Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


I used the TR3 full game with no-CD patch and selected Temple Ruins as new game.


Pick up flares (1) and Uzi clips (2) from the starting room's corners. There is a closed gate in one corner. Go left to pull a switch on the wall to open a gate behind you. Run down the corridor to a differently textured floor to start the moving spike wall. Turn back and go into the open gate. Jump three razor-blade traps and turn right. Go through the open gates and/jump over the clanking floor blade. In the middle is a pool and there is a closed gate at the back wall. In the right corner in the plants are a large Medi pack (3) and shotgun shells (4). Pull out a movable block from the left corner and climb to the second level. Use the movable block there to jump/grab the third level. Run behind the Shiva statue for a rocket launcher (5) and secret #1. Go around the third level to pick up two sets of rockets (6,7).


Get back to the second level and pull another movable block to under the switch between two gates. Pull the switch and the gate on the first floor opens. Go there to push a movable block underneath a switch. Pull the switch and go back to the starting room. As you enter the starting room, go to the far left corner and pull back a movable block. Go inside to pick up shotgun shells (8) and see the gate you open. Go further and there are stairs on both sides and a switch in front. Pull the switch and go up either stairs to the open gate. Kill a monkey (1) that stole your small Medi pack (9). Behind the Shiva statue is a shotgun (10). As you go there, you get a cut scene of a tree near a waterfall by some temple. This is on the other side of the grating behind the statue. Go into the open doorway on the left. Pick up Uzi clips (11) and shotgun shells (12) from beneath the bushes. There is a monkey trying to get through a closed gate. Before pulling the switch on the wall to open that gate, kill the snake (2) guarding it. Go through the open gate and kill two monkeys (3)(4) and get back another stolen small Medi pack (13). Pull the switch on the wall and hear a gate opening in the room with the pool.


Go back to the room with a pool and dive in. Swim down into the hole and at the far end enter a gate. Inside, swim along the left walls to get a small Medi pack (14) in the far corner and pick up shotgun shells (15) in the middle. Go back for air. Dive in again and in the room follow the right wall to a crawlspace and swim inside. Pull up into a dark room at the end. Pick up flares (16) in the far right corner. Go to the doorway on the left and see a deadly mud pool. Run/jump into the mud and start walking as you sink. You can make it to the other side and pull up. Go inside the doorway to the left corner for flares (17) then turn and kill a snake (5). Light a flare and run down the corridor. When you see a spike wall turn around and go wait by the mud pool as it passes. Go back to the right and turn right at the end. As you round a corner there is a snake (6) to kill. Go inside the doorway and there is a small Medi pack (18) in an alcove on the left. I could never get it as Lara kept falling out. Walk to the right through mud to the light at the far right wall. Go inside the gate and pick up flares (19) from the left corner. Light a flare and run in as the gate closes behind you. Keep to the left side as you reach a switch. Pull it and run back to the open gate as a moving spike wall comes towards you. Now go back through the mud, the water and razor-blade traps to the starting room. The gate in he right corner is open.


Go inside and turn left as the gate closes behind you. Jump over the razor-blade trap and jump up to get the green crystal health if needed. Go forward and drop in he left side trench for Uziís (20) and secret #2. Climb back up and pull the switch to open the timed gate in front of you. Go inside to see a switch. Pull it and run down the corridor, jumping the floor level blade, and enter the timed gate before it closes. There is another green health crystal here as well. Push the movable block and go right. Pass a closed gate on your left and go straight to a gate that opens as you approach. Enter the room with two Shiva statutes as the gate closes behind you. In front of the both statues pick up shotgun shells (21,22). You also see two locks beside the statues and the keys are on platforms on the floor further down the room. In front of the closed gate at the end of the room are shotgun shells (23). Pick up one Key of Ganesha (24) and a Shiva statue (7) attacks. Kill it. Pick up the other Key of Ganesha (25) and the other Shiva statue (8) attacks. Kill it. Use the keys in the locks to open the closed gate.


Enter a room with a deadly mud floor and sloped pillars. Turn right, jump and grab the first pillar. Pull up and then slide and jump three times to reach an alcove with a switch. Pull the switch, turn around and jump up to grab a monkey swing. Follow back to the starting platform. The far gate and the other closed gate are now open. Go there and jump over the floor level blade. Go to the right side of the room. Pull the switch and sprint back to the doorway to avoid the moving spike wall. Watch out for the floor blade as it is still there. When the wall passes go left to pick up flares (26) and another green health crystal. Turn right and jump two floor blades. Dive into the water for shotgun shells (27) and a small Medi pack (28).


