As soon as you jump over the first wall knife, the boulder will roll to crush you, so first run and jump to the safe spot in the end, then return to pick up the Shotgun. Same deal as you U-turn around the corner: jump over the gap and wait until the boulder falls in, then climb up the wall. As you do so, a spike all will come forward - quickly run to the switch and exit through the door. Up the ramp, pick up a GANESHA KEY and the first Shiva statue will come to life. After you dealt with it, pick, on the other ramp, the second GANESHA KEY - deal with the remaining Shiva statue. Use both keys and throw the lever in each of the two alcoves to open the central door. Dive in and pull the underwater lever. Swim through the passage, surface and run up the ground mounts then jump across the columns to the safe spot in the waterfall, and from there, jump into the alcove to the right. Ignore the first passage and take the second right to throw a lever, then return to the first one and throw the lever. Exit by the door in the end of the tunnel and you're back at the ground mounts. Enter the opposite building, slide down jumping over the knives to reach a room with 14 (!) movable blocks. (See the attached diagram to know where you should look for the switch). Once the door is open, take a few steps to the right, roll and return to the safe spot to dodge the boulder. Same deal as you U-turn around the corner. Climb up the wall and dive. Once you swim upwards, look for the underwater lever and throw it to open the door. Speaking of which, just behind it you will find the Rocket Launcher! Look out for the air pocket, climb out and head for the Shiva statue. Destroy it, then climb up the wall to the right, and push the block. Throw the lever and quickly jump over the knives to get to another GANESHA KEY. Pull the block of the right and tuck it in the alley you were and then pull the left twice so you can get past it. Drop down to the dead Shiva statue and use the key. Slide down into the snake pit and disarm the spike wall before trying to reach that lever switch. Once it has stopped on the opposite wall, throw the switch and head through the open gate. Jump across the platforms over the deadly shallow water, and, from the second translucent platform jump to the wall ladder. Cross the monkey labyrinth, drop through the leaves, and run with a boulder on your heels, literally. Once dealt with that, push the block and climb up, then pull the other block to get into an alcove in the wall to find out why it's called "Temple Of Shiva". The GANESHA KEY is on the left corner, pick it up and use it. Drop down, swim across and jump over the platforms to the ladder. Climb up and WALK to the opposite right end of the room, where you can pick up a GANESHA KEY among the sharp razors. Return and climb up the column to jump across the room. Climb up, use the key and walk into the next room. Run a little bit to cross the finish line.


End of Level.
Secrets: none