You'll fall down into a subway station. Jump over the rails to the other side and jump over the lower slope to slide to a lower level. Drop right in the first gap to collect some goodies, including the Uzis. Climb back up and head to the TRC poster. Climb up the hole in the ceiling to collect a few more goodies, then drop down and head to the backside of the room, pull out the block and crawl in to find a KEY. Return and now walk through the hallway. You reach an area with three holes in the ground. Climb down the one to the right side, jump to the opposite wall ladder in the middle of the climb and back flip over the lone burner to reach the bottom safely. Slide down to reach a place with several hellhounds. There are cracks on both sides of the door, shimmy to those niches to get a KEY and to push the button that'll open the central door. Dive and swim across. Work your way all the way back up to the room with the three holes, pulling blocks out of the way and jumping over the occasional burners. Drop into the last hole now and use the key. Enter and use the other key, then run to the button.

End of Level.
Secrets: none