You slide into the level under attack. Pick up the medipack and follow the passage. Slide down to the Uzis, slide again and, before dropping into the hole, pick up some ammo on this level. Drop until the bottom, slide and shimmy across to find the Rocket Launcher. Drop down and run through the bushes, quickly grab the edge of the pit to the left to dodge the boulder right on your heels. Climb back up, push the button and dive into the new opening.

Surface on the other end and jump over the blade to climb up the wall. Jump over the other blade, climb up on the block to the right and jump to the greenery ahead. Hop over the fire pit. Go up and then down on the safe rocks of the pit. Kill the baddies and drop into the hole guarded by a blade - make sure you are at FULL health. Heal your wound as you land. Crawl in, climb up and kill the baddies. Run along the catwalk, jump over the blade hidden in the bush and drop into the water.

Get off the water in the next air pocket and rush through the tunnel. After the crawlspace, watch out for the deadly mud. Jump to the corridor to the left, and in the end, take the
SECRET #1 in a room full of bushes. Go up the stone tunnel, out into a rocky cave. Just don't fall into the sand: jump to the tree on a red plate, run around and find a hole by the wall. Drop in there, swim through the bushes, go up the stairway and climb up the ladder.

Work your way to the top of these stacked rooms, at the very top you'll come face to face with a T-Rex. Watch out the sharp blades on the ground. Walk through them to the other side and drop into the hole. Slide into another fire pit. Stepping only on the safe blocks, climb the central structure to find the MP5. Run across and jump to the hole in the ground.

End of Level.
Secrets: 1