Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start in a closed outside street area and it is raining. Go straight and into an alcove for a small medipack (1). If you enter a doorway to one end, a man in a yellow diving suit starts to walk around. On the stairs at the other end is a man embedded in the concrete. At the top is a closed gate. Climb a box in the corner and pull up to a ledge. Go around to the front of a column and use a switch to open the closed gate. Get down and go up the stairs for a large medipack (2). Get back to the ledge and continue past the switch to a ladder. Climb the ladder and back flip to land on a ledge on the opposite wall. Go onto one ledge to pick up secret #1 and a Golden Rose (3). You may have to crouch to pick it up. Go to the other ledge to pick up two HK ammo (4,5). Jump back to the ladder.


Climb up and shimmy left onto a ledge. Go to the end and enter the doorway. Search the cabinets for HK ammo (6) and a large medipack (7). Search the shelves for HK ammo (8) and exit the room. Grab the ladder and climb to the ledge above. From there jump across the street to a ledge on the opposite wall. Go left to pick up a small medipack (9). Then go to climb the ladder on the corner wall. At the top, pull up, back flip, roll and grab the roof edge. Shimmy to the right until you can pull up. There is nothing on the roof. The door opens for you so enter a room. Search the cabinets for HK ammo (10) and the HK gun (11).


If you go down to the street level and point the gun at the man in the diving suit, he says, "Don't shoot". Other than that, there is no end level trigger.


End of the level.
Pickups: 11
Kills: 0
Secrets: 1