Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Start in a house facing stairs. To your right is a closed door. If you turn around, you notice that the exit door is open. As you advance, steam comes from the grates in front and the exit door closes. Go to the room on the left and see a camouflaged door in the middle of the bookcase against the far wall. Look up to see a fence around the room. Go out, turn left, and go to the left room behind the stairs. There is another camouflaged door in the corner. Notice the picture on the wall. Pick up a small Medi pack (1) beside a blue window. Out and go straight to the right room behind the stairs. Kill the poisonous mutant (1) in the kitchen and go back to the start point. Go up the stairs to the left and go into the first room to the right. Kill the three rats (2,3,4) in the bedroom. There is a large Medi pack (2) on the right corner table. Exit and turn right and pick up a small Medi pack (3) underneath the rising stairs. Follow counter clock-wise to another open doorway with green walls. Duck to avoid the darts shooting from the walls. At the end you are in a room with a large statue but with nothing to do.


Go back and now use the stairs to the third floor. At the top, go straight and follow the fence to a key lock. No key yet, so go back and go to room opposite this one. Go inside and kill a rat (5). On the right stairs you pick up a small Medi pack (4). See the picture on the wall. Climb into it and turn a wheel and get a cut scene of the camouflaged door in a room corner opening. This picture trick took a long time to find. Go outside and follow clock-wise to the doorway in the far right corner. You can climb through the wall in the right hand corner near the railing. It does nothing, just a funny bug. I found this occurrence in many places. Inside the room pick up a small Medi pack (5) in the right corner the windows. If you climb the left stair near the windows slow enough, you get a cut scene of the outside of the building. At the open window, you see gate to the right, another statue, and a green maze. Turn around at the broken window. Drop and grab, then climb the wall down to the ground. You see a poisonous mutant near the closed gate. As you walk around the area, two poisonous mutants (6,7) and a rat (8) attack. Kill them. I found no items.


Behind the statue, climb the ladder into the hole. Get left at the first landing and climb the ladder at the other end. At the top, back flip so you can safely kill a poisonous creature (9) on the other side. Then kill the rat (10) that nips at your heels. There is nothing on the creature side. Walk down the section the rat came from. A skeleton impaled on spikes shoots from the walls. There is nothing here either. Go back to follow the first ladder to the bottom. Get inside a cave and jump into the water. Climb back out and see a climbable wall. Climb it to an alcove in the left corner. From here jump up and grab a monkey swing and go to the other side. Slide down and turn right. Time jumps through the flame emitters and get the Smuggler's Key (6). Get back through the flames or carefully jump down and walk through the spikes to get back. Either go right on the blocks to use a monkey swing or dive in and swim back. Go up the ladder and return to the house.


Use the key in the only key lock you have found and the bookcase opens in the room below. Go there to get two rats (11,12) and pick up the Serpent Stone (7) from a block. Go back to the room with the camouflaged door in the corner that should be open. Go to the end to place the Serpent Stone and get a cut scene of a trapdoor opening in a corner of the kitchen. Go there and drop down. Slide down and jump over the spikes. You are in a large basement area below the steaming grates. In the middle is a deep pit with water. Go to the far side and down a ladder into what looks like a sewer area. Turn around and you see four corridors. One behind you and one to the left with a short ladder beside it. One to the right and one in front where you can see a pool and some flames.


Go into the corridor behind you and kill a large mutant (13). Go to the end drop down and grab a crevice. Shimmy right to a ladder and climb to the floor. Get a small Medi pack (8) from the corner. Go through the door slowly as the camera angle changes. Hit KEY PAD 0 to recover. In the right corner is an alcove. To the left is a closed door. Kill the rat (14) and the poisonous creature (15) in the pit. Go down to get a large Medi pack (9) and go the alcove. Kill two rats (16,17) before entering the crawlspace. Follow to the other side and grab a crevice. Shimmy left to the far side. Turn a wheel to open the gate and go back there. Enter a reddish room with a ramp. Kill two rats (18,19) and pick up a large Medi pack (10) from the floor. Go up the ramp to a greenish room and get a small Medi pack (11). Climb a ladder on the side of one of the columns. At the top, turn around and jump to an alcove. Press the button and get a cut scene of a fireplace in the house with the fire now off. This clears the exit way back to the house. Jump back to the first column and drop into the sewer tunnels again.


