Levels by Ales JPN

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: Diary and title was not mentioned, sorry.

Harbor Of Ocean - Pools

Start in a small waterfall place. Go over the placard and pull it aside, get the Secret Ocean Crystal (Green) and collect flares from the corner. Head SE and take a running jump east, grab hidden crack and shimmy left to pull into a short crawlspace. Press alt for flipping forward to land onto some rocks and deal with two ocean dogs (child). Pull back the guard and get the Gate Key, back to the waterfall and open the gate. Go left, open the next door and come to lobby. First explore the women's toilet/shower, open the east door and find flares in the second toilet. Back and devote attention to the mirror for a hint. Just before the west doorway collect an invisible Secret Ocean Crystal (Yellow). Return and enter the men's toilet/shower. First enter east and kill there bats, collect a small medipack in one toilet, then go west, open the door and proceed to the end, enter the toilet. Climb east into an invisible dark crawlspace and crawl to the end for flares. Crawl back to the lighted room and kill there bats, then climb north into another crawlspace and crawl to the end. Press alt for flipping forward, cross the shallow water room and soon you come to a very atmospheric swimming pool.

Head to the south two small pools and stand back to the west sloped wall. Backflip and jump forward, grab the ceiling black grate, monkeyswing over to the middle column and grab, move around and climb up to upper parasols place. Head left and light a flare, stop next to second column, here you can climb the east wall. Reach the south tall column and from there jump/grab the blue lights chandelier. Carefully take a running jump to the west chandelier and one more jump over to a ledge, then drop onto the north lower ledge for Secret Ocean Crystal (Green), reach the faraway ledge for flares and drop to the ground. Now make your back to the upper chandelier again. Take a running jump north three chandeliers, another chandelier will drop and rope will appear. Jump/grab the rope and swing NE, climb up and collect the Shotgun. Look around for shotgun shells then head to the west edge. Take a running jump to the NW ledge and safely jump west to the lower ledge. Climb the wall and go south, drop onto a small square for shotgun shells. Now take a long running jump east over to the balcony, climb up the ladder, kill two ocean dogs (child) then throw the south lever to open door somewhere. Pick up flares from the north alcove, then climb down the ladder and another ladder in the hole. At the staff room the south lever will open a door back to the swimming pool.

Jump into the pool and light a flare, look for Secret Ocean Crystal (Blue). Back to the staff room and jump into the north water hole, swim inside the tunnel, turn right twice into an alcove for small medipack. Roll, swim out, take the left tunnel around the swimming pool and once again left into another tunnel. At the end climb out into a room and kill the bats, climb the ladder into the room above and take from the shelves a small medipack. Enter the next room, head east and pull the lever in the alcove to open a door somewhere. Back to the room below and pull there a lever to open the staff door, actually this is a shortcut for you back to the swimming pool via another door you opened. Turn north, enter the room you opened and deal with five ocean dogs (child). Then stand in front of the left burning statue and the sixth dog will come out. Kill him and enter the next room, get a short flyby of an opening door. Again back to the staff room and swim over to the tunnel around the pool, this time take right side and find the tunnel that goes down and swim to the end. Pull out, climb the upper passage and follow outside. Collect a large medipack behind the west waterfall, then go east into a short passage and switch the level.

Harbor Of Ocean - The Diving Pool

There's a closed door with a keyhole on your side that you will open much later so remember this. Anyway, proceed and come to the lobby. Again explore the women's toilet/shower and find shotgun shells at the first toilet, then back and enter the men's toilet/shower. Here you will find extra shotgun shells in the second shower. Back to the lobby and go west, pass the shallow water and come to the diving pool. Jump into the water and look for an underwater door in the east wall, pull it back and swim inside. Pull the lever and get a screenie of big doors opening in the upper west ledge. Climb out of the pool and go around the diving board, open the first aid room and get from the shelves Secret Ocean Crystal (Green) and small medipack. Now start climbing ladders to the top of the diving board and take a running jump over to the west ledge. At the corner climb up where the fence is broken and save, then take an angled running jump to the south ledge without grabbing. Proceed jumping to the pillar and then to the alcove and grab the crack. Shimmy around and take a banana style jump into the next alcove and crawl into the space...

