You see the shotgun ammo nearby? When you step on the platform that holds it, you'll activate eals, but you can't do a BJ (blow-up jump) like you previously did, because it's too far. Instead, do a running jump, grab the ledge and DON'T pull yourself up yet. Shimmy right to the very end of the ledge. Now pull up. The eels will activate on your left side so you'll have time to blow'em up before they manage to push you off the ledge. Now pick up the ammo and a shotgun. Make it to the opposite end of this shrubbery and jump E onto the next one. Go S, activate the last eel group in this area, and backflip several times to make a distance. Commite another mass eel murder. Each death of a eel activates one mummy. The mummies appear on the last platform. There's also a switch... and a trigger for 2 T-Rexes. Jump onto the platform, KEEP RUNNING, turn around and return to the previous shrubbery. Go E. Watch out for the teeth, they can reach you here! When you get to the corner of shrubbery, dinosaurs will change locations several times and disappear. This bug really helps. Now go back onto the platform and blow up the mummies.


Pull the lever switch. It opens a door located in a pit at the SE corner of the garden, near that ladder thad have lead you to the motorbike. Now climb the highest point and jump E to get some flares. They'll be very useful in the mazes. The total d'a'r'k'n'e's's' awaits you now. Go and meet it!!!


Hop into the pit and slide down. Shoot a raptor and activate some... eels! Blow'em up. You see the door in the pool? You need to open it. To do this you'll have to pass the mazes of dark lord Pitch Black. Enter the door on S and light a flare. Go through the crawlspace and kill some raptors. Shotgun is the best weapon for this very crowdy fight. Use the raptors closest to you as a cover from the farther raptors. Advance through the corridor and kill another raptor. Slide down again.


1st floor

A scorpion welcoming comittee will face you after you slide down into the maze.

NOTE: It may happen they won't attack you unless you attack first. Light a flare and
go E - as far as possible, then S - afap too, W - afap, and S - afap. Turn E (REMEMBER THIS TURN, AS THIS IS THE MOST CHARACTERISTIC POINT OF THIS MAZE AND I'LL REFER TO IT LATER), go S as soon as you can - afap, then E and N on the next crossroad... crosstunnel... whatever, I mean a situation when two tunnels go in different ways. Now turn E, S and E again. Keep this direction and find a lever. It opens a door on your L. Go through.

2nd floor

Pick up the GG ammo and draw it. Jump onto a block on your L. You hear a familiar sound? Hide in an alcove on your left and wait. Footsteps are getting louder... NOW! KILL EEL!!! And its friends. Now go N and W on the 2nd crosstunnel, E on the 3rd, E4, N5, E6, N7, N8 and jump onto the next floor.

3rd floor

This one is easy. Just enter and exit a long passage. The switch is in the end. Pull it and open the way out and the underwater entrance to the second maze.


This one is completely flooded.

1st flood

Enter the entrance, pick up the pickups and resurface on the surface to breathe a deep breath.

TIP: Wanna have some more air? Try to get out of the water just above the maze entrance. You'll be "teleported" down by a bug. Now pass the first turn. Then swim L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L. Swim up.

2nd flood

Face and swim S. Now swim E, E, E, N, E, S, E. Swim up.

3rd flood

Face and swim W. The exit is exactly on the other side of this one. Swim diagonally, like the first time. Did you manage to do this all w/o using a medipack? Swim up and get outta water in the NE corner of pool. Run E and S after hitting a wall. When you hit the next one, turn left. You see? A LADDER! Descend. Jump into the next pit and pull the lever. Look at the ground. There's a set of 11 medikits and some flares. You should now have at about 20-40 of them.


Now you have to pass all the mazes again to reach your destination: a door you've just opened. Remember about the scorpions you may have left alive. Send them to eternal desert. Go S, W (as soon as you can), S (as soon as you can) and W (as FAR - not as soon this time - as you can). Turn S. You remember this place? That's why I told you to do so. You're on the track you already know. I can leave you for 5 minutes, I think... I'm gonna drink sth, because I told so many words here and I'm a bit thirsty...


Welcome back. Have you returned through the mazes? OK. This time don't jump into the pit, but go through the door on your R, climb another ladder and find a motorbike. Time for some kind of a GTA2 special event.


Run over 70 Scottish warriors using a motorbike! In this moment Cain has reached an object limit. Wait... It means... Oh, my God... There won't be eels in this level anymore! Nooooo!!!


