Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Turn around and go to the corner for a small medipack (1). Go to the opposite corner to enter a tunnel and the door opens. Climb the ladder and get into a crawl space. At the end of the crawl space you face slopes, chains and a lava floor. Go to the far right against the wall and position Lara at a slight angle towards the right. Do a forward roll (UP ARROW and ALT) and you land on a slope. Jump forward with a right curve and grab a chain. Rotate around until you can see Lara’s head below an opening in the central structure. Then back flip into the opening. It may be possible to forward roll on the left side and jump to a horizontal pole to flip onto a chain and then use slopes and a chain to grab a crevice to shimmy into the same opening. I could not do it.


Look up and pull up into a corridor. Go left into a crawl space to pick up HK ammo (2) and a golden rose (3) [secret #1]. Pull back up into the corridor and go forward. Get into a crawl space on the right side. Drop down the other side to pick up another golden rose (4) [secret #2]. Get back into the corridor and follow it to the end. You hear footsteps of guards somewhere. At the end turn to the right and watch the snowfall. Pull up onto the room and run to the opposite corner while two guards shoot at you. You have no guns yet. Drop into an air duct and follow it. In an alcove you find HK ammo (5).  Go to the end and pull up into another air duct. Ahead of you are a closed door and a tall shaft. Turn around and get into the crawl space high above you. Forward roll onto the floor and notice a ladder on the wall but follow the corridor first. Enter an office area and search the cabinets for a large medipack (6) and HK ammo (7). Search the box on the floor for the HK gun (8). Stand at the wall behind the box as the handle is against the wall. Go down the tunnel beside a cabinet for a large medipack (9) and a golden rose (10) [secret #3].


Return back to the corridor and climb the ladder. Go up the ramp and follow the corridor and be careful of the hole in the corner. Follow down a ramp and kill a guard (1). Continue to enter a room and kill two guards (2,3). As you enter the room, go to the left corner and jump up to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right to a corner and pull up into an alcove. Press the pushbutton on the wall and get a cut scene of a door opening. Drop, grab and shimmy to the right to another corner and pull up into an alcove. Press the pushbutton and get a cut scene of a light brown door opening in an outside area. Safety drop to the floor and go back to the hole. Safety drop back into the corridor and go through the open door. Follow the corridor and slide down a slope. Follow the corridor and a door opens for you. You are back in the starting room.


Exit the same door as before and climb the ladder. Back through the crawl space to the lava room. Forward roll to use the chain again. Back through the tunnel and kill a guard (4) and pick up HK ammo (11). Pull up into the snowfall to kill the other guard (5). Go to the open door and slide down as the level ends.


End of the level.
Pickups: 11
Kills: 5
Secrets: 3 out of 3