Temple of Ocean

As soon as the cutscene ends Lara will fall into a pool. Climb out and go behind the east column, pull there a jumpswitch to open the south door. Go through this door and notice the snake head receptacles, then go east through the next two opening doors into a temple. First look in the ceiling for two small black squares, then pull/push two blocks over there. When it is done right a column with a statue inside will raise up and spikes will pop out from other two pillars. Back to the north block and keep pushing it out so you can climb onto it and reach the upper ledge. At the moment do not pull any chain here. However, jump onto the raised column and take a running jump over to a tall timed jumpswitch. Quickly climb the north block to reach the upper ledge again and drop into the NW opening trapdoor, throw there a switch and watch what happens. Climb out and drop to the ground, head east and take from the pedestal Ocean Piece (Black). Now you have to climb back to the upper ledge and for a change use the ladder. Go west and BOOM an ice floor is created and an ocean dog (Adult) breaks out from the east door. Kill this dog then head NE and pull there the chain. Head SE and pull there another chain, then enter the opening room and pick up Secret Ocean Crystal (Yellow). Now go to the SW opening trapdoor and drop down, let the stream carry you to junction tunnels. Another trapdoor is open above, so swim up and you're back at the beginning pool.

Climb out and go through the south door, this time go west and come to another pool. First go and stand in front of the west wall, do a backflip onto a sloped wall and jump forward to grab the ledge. Pull up and get Secret Ocean Crystal (Green), then jump into the pool. Search for an underwater ceiling lever and pull it, then see what happens. Climb out, time the spikes, backflip and jump forward, grab the ledge and pull up. Jump/grab the ladder and climb up directly into the rotating blade. Quickly run and jump to the north ledge, then shimmy to the middle ledge and get a large medipack you definitely deserve. Pull up to the upper ledge and grab the metal ceiling bridge, while monkeyswinging south time the rotating blade. At the end climb the block statue and pull onto the bridge, again time the rotating blade when you move north. Jump the next bridge and take a running jump over to the NE column and pull up to the upper place. Time the moving statue and reach the south ladder, climb up until the ledge spikes and backflip onto the center column and save. Drow pistols and time the east spikes, run, jump and shoot the crystal in the statue while backflipping. Do the same in the west so both statues turn position. Collect the flares from the south ledge and shotgun shells from the north ledge and safety drop to the place below.

Enter north and turn into the right room, kill two ocean dogs (child) then climb up to the room above, pull there chain and Ocean Piece (Black) will appear. Take it and go back down go to the next room and climb the half block, make sure you step on the black square. Then climb up the ladder into a room, pull the chain and Secret Ocean Crystal (Yellow) will appear. Now make your way back to the pool and dive into the hole let the stream carry you back to junction tunnels, climb out and go to the south snake head receptacles. Combine the pieces and place Black Crystal, then follow the opening door and load the next level.

The Hall Of Time

Climb up the stairs and find yourself at a beautiful place. First pull a very well-hidden switch at SW block where the camera angle changes to release four rolling balls. In each direction there is a block you can climb and use a switch to stop each rolling ball onto the marked black square. When this is done a door will open in the passage on the west wall. Enter inside and pull the chain to release four rolling balls again and also to open a timed door on the east wall. Sprint over there and jump into a tunnel, swim forward and into a crawlspace at the floor, pull out and throw the switch. Swim back to the tunnel and climb out north, the door will open for you. Climb the first block on your way and climb up to the upper place. Grab the metal bridge and do a monkeyswing over to the pedestal. Pick up The Hidden Treasure Of Ocean and safety drop to the ground. Back to the tunnel at the east and a tall door will open. Follow the passage and pull four chains one by one only when the rolling ball is inside the house and locked. Collect shotgun shells when you notice and kill bats and ocean dogs on your way. When you come to the first chain you pulled, climb up the ladder and go through the opened door. Take from the pedestal Secret Ocean Crystal (Blue). Now back to the ground and drop into one of the opening trapdoors and swim back to junction tunnels, then climb out...

The Diving Pool (revisited)

Go north and doors will open, step over the diving pool and watch a short cut scene. Deal with Ocean Queen and two dogs, then climb up the diving board again to the top. The east door is open now but don't jump over there. However, jump again to the west ledge to repeat back the same way to the crawlspace as you did earlier. Once you are there, draw pistols and simply shoot the hanging table on the west wall to open door somewhere. Now make your way back to the top of the diving board and this time jump to the east ledge. Ignore the cog lever and climb south, shoot the fence then take a running jump over to the balcony. Enter the room you just opened and take from the shelves Children's Pool Key. From the balcony take a running jump over the pool (press ctrl while jumping) to land safely and climb out of the water. The east door is open now, so make your way back to the keyhole at the beginning. Open the door and cross children's pool to the south and find Jeep.  Collect Ignition Key next to the Jeep, then get in and drive until the end. Get off and light a flare, enter the east passage...

Pools (revisited)

Follow the passage outside and head north, collect the Secret Ocean Crystal (Red). Now make your way back to the diving pool.

The Diving Pool (revisited)

Once at the diving pool climb to the top and jump over to the cog lever. Save and start pulling it to open the timed door west. Jump into the pool, swim and pull out, sprint over the door and roll forward. Now follow the passage, at the end two black gates will open and this will be the end.