Push the button on the wall to open the gate nearby and exit. Follow your path to the left to find a button, return to find the gate open, take the first right, walk past the ground depression and just follow your nose: there's only one path to go. There are, though, some alternative passageways that lead nowhere at some point, and in one of these you will find a button that open a gate nearby. Crossing it, you'll reach one huge room.

Jump to column straight ahead, then to a niche to the left and to the column on the other side, from there to the next one. Get down on the hole and ride on the quad bike. Just accelerate up the slope and you'll literally fly to the other side of the room, rush down the ramp and get off the bike on the ground floor. Follow up the blocks. Get past the easy jump sequence and in the hallway there'll be another sloped jump to do, cross through the underground tunnel and take one right. Just follow, push the button to open the grate, slide down, follow the passage then make your way to the top on the opposite side, slide down, climb up a few blocks and slide once more to reach the end.

End of Level.
Secrets: none