Pull back up to the switch. Pull it, dive into the water and through the timed underwater gate. Inside the gate go the right wall and pull an underwater lever. Turn left and swim through an open gate as a moving spike wall passes behind you. There is a hole in the floor. Pick up a rocket (29) off the floor. Swim back after the moving spike wall has passed and go to the far left corner to pick up the Desert Eagle (30) that is secret #3. Go back to the hole and to pull another underwater lever on the back wall. Go down the hole and through another timed gate. Swim up to the left and pull up to a coridor as a moving spike wall passes beneath you. Then jump back into the water to avoid the moving spike wall in the corridor. Swim to the far corner and pull up into a hole. Run down the corridor for a large Medi pack (31) and a rocket shell (32) as a moving spike passes under you in the water. I heard the secret sound here but the statistics still showed 3 secrets. Go back and jump in and swim towards the final hole. Pick up shotgun shells (33) from the bottom and then pull up to enter a large room. Two Shiva statues (9,10) attack you so kill them. Use rockets as it is quicker and you gain nothing extra by keeping them. Above the water entrance is a green health crystal.


Around the room you can pick up shotgun shells (34,35) in front of two closed gates. In front of one switch is a small Medi pack (36). Pull both switches and one of the gates opens. Go inside to kill a snake (11) and pick up shotgun shells (37) and a rocket (38) beside two Shiva statues. At the other end are a switch and a closed gate. Pull the switch and go back to the other closed gate that is now open. You face three floor blades and a closed gate. Now go back to reset the original two switches and this gate will open. Go back, jump the three floor blades, pick up shotgun shells (39) and enter the room. From beside a Shiva status, pick up Uzi clips (40) and flares (41). Pull the switch and go back jumping the three blades. Pull the original two side wall switches to open he other gate. Return to the room with two Shiva statues and the gates there is open. As you enter, the camera angle changes to give an overhead view of many levels with Shiva statues. The gate behind you closes but there is another closed gate to the left behind a pillar. As you approach the Shiva statue (12) in the floor it, it attacks. Kill it and pick up the Key of Ganesha (42) from its platform. Use it on the lock on the column behind the platform. It opens that gate left of the entrance.


Go inside and cross an obvious trigger on the floor and the gate closes. The Shiva statue (13) attacks so kill it. In the windows are a rocket (43), a green health crystal and a small Medi pack (44). Go to where the statue was to pull a switch. Run through the poisonous darts to the far gate and enter. Pull a switch on the wall and then jump back and forth between the two sloped ledges. Use an arrow key to work your way up and enter the open gate. Enter and there is a closed gate in the near left corner that seems to have nothing in it. There is another gate in the far right corner. The Shiva statue (14) attacks so kill it. Pull the switch at the Shiva's platform, turn right, and run through the timed gate. Pick up Uzi clips (45) from the corner near a closed gate. Approach the Shiva statue (15) and kill it as it attacks. In the windows are Uzi clips (46), a green health crystal and flares (47). Go to the end platform and pull the switch to open the gate near the entrance. Go there and slide down to pull the switch. Go to end to pull out a movable block. Stand on it and jump up to grab a monkey swing. Swing to the end and drop. Go inside an alcove and enter a room. Pull a switch at the far end and run back to the alcove while a moving spike wall passes. Go back and follow to another spike wall, a closed gate, and a switch at the room's end. Go then and pull the switch. Turn around and grab a climbable wall and climb up while the moving spike wall goes beneath you. Go down to the open gate and slide down.


Jump a floor blade and follow to a gate that opens as you approach. Enter a room with three Shiva statues and lava on the floor. Jump to the middle section to pick up a rocket (48) and the end Shiva statues come to life while the ceiling collapses. I jumped back near the gate and just kept shooting both Shiva statues (16,17) until they died. Pull the two switches that were behind the Shiva statues and the gate behind the third Shiva statue opens. The Shiva statue (18) also comes to life so kill it. Go to the doorway and run/jump/grab over the razor-blade floor and floor blade. At the other end, climb a ladder and back flip. Go to the end and jump to the raised platform to the left. The platform ahead is deadly so jump to the platform on the right. Then jump to the platform to the right of the other doorway and jump to that ledge. Go up, turn around and climb up to the next level. Jump around the ledges with blades to get to the green health crystal. I couldnít get the timing right so I just jumped and used Medi packs.


Slide down and jump over the razor-blade pit. Jump from ledge to ledge over the water and into an opening at the far end. If you fall into the water, the fish are deadly. Go in carefully and stop before a razor-blade pit. Jump right to a ladder and climb it. You get a cut scene of the waterfalls you saw earlier. This is the place. Go forward and kill the snake (19).In the waterfalls behind the snake is a switch. Pull it to hear a gate opening. Jump to the tree but I found nothing. Drop down and go to the corner. Kill two monkeys (20,21) and a snake (22). Pick up a large Medi pack (49) in the grass. Behind the snake is a crawlspace. Crawl in for Desert Eagle clips (50) and secret #4. Dive into the corner hole and swim through the gate. You get the next TR3 cut scene and eventually the level end statistics.


End of the level.
Pickups: 50
Kills: 22
Secrets: 4 out of 4