The level begins in an open area illuminated by torches. Forward and drop into the water. Swim through the second opening on the left side then right, you'll reach a magnificent silver hall. Surface to get some air, then dive back again to collect some goodies from this hall, including the Uzis. Out of the water, walk between the blue arches and throw the lever on the far left side, then run to the other end and jump into the slope and use it as a boost to get into the alcove. Run through the tunnel to emerge into the second floor.

Use the catwalks to reach the altar and use the nearby block to climb up to the rooftops. Jump all the way around the room, using the platforms and rooftops, to reach the other side of the altar rooftop. Then jump up and head downstairs to find a room fulfilled with goodies. Drop into the water and now head through the hieroglyphs path. Climb all the way up and dive into the water pit (watch out the translucent floors). Swim through the opening to collect the Shotgun and then climb onto those translucent bridges. Enter the jungles area and drop into the water, swim left to return to the magnificent hall. Return to that gap, but this time, jump over it.

Enter the doorway (
Cool glitch: jump upwards while you're beneath the doorway) and head down into the fenced arena for some real business. The T-Rex is tough, but not invincible (you can run into the cavern on the right side and shoot it from there). Throw the lever and enter the fenced area to reach the end.

End of Level.
Secrets: none