Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Start in front of a closed gate. Kill two guards (1,2) shooting at you from blocks. Pick up shotgun shells (1) in the right corner. Mount the blocks to find Uzi clips (2) and a small Medi pack (3). There is a closed gate high up on the far wall. At the far side dive into the deep-water pit to find Uzi clips (4) on a pillar. In a deep hole left of the there is a crawlspace. Swim down and follow a winding underwater tunnel to a closed gate with a lever behind it. Light a flare and swim up a hole in the ceiling. Pull up to pick up a shotgun (5) and secret #1. Swim back as you cannot do anything else yet. In a hole behind the pillar are shotgun shells (6). Swim to the middle and pick up a small Medi pack (7) from the floor. Turn to see an underwater lever on the wall. Pull it and now surface. Jump over the water to the far wall and climb to the now open gate. First go to the right on the top ledge for shotgun shells (8). Return and enter the gate. You overlook a large pit area with platforms on the walls and stair-like blocks.


There is a hole in the far right corner ceiling. There are two closed gates at the bottom floor. Jump to the blocks in front and pick up MP5 clips (9) near the back wall. As you work you way to the bottom floor you find Uzi clips (10) and flares (11). Behind a pillar near the right floor gate is a switch. Pull it to open that door and go in. Ahead is a slide so go right and climb over a wall and slide down. Run down the hall and jump over a rolling ball or back flip at the slide and jump over it. Climb in the alcove on the left wall. Climb another block to pick up the Desert Eagle (12) and secret #2. Climb into a hole to the right and pull a switch. You get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening someplace. Get back to the hall and go to the far end. Enter a T-junction with stairs to the left and a trench to the right. Go left up the stairs to a hole. Jump in forward and run to the far wall turning slightly to the left. You should end up in front of a crawlspace. Hurry and climb in before a moving spike wall punctures you. When the spike wall has passed go back into the room and pull a switch in the corner. You get a cut scene of the underwater gate near the shotgun secret opening.


Get back into the crawlspace and down the other side. At the first landing jump up and go into a crawlspace in the upper right. On the other side pick up flares (13) and pull a switch to open the other door in the main pit. Climb back out and follow the hall, passing a closed gate with a switch and finish in a room with pillars, a switch, and a closed gate in the top wall. You may hear a guard walking somewhere. Climb the pillars now to find Uzi clips (14). Pull the switch and the timed gate above opens. Roll. jump, jump, run jump to the right corner pillar where the Uzi clips were, turn around, jump to the last pillar and finally run/jump into the open gate. If you try to use the far left pillar you never make it in time. Go down to the starting area and kill two guards (3,4).


Return to the first gate, jump the wall and rock and continue to the T-junction. Go down the right and follow to a green tunnel. Follow and beware of spikes. If you walk through the spiels to pick up Desert Eagle clips (15) you get no damage. Follow to an area of spike pits. Go down and run/jump the first pit with no grab. As you slide jump and then grab a ledge. Go to the left and turn around facing the pit with a wall at your right. Light a flare and run off the ledge. You should land in an area below the slide. Go down a ladder to pick up the MP5 (16) and secret #3. Continue to pick up MP5 clips (17) and kill a tiger (5).Continue and climb a wall again. At the top pick up MP5 clips (18). Slide down to the floor and turn left to a switch you saw after the incline.Go into this hall to pull a switch. You get a cut scene of a gate opening at the bottom of some stairs. Go back to the end and turn left to pick up Uzi clips (19). Grab the wall in front and start climbing. Go slow and stop occasionally. When you see the camera pull back from Lara, back flip into an alcove. Pick up the Uziís (20) and secret #4. Continue climbing and at the end save. Slide down backwards and grab. Drop, slide and grab again. Pull up, back flip, roll and grab. Pull up, slide and jump to grab a level area. Turn right and jump back to the entrance.


Go out and back into the water. Go down the crawlspace and pull the underwater lever. You get a cut scene of the closed gate near the pillar room opening. Go there and there is no spike wall this time. Pull the switch to get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening into a large blue pool. Suffer the timed run again and get back to the main pit area. Go through the other door this time. Follow down the steps to a large open area with a large building in the middle and a building at the back. There are steps leading to the bottom with four tigers running around. Go down and kill four tigers (6,7,8,9) and come back to the top of the stairs. Run/jump/grab to the first building. Then run/jump to the second building and get on the roof for the Grenade Launcher (21), grenade shells (22) and secret #5. The only way I found to get back was to jump from the roof to an area near the gate in the second building. You need full health to do it.


On the steps is a large Medi pack (23) [you will need it by now]. Beside the stairs are flares (24). There is a closed gate requiring something. By the pool are Uzi clips (25) and MP5 clips (26). Dive into the pool and through the crawlspace at the bottom. Go to the right and through an open gate. Pick up grenade shells (27) and two rockets (28,29) and see another closed gate. Go back for air. Dive again and go into a hole and go left into a crawlspace. As you see a closed gate ahead, look up and follow the tunnel there. At a T-junction go right and eventually surface in the large blue pool you saw earlier in a cut scene. If you go left at the T-junction you can pick up two Uzi clips (30)(31) but it is best to get air and go back for them.


Surface in the large blue pool. climb out and find an alcove with a switch in the outer corner. From here go around the outside area counter-clockwise and pick up a rocket (32), a large Medi pack (33), kill a guard (10), pick up Uzi clips (34), see a switch on the corner wall near grenade shells (35), pick up MP5 clips (36), a small Medi pack (37) and finally kill a guard (11) near the alcove switch. Pull the switch on the wall and the underwater gate opens near the first pool and the rockets. Pull the switch in the alcove and the gate you passed by in getting to this pool is now open. Go there to surface and pick up the Serpent Stone (38) from a block. Now go back to the first pool stopping by there for the rocket launcher (39) and secret #6. Go to the first pool and climb the steps and use the Serpent Stone. Go in the gate and see a cross with gems on a block. As soon as you jump on the block the level ends. Found all the weapons and never used them, just used the pistols.


End of the level.
Pickups: 39
Kills: 11
Secrets: 6 out of 6