Go to the short ladder on the left wall. Go to the right of the ladder up a greenish inclined corridor. Notice a door on the left wall. Go to the end and pull up into a hole on the left wall. Pull up into a room and walk to the right open area as an impaled skeleton shoots out at you. Go further and see a door on the right side and kill two rats (20,21). Go back and climb the stairs and jump to a pillar at the top. Turn the wheel and the open in the corridor opens. Go there and jump into a reddish trench to pick up the Smuggler's Key (12) at the right end. Go back to the short ladder and climb in but be careful of the spikes. Pick up a small Medi pack (13) and notice the key lock on the wall. Use the Smuggler's Key and the other door you saw opens. Go there but be careful of a large mutant (22) who attacks you. Kill it and go through the door. Be careful of the drop. On one side pick up a large Medi pack (14) and on the other side pick up a Serpent Stone #1 (15). Jump the pit and on the other side and kill two rats (23,24) and pick up some flares (16). This way is the exit back to the house but it is too early to go there do get back to the short ladder.


From the short ladder go to the corridor straight ahead. At a T-junction, kill three rats (25,26,27) and pick up a large Medi pack (17). Go left and dive into the water. Swim to the other side and pull up into a room. Go down a ladder in a corner, up a ramp and run down the corridor to a wheel. Turn the wheel and the flames go off at the pool area. Go there and use the platforms to the other side. Turn around and kill the three fish (28,29,30). Dive in and pick up a Serpent Stone #2 (18) from the pool bottom.


You face three tunnels with movable blocks at the end. Pull of the left block up to the turnoff. Run around the entrance and pull it into the turnoff. Go back down the first tunnel and at the end pick up a Serpent Stone #3 (19). GO back to the turnoff and push the block back to where it was. If the block is pulled straight back to the entrance, it sticks and cannot be pushed back and you are stuck as well. Do he same procedure to the right block and find nothing behind it. Pull out the centre block to where you can go behind it. Go down the tunnel to a T-junction. Left are a key lock and a door so go to the right and up a ramp. As you enter the room kill three rats (31,32,33). There is a closed gate in front of you. On the left wall are a candle and a skeleton. Pick up the Smuggler’s Key (20) from the skeleton and return to the key lock.


Use the key and open the door. Go down a ramp and kill a large mutant (34) and another large creature (35) from the doorway. The large creature explodes and leaves no body. In the middle is a column with places for three Serpent Stones and a key. In a deep corner of one pool pick up a Smuggler's Key (21). Place the four items. Each time you use an item you get a cut scene of the house exit door. On the last item the cut scene shows the small door near the exit door opening. Go back to the exit route where you found the flares. Go to the and climb the side wall. At the top go right and down a short corridor. Turn left and go through the fireplace. Pick up a small Medi pack (22) and shotgun shells (23) beside it. Near the window are shotgun shells (24). Near the door are shotgun shells (25). Go out the door back into the house.


Go down to the first floor to the recently open door and go into the room. Run up the steps on the left to get the shotgun (26). Kill the two large mutants (36,37) chasing you. Jump the gap over the spikes and skeleton to the other ledge. Press the button on the wall to open the main exit door. Go back out of this room. If you run toward the exit door from here, the door closes as you pass over the original trigger again. Go to the right following the wall, pass in front of the stairs, turn left and then follow the wall to the open room in the corner. From here follow the wall and approach the exit door from the right side. The door stays open and you exit the level.


End of the level.
Pickups: 26
Kills: 37
Secrets: none