Exit the passage and watch out not to fall off the ledge. There's a series of platforms to get on. Do two running jumps with grabbing the ledges. The third jump is a technical masterpiece. Diagonal, in total darkness. Use the binoculars and look SE. Now do a running jump of faith. Perform the last running jump with grabbing the ledge. Activate a lever switch on the platform, watch out for the enormous snake, jump into the pool and save. CHANGE THE SCRIPT FILE TO A WORKING ONE NOW. Finally, exit the level through the underwater door. Congratulations! You made it! But from now on there will be yet darker than it was here.

-L-e-v-e-l- -2-

Get out of water and pick up ALL the items here. It's vital. Climb the ladder, slide down the slope and jump, do this once again, but don't try it for the first time. If you do this, you'll fall into a lava pit. Instead of dying, just slide down the third slope and fall to the bottom. Turn R, enter a crawlspace and pick up some more GG ammo. Get out.


There are several important things to know for you to survive in here:
- Don't panic
- Believe you can make it
- Follow the instruction:
1. Sprint E
2. Pass by the T-Rexes
3. Don't kill the scorpions - they are slow, so use them as a barrier separating you from the dinos
4. Blow up the raptors
5. Bypass two more T-Rexes
6. Make it to the very end of a corridor.
7. Find a ramp. REMEMBER WHERE IT IS.
8. Pick up the ammo from under the ramp.

NOTE: If the scorpion barrier doesn't work, get closer to them and make them follow you. Lead them to the last two T-Rexes and run around the dinos. The scorpions should surround them. Such big amount of objects on such small space should cause the scorps to lock up. When it happens, the behaviour of T-Rex will change and it will only stand roaring. Use this moment to grab the pickup.

9. Pull the nearby lever switch.

NOTE: Remember that sometimes you don't have to make the scorpion barrier. Sometimes you just have enough luck and are able to pull the lever before the dino teeth reach you.

10. Pulling the trigger activates mummies. BLOW'EM UP. IT'S IMPORTANT.
11. Blow up the scorpions. LEAVE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM ALIVE!! Otherwise you may not be able to finish the game. Later about this.
12. Return to the place where you came from and run through the door in panic. You're safe now.


Desperately grab the motorbike. Don't fall into the pit you came from! Surprise: Run over two more Scottish warriors. It is a Scottish castle then, I presume. Drive to the ramp near the switch, running over the scorps blocking your way. Still remember to LEAVE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM ALIVE. If you killed the mummies, they won't prevent you from finding the ramp. Drive up. When you do it' the T-Rexes will lock up. One of them will put his head into a hole when the motorbike was. No wonder the ostriches are related with this guy. It's better to leave the vehicle now and pass the whole length of this wall on foot. Do a running jump with grabbing the next ledge and run towards the corridor ending with a pit. Don't jump in yet. Turn around and grab the ledge. Do you hear the familiar footsteps? Pull yourself up and send the eels a grenade or two. Now jump down.


You are standing on a crosstunnel. At the end of each of for tunnels there is a door. But you don't need to wonder where to go now. Beautifully linear gameplay prompts you to choose the S one. Fall down and destroy some eels approaching you. Find some flares nearby. There are more eels covering the ledge surrounded by lava. Put sth heavy on the DUCK and ACTION keys and drink a cup of warm, refreshing tea. Return to game, release duck and action and advance to the platform. Warning! There are two more platforms in front of you. When you land on the closer one, eels will activate on both of them. But they'll deactivate when you climb the further one. So LIGHT A FLARE, do a running jump, land among the eels, keep running, jump once again and grab the final ledge. Shimmy left, wait until the right moment, pull yourself up and wipe the eels out. Pull a lever switch and return to the "4 corridors room". Now go W and enter a huge chamber. Use the binoculars to see a puzzle hole. Yes! A myth about a lack of puzzles in this game is BUSTED! You need to retrieve two pieces of a tablet and put it into that hole you've just seen. Climb a rock on your N. Climb a higher one. There is a series of platforms ahead. All of them except the last one are eel-trapped. First two jumps require grabbing a ledge, the next is a BJ (this one is described in THE GARDENS chapter). The next one is a grabbing jump again, but when you perform it, shimmy left as far as possible before pulling yourself up. This way the eels will trigger on your right and you'll have enough time to destroy them. When you're done, do another BJ. Then make it to the last platform and pull a lever. Watch out for a fire cobra and return to the "4 corridors room" again.


