Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Run forward and follow the ledge to the left to enter the doorway. Press the button on the wall and the gate opens. Kill the gladiator (1) that appears and follow the corridor to a lava floor. Run, jump, and grab the crevice on the opposite wall. Shimmy to the right until you can safely pull up. Follow the opening to a crawlspace. At the end of the crawl space you are stuck over a water pool. As you face the water, get to the left side of the opening and face Lara at a small angle towards the left side. Use the UP ARROW and ALT (Jump) keys and Lara will roll forward out of the opening. If Lara is angle correctly, she will roll forward and drop onto a block. If you fall into the water, you can easily swim back to the start area. Run, jump and grab the other pillar and pull up. Press the button and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Jump up and you go through the yellow ceiling tile and appear in a tunnel. Run down the tunnel and run off the end through the yellow floor tile. You land on the ledge in the lava opposite your initial starting point. Run up the ramp and jump to the far pillar. Pull up into the open doorway and run to the end of the tunnel to pull up into a room. Kill two lions (2,3) or ignore them and climb the ladder at the back of the room. Jump onto a yellow floor tile and the level ends.


End of the level.

Pickups: 0

Kills: 3

Secrets: 0