Go E. Here's another maze. You know what? Follow the right wall. It's the most sure way, better than this N/E/W/S system. Find a piece of a tablet, kill some eels and return to the "4 corridors room" one more time, still following the right wall. Go through the last door, kill some eels and repeat everything you did in last maze, but this time stick close to the left wall to find the second piece and return. Combine both halves and go back to the firesnake room. Put the tablet into a hole near the door.


This one is the hardest maze ever, but fortunately it is the last one. You have two options:
1. Go 3 squares W, 11N, 2E, 6N, 2W, 9N, 6W, 6N, 7W, 7S, 2W, 4S, 3E, 3S, 3W, 4S, 3E, 7S, 3W, 4S, 3E, 6S, 3W, 7S, 10W, 6S, 6W, 5S
2. Follow one of the walls. After about 4 minutes you'll find the exit.
Don't smile, player! You will return here one more time. Ah, I forgot to warn you: EEEEEEELS!!!!


Get to the lever and pull it. Watch out! Mummies! Scorpions! An open door! Go through and see the two vehicles. You know, why there's two of them, don't you? Get in. Watch out while turning - sometimes you'll have to turn two times. After jumping over 5 hills, drive up the 6th to reach next floor, and, after several meters - a dead end. Actually, it's semi-dead. Find a hidden ramp and go up. Get out of the vehicle and jump into the next pit. Pull the lever. You recognize the situation? YES! THERE'S NO WAY UP!!!


Get back there. You have to pass all the things you did so far once again, except killing the enemies. When you reach the T-Rex part, you'll see it's still having his head put into a motorbike room entrance. You have to get there if you want to finish the game, because the door inside is open now and there is a vehicle provided for you behind it The only one way to push Lara through and obtain the motorbike is to find the scorpion that you've previously left alive. If it doesn't react, shoot it once with P and it will follow you. Now lead it to the T-Rex object blocking the passage and allow it to push you through the other side of it. Voila! Now there's nothing that can stop you from finishing the game. Have fun with killing the rest of scorpions and go back to the place where you finished RALLY CAIN. Don't jump again into the pit! Instead of it grab the motorbike and drive. The second part of the race is much more shorter


Enter a room with a stepped pyramid in the center of it. Don't climb up yet. Use the binoculars and see where's the exit. Check out behind the pyramid and find a medipack on the floor. Jump to the top of the pyramid and collect THE GOOD STONE from there. Two snakes will appear. Don't mind them but go to and face the exit, turn around and slide down backwards.


Why can't Lara slide forwards in this place? Because she hates high ledges so much that she loses a will to life everytime she is forced to fall down. She doesn't want to die of frustration attack, so she commits a well planned suicide in midair (which we hear as a specific scream when she falls) and this manoeuvre is prepared by Winston and practised by Lara only for special situations like in this case. Lara have performed it many times in her life and death, so she has much more experience in art of dying than all the eels she has killed in all Cain's epic levels. This one comes to the end, BTW. Yes... actually, that's exactly my point. This is what I wanted to say... yes... yes... the end. But firstly...


Everything is green, not dark anymore, but horriblarry, terrificallyzating green. I prefered pitch black rather than facing the bosses. There are seven of them. Huge. Enormous. So big that they can exceed the room size and bounce in every directions, hitting the other ones and all the surfaces. Cain, now I can say you're literally the Bugmaster. Lara could have died many times in this castle, but she haven't and she is already starting to wish she was dead... because the consequences of the fact she survived are brutallisticaller than everything she have seen in her life. Now she's staring at them all, unable to move. (It's the bosses unable to move, not her.) Suddenly, some kind of strange force, what seems to come from space... SPACE... SPACE BUTTON! PLAYER! WAKE UP AND DRAW YOUR WEAPONS!!! So it happens. Lara can't refuse the force from SPACE. It prompts her to draw the GG for the last time... and now the force changes... Lara feels like someone is telling her to do some ACTION... PLAYER, PRESS THE ACTION! So she throws herself into the middle of epic battle, to finally... finish the trigger pressing... Finish the trigger... FINISH TRIGGER. Where's the finish trigger? It's located on the top of that ladder. Climb it and find a pole that marks it. BTW, I'm also a Pole, so Cain could have used me as a finish trigger marker. But he haven't and that's better. This game with me starring in could get dark. Very daaaaaaaark...

DIS. TRAVEL.: 13612 m (including backtracking)
AMMO USED: 8614 (mostly for making light)

So now I'm hitting the finish trigger for this walkthrough. It's called... a DOT. Goodbye, Cain. Goodbye, players. Mission complete.

